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Literary Techniques Quotes By Laura Kipnis

Here's the conundrum: We want to tell our stories! But if condensation is the language of wishes - especially the most verboten and destructive ones - the more you spell the story out, the less aesthetically charged it becomes. The question is whether untransformed experience can ever be aesthetically powerful, or whether it's simply interesting. Literary language is one solution, with its habits of duality - metaphor, irony - and other techniques for saying opposing things at once. For haunting the reader with ghosts of buried meanings.
Your story may be interesting, but what if, paradoxically, it's what you can't say that makes it lasting? — Laura Kipnis

Literary Techniques Quotes By Cedric Watts

---In his major phase, he[Conrad] was "ahead of his times" in ideas and techniques;and this was because he was more intelligently and perceptively of his times than most writers then were. In his vigilant response to 19th century preoccupations, he anticipated--often critically--many 20th century preoccupations. He was a versatile intermediary between the Romantic and Victorian traditions and the innovations of Modernism. — Cedric Watts

Literary Techniques Quotes By Philip Zaleski

They shared much with Bloomsbury, including love of beauty, companionship, and conversation, but they differed from their older London counterpart in their religious ardor, their social conservatism, and their embrace of fantasy, myth, and (mostly) conventional literary techniques instead of those dazzling experiments with time, character, narrative, and language that mark the modernist aesthetic. — Philip Zaleski

Literary Techniques Quotes By Dario Fo

It is from him, from Beolco Ruzzante, that I've learned to free myself from conventional literary writing and to express myself with words that you can chew, with unusual sounds, with various techniques of rhythm and breathing, even with the rambling nonsense-speech of the 'grammelot.' — Dario Fo

Literary Techniques Quotes By Cedric Watts

--In his themes and techniques, Conrad was a liberator:he eloquently questioned what other people took for granted. — Cedric Watts

Literary Techniques Quotes By Aberjhani

Literary genres and techniques tend to take form in one's mind somewhat the way computer templates provide form for different computer tasks. — Aberjhani