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Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Angelica Hopes

Bloom with hope! Breathe in with hope in your soul. Thrive on with endurance in your heart. Move on with a productive mind. Listen carefully to the soft message of whispering hope. — Angelica Hopes

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Rob Kall

The heart will listen when the eyes are closed. The heart will hear when the mind is shut. The heart will move you when you feel you have nothing left. Stories talk to the heart. Our stories will rescue the heart of America. — Rob Kall

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jim Carroll

Poetry can unleash a terrible fear. I suppose it is the fear of possibilities, too many possibilities, each with its own endless set of variations. It's like looking too closely and too long into a mirror; soon your features distort, then erupt. You look too closely into your poems, or listen too closely to them as they arrive in whispers, and the features inside you - call it heart, call it mind, call it soul - accelerate out of control. They distort and they erupt, and it is one strange pain. You realize, then, that you can't attempt breaking down too many barriers in too short a time, because there are as many horrors waiting to get in at you as there are parts of yourself pushing to break out, and with the same, or more, fevered determination. — Jim Carroll

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Human Angels

When the mind is silent, you can listen to your heart and remember that everything is Love and that you are that Love. — Human Angels

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Howard Thurman

Listen to the long stillness:
New life is stirring
New dreams are on the wing
New hopes are being readied:
Humankind is fashioning a new heart
Humankind is forging a new mind
God is at work.
This is the season of Promise — Howard Thurman

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By John Angell James

Kindness is the visible expression of a feeling and merciful heart; it is the going forth of a tender and susceptible mind; it claims kindred with the human race; it is all ear to listen-all heart to feel-all eye to examine and to weep-all hand and foot to relieve; it invites the sufferer with kind words, and sends him not empty away. — John Angell James

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Hermann Hesse

Vasudeva listened with great attention. Listening carefully, he let
everything enter his mind, birthplace and childhood, all that learning,
all that searching, all joy, all distress. This was among the
ferryman's virtues one of the greatest: like only a few, he knew how
to listen. Without him having spoken a word, the speaker sensed how
Vasudeva let his words enter his mind, quiet, open, waiting, how he
did not lose a single one, awaited not a single one with impatience,
did not add his praise or rebuke, was just listening. Siddhartha felt,
what a happy fortune it is, to confess to such a listener, to burry in
his heart his own life, his own search, his own suffering. — Hermann Hesse

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Price Pritchett

Pay attention to the voice within ... Sometimes the voice of your conscience gets drowned out by crowd noise or by the pep rally of temptations. And your mind may put some selfish spin on the ball, rationalizing that it's okay to veer away from the ethical route. When we run into conflicts between ethical "shoulds" and our selfish "wants," we all argure out ways to con our conscience. But take pains to listen, because it has your best interests at heart. — Price Pritchett

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Lang Leav

To know him

If you want to know his heart, pay close attention to what angers him.

If you want to know his mind, listen for the words that linger in his silence.

If you want to know his soul, look to where his eyes are when you catch him smiling. — Lang Leav

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Alfred Bester

Listen," he cried in exaltation. "Listen, normals! You must learn what it is. You must learn how it is. You must tear the barriers down. You must tear the veils away. We see the truth you cannot see ... That there is nothing in man but love and faith, courage and kindness, generosity and sacrifice. All else is only the barrier of your blindness. One day we'll all be mind to mind and heart to heart ... — Alfred Bester

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Miguel Ruiz

Also, go inside and listen to your body, because your body will never lie to you. Your mind will play tricks, but the way you feel in your heart, in your guts, is the truth. — Miguel Ruiz

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By John Fante

Listen closely. There's a remote possibility that you might learn something: First, I don't give a damn if my work is commercial or not ... I'm the writer. If what I write is good, then people will read it. That's why literature exists. An author puts his heart and guts on the page. For your information, a good novel can change the world. Keep that in mind before you attempt to sit down at a typewriter. Never waste time on something you don't believe in yourself. — John Fante

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Pico Iyer

What more could one ask of a companion? To be forever new and yet forever steady. To be strange and familiar all at once, with enough change to quicken my mind, enough steadiness to give sanctuary to my heart. The books on my shelf never asked to come together, and they would not trust or want to listen to one another; but each is a piece of a stained-glass whole without which I couldn't make sense to myself, or to the world outside. — Pico Iyer

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Gordon MacDonald

We particularly need to listen to older people and children. They all have stories to tell that enrich the mind and the heart. Children simplify things, often with brutal honesty. Older people bring the perspective of their long years on issues. Suffering people also help us understand what are the truly important matters of life. There is something to learn from all people if we are only willing to sit at their feet and humble ourselves enough to ask the right questions. — Gordon MacDonald

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Alonzo Mourning

I listen to myself, I listen to my body, my mind; I follow my heart. — Alonzo Mourning

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Karyn Kusama

Pain in all its forms is also a message, a kind of distress signal to our hearts and minds. There are times when it's really important to tune into that message and just listen to it. — Karyn Kusama

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

A joyful life is when we listen to the desires of our heart and mind, and we never forget to have a chuckle or two, a day. — Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Ash didn't say anything, but I heard his faint sigh, as if he'd been holding his breath, and he drew me close, wrapping his around me. I lay my head on his chest and closed my eyes, shoving thoughts of Puck and my dad and the false king to the back of my mind. I would deal with them tomorrow. Right now, I just wanted to sleep, to sink into oblivion and forget everything for a little while. Ash was still quiet, thoughtful. His glamour aura glimmered once, then flickered out of sight again. But all I had to do was listen to his heart, thudding in his chest, to know what he was feeling. — Julie Kagawa

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By George Michael

You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. — George Michael

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Dieter F. Uchtdorf

As you accept the responsibility to seek after truth with an open mind and a humble heart, you will become more tolerant of others, more open to listen, more prepared to understand, more inclined to build up instead of tearing down and you will be more willing to go where God wants you to go. — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Anne Gracie

I shan't mind if you don't," he agreed. "But I'll not let you go, Prudence. Til not pester you, but know this: I will wait until you choose to listen to your heart."
"Pshaw." It was a feeble effort. She took a deep breath and tried again. "Humbug! How can you presume to know my heart?"
He smiled a slow, devastating smile. "You are my heart." He lifted her hand and kissed it. "And our hearts beat in tune. I know it - I, who used not to believe in such things. And you know it. — Anne Gracie

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jandy Nelson

For a moment, in his arms, with my mind so close to his heart, I listen to the wind pick up and think it just might lift us off our feet and take us with it. — Jandy Nelson

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

A Great Work of Art is one that truly moves and inspires you. You yourself must be moved. Don't look at art with others' eyes. Don't listen to music with others' ears. You must react to art with your own feelings, your own heart and mind. — Daisaku Ikeda

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By V.S. Atbay

my ears listen for you,
my lips thirst for you,
my eyes search for you,
and darkness brings light,
but light brings truth
to be fed by your sight.
And when the winds of Persia blew,
for a moment in time,
something awakened in my fertile mind;
an awareness boldly standing in
my view, that my heart has always,
and only, bled for you. — V.S. Atbay

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Rajneesh

Fear comes from the mind, love comes from your heart; listen to the heart. — Rajneesh

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Gary Chapman

Some parents find the idea of asking permission to share their perspective ridiculous, or even offensive. "Why should I have to ask my teen permission to speak?" one father asked. The question is not whether the parents have the right to speak to the teenager, they do. The question is: "Do you want your teenager to listen to what you are saying?" Asking permission recognizes that she is an individual, and she has the choice of hearing what is in your heart and mind - or not hearing it. You are recognizing your teen as an individual. You are creating the climate for sympathetic dialogue. Parents — Gary Chapman

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Symptoms of illness and distress, plus your feelings about them, can be viewed as messengers coming to tell you something important about your body or about your mind. In the old days, if a king didn't like the message he was given, he would sometimes have the messenger killed. This is tantamount to suppressing your symptoms or your feelings because they are unwanted. Killing the messenger and denying the message or raging against it are not intelligent ways of approaching healing. The one thing we don't want to do is to ignore or rupture the essential connections that can complete relevant feedback loops and restore self-regulation and balance. Our real challenge when we have symptoms is to see if we can listen to their message and really hear them and take them to heart, that is, make the connection fully. — Jon Kabat-Zinn

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jay Woodman

Hearts In Me
If I look to the world with hearts in my eyes
Then surely I'll be intrigued and inspired.
If I touch the world with hearts in my hands
Then surely I'll learn how to understand.
If I listen to the world with hearts in my ears
Then surely I'll truly be able to hear.
If I speak with the world with hearts in my mouth
Then surely I'll be kind and gentle enough.
If I think of the world with hearts in my mind
Then surely I'll be awake to all life.
If I reach for the world with hearts in my palms
Then surely its love will flow through my arms — Jay Woodman

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Janette Oke

How each of us comes for our own reasons." "Comes where?" "To be with them and listen to their message. What Stephen meant was that our motives are wrong. Our thinking is wrong. But if we come . . . with an open heart and mind, we will see the rightness of their declarations. — Janette Oke

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Suzanne Palmieri

You'll be just fine," he said. "Listen to your heart and mind together, that's the trick. Not one or the other, both. — Suzanne Palmieri

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

Here, listen to this; a poem by a Greek who lived in Alexandria, one Cavafy: "You said, 'I shall go to another land to another sea Another city will be found better than this. My every effort is a written indictment And my heart - like the dead - is buried. How long will my mind be in this decay,' "and so on like that, it's the same old song we know so well - if only I were somewhere else, I would be happy. Until the poet replies to his poor friend, "New lands you will not find, you won't find other seas. The city will follow you. The streets you roam will be the same. There is no boat for you, there is no street. In the same way your life you destroyed here In this petty corner, you have spoiled it in the entire universe. — Kim Stanley Robinson

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Deepak Chopra

Listen to your heart for guidance and be guided by its message of comfort or discomfort. Your heart is the junction point between your mind and your body. If the choice feels comfortable in your body, move into it with confidence. If the choice feels uncomfortable, pause and see the consequences of your action with your inner vision. Honoring the guidance that is provided by your body's intelligence will help you make the most evolutionary choices for yourself and those in your life. — Deepak Chopra

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Christopher Paolini

He bent his gaze sternly on them. "First, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered. One may be a free man and yet be bound tighter than a slave. Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not.
"Consider none your superior, whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen." He continued at a slower pace, "Of the affairs of love ... my only advice is to be honest. That's your most powerful took to unlock a heart or gain forgiveness. That's all I have to say." He seemed slightly self-conscious of his speech. — Christopher Paolini

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Every heart has a unique story to tell. We just need a mind to listen. — Debasish Mridha

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Joel Osteen

Faith is not in your head. Faith is in your heart. Sometimes you have to turn your mind off and listen to your heart. — Joel Osteen

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

In order to observe the movement of your own mind and heart, of your whole being, you must have a free mind, not a mind that agrees and disagrees, taking sides in an argument, disputing over mere words, but rather following with an intention to understand - a very difficult thing to do because most of us don't know how to look at, or listen to, our own being any more than we know how to look at the beauty of a river or listen to the breeze among the trees — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

In the blackness of the midnight sleep world, immunized from the harsh glare of daytime reality, the active imagination of the soul dances in the mind of a dream weaver. Safely shrouded in the all-encompassing blanket of darkness supplied by nighttime sleep, our secret wishes speak to us by channeling the collective mythology of the primordial mind. During the wee hours of night, right before first light, we summon our personal muse to tell us in operatic fashion what it means to be human. If we listen carefully, our muse's heart songs shares with us what it means to experience both the tragedy and comedy of life, and encourages us to unreservedly embrace in a moral manner the banality, brutality, beauty, and splendor of nature that occurs eternally in the cosmic world that swaddles us. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By IU

I just want to fill the hearts and minds of the people who listen to my music — IU

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By E.J. Patten

Use your heart. Understand. Learn to see things
in the now, not as they were or will be, or as they might or
should be, but as they are, right now, in this moment. The
heart sees the now; the mind only sees the next. If you can't
learn to see the now, you'll never see what's truly there, and
then where will you be?"
"Precisely. But if you take care of the now, the future will
work out as it should. — E.J. Patten

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Javan

In my Lifetime, I hope to develop, Arms that are strong, Hands that are gentle, Ears that will listen, Eyes that are kind, A tongue that will speak softly, A mind full of wisdom, A heart that understands. — Javan

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Gyalwa Dokhampa

If you want to have peace of mind, you need to listen to your heart or your inner nature. If you want to have peace of mind, you need to listen to your heart or your inner nature. — Gyalwa Dokhampa

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Kathleen Hanna

People can be in a prison of their own mind. [There are] people who don't have their hearts open to other people's ideas, and can't listen to other people's ideas without feeling like they're being slapped in the face. Those people are more in a prison. — Kathleen Hanna

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Don't neglect these tools in your journey : an eye to look and see and to differentiate flowers from leaves, a mind to comprehend and be focused, ears to listen and hear, a heart to understand what is truly worth our time and what not to give attention to, and a good strength to dare unceasingly in wit and with courage, focusing on only the true factors of the matters that truly matter for distinctive footprints in the end! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Your ego's job isn't to serve you. Its only job is to keep itself in power. And right now, your ego's scared to death cuz it's about to get downsized. You keep up this spiritual path, baby, and that bad boy's days are numbered. Pretty soon your ego will be out of work, and your heart'll be making all the decisions. So your ego's fighting for its life, playing with your mind, trying to assert its authority, trying to keep you cornered off in a holding pen away from the rest of the universe. Don't listen to it. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Jason Mraz

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
Listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing, we're just one big family
It's our God-forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved
((I'm Yours)) — Jason Mraz

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Dale Carnegie

Live an active life among people who are doing worthwhile things, keep eyes and ears and mind and heart open to absorb truth, and then tell of the things you know, as if you know them. The world will listen, for the world loves nothing so much as real life. — Dale Carnegie

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Ephrem The Syrian

When you begin to read or listen to the Holy Scriptures, pray to God thus: "Lord Jesus Christ, open the ears and eyes of my heart so that I may hear Thy words and understand them, and may fulfill Thy will." Always pray to God like this, that He might illumine your mind and open to you the power of His words. Many, having trusted in their own reason, have turned away into deception. — Ephrem The Syrian

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Rebecca Skloot

Empathy isn't just something that happens to us - a meteor shower of synapses firing across the brain - it's also a choice we make: to pay attention, to extend ourselves. It's made of exertion, that dowdier cousin of impulse. Sometimes we care for another because we know we should, or because it's asked for, but this doesn't make our caring hollow. The act of choosing simply means we've committed ourselves to a set of behaviors greater than the sum of our individual inclinations: I will listen to his sadness, even when I'm deep in my own. To say "going through the motions" - this isn't reduction so much as acknowledgment of the effort - the labor, the motions, the dance - of getting inside another person's state of heart or mind. — Rebecca Skloot

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Christopher Paolini

First, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered ... Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not. Consider none your superior whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly, or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen. — Christopher Paolini

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Timothy Salter

Sonnet III: Black Coffin opened wide for all to See

Black Coffin opened wide for all to See,
The lifeless form of one I loved so dear.
O, listen! mournful knells that soon shall be
All night long tolling for the folk to hear.
The lanterns overlight the old churchyard
To watch the coffin lowered into the ground;
Soon Frost shall grasp the turf already hard,
Decay ye have to face without a sound.
But years have pass'd herein do I relate
My dear sweet mother's form within my mind.
Still happiness fills all my heart and state,
As I see my small family so kind.
Love cannot be withheld by death or grave,
It stays alive within the heart so brave. — Timothy Salter

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Michael Jackson

We listen, we watch, we learn. We open our hearts and we open our minds, open our souls. — Michael Jackson

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Doreen Virtue

Angels are always with you. You're never alone, especially in your time of need. Listen in stillness for our guidance, which comes upon wings to your heart, mind, and body. Our messages always speak of love. — Doreen Virtue

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

You have beautiful ears if you listen to the plight of others,
beautiful hands if you carry the burdens of others,
beautiful eyes if you look out for others,
beautiful feet if you visit others,
a beautiful tongue if you encourage others,
a beautiful mind if you enlighten others,
a beautiful heart if you comfort others,
and a beautiful soul if you love others. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Luc De Clapiers

It is in our own mind and not in exterior objects that we perceive most things; fools know scarcely anything because they are empty, and their heart is narrow; but great souls find in themselves a number of exterior things; they have no need to read or to travel or to listen or to work to discover the highest truths; they have only to delve into themselves and search, if we may say so, their own thoughts. — Luc De Clapiers

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

You have to seduce the reader, manipulate their mind and heart, listen to the music of language. I sometimes think of prose as music, in terms of its rhythms and dynamics, the way you compress and expand the attention of a reader over a sentence, the way the tempo pushes you towards an image or sensation. We want an intense experience, so that we can forget ourselves when we enter the world of the book. When you are reading, the physical object of the book should disappear from your hands. — Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Rameez Raja

In the battle between the heart and the mind, winners always listen to their hearts — Rameez Raja

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

In its silence, a book is a challenge: it can't lull you with surging music or deafen you with screeching laugh tracks or fire gunshots in your living room; you have to listen to it in your head. A book won't move your eyes for you the way images on a screen do. It won't move your mind unless you give it your mind, or your heart unless you put your heart in it ... To read a story well is to follow it, to act it, to feel it, to become it
everything short of writing it, in fact. Reading is not interactive with a set of rules or options, as games are; reading is actual collaboration with the writer's mind. No wonder not everyone is up to it. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Ford Madox Ford

The day of her long interview with Tietjens, amongst the amassed beauties of Macmaster furnishings, she marked in the calendar of her mind as her great love scene. That had been two years ago; he had been going into the army. Now he was going out again. From that she knew what a love scene was. It passed without mention of the word 'love'; it passed in impulses; warmths; rigors of the skin. Yet with every word they had said to each other they had confessed their love; in that way, when you listen to the nightingale you hear the expressed craving of your lover beating upon your heart. — Ford Madox Ford

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Steven Redhead

The choice is to listen to the chaos your mind creates or the intuitive wisdom from the heart. — Steven Redhead

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Marianne Williamson

Dear God, Please teach me to forgive myself and others. Remove the walls that keep love out, behind which I am a prisoner. Heal my guilt and remove my anger, that I might be reborn. Make gentle my heart and strong my spirit and show me how to love. Please show me how to honor myself. Please teach me how to listen to myself.
Please program my mind to know itself, that I might at last be free. Teach me to appreciate your spirit that lives within me. Show me how to be good to myself, that I might know more fully the goodness of life. Amen — Marianne Williamson

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Justin Bieber

U should not be afraid of doing what ur mind tells you 2 do ... just listen 2 ur heart ... never say never — Justin Bieber

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

Who can listen to a story of loneliness and despair without taking the risk of experiencing similar pains in his own heart and even losing his precious peace of mind? In short: Who can take away suffering without entering it? — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Steven Redhead

A choice to listen to the chaos your mind creates or the whispers of intuitive wisdom from the heart. — Steven Redhead

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Always listen to your conscience. If your conscience conflicts with your faith, question everything. You discover your true faith when you start flowing with your conscience. After lessons, visions, and theories validate themselves to you, you begin to build faith in that hypothesis/feeling/idea that originated from your own heart and mind -- not that of others. Before you submit to any one religion, create your own first and then find out which one out there resonates closest with the one already in your heart. — Suzy Kassem

Listen Heart Mind Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

The Blessing #2:

May love lead your eyes to look out for others,
may love lead your ears to listen to others,
may love lead your tongue to encourage others,
may love lead your hands to help others,
may love lead your mind to think of others,
may love lead your heart to feel for others,
and may love lead your soul to pray for others. — Matshona Dhliwayo