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Top Linen Paper Quotes

Linen Paper Quotes By Kenneth H. Blanchard

It's unfair to be hard on yourself the first time you attempt something new. It is also unfair to expect others to meet such an unrealistic expectation. — Kenneth H. Blanchard

Linen Paper Quotes By George Orwell

Recently I was reading somewhere or other an Italian curio-dealer who attempted to sell a 17th century crucifix to J.P. Morgan. Inside it was concealed a stiletto. What a perfect symbol of the Christian religion. — George Orwell

Linen Paper Quotes By Anthony Liccione

The pleasures of living is loving! — Anthony Liccione

Linen Paper Quotes By Irving Wallace

If you talk about it, you probably won't write it — Irving Wallace

Linen Paper Quotes By Paulette Jiles

Then took the quilt out of its linen wrapper for the pleasure of the brilliant colors and the feel of the velvet. The needlework was very fine and regular. Adair hated needlework and she could not imagine sitting and stitching the fine crow's-foot seams.
Writing was the same, the pinching of thoughts into marks on paper and trying to keep your cursive legible, trying to think of the next thing to say and then behind you on several sheets of paper you find you have left permanent tracks, a trail, upon which anybody could follow you. Stalking you through your deep woods of private thought.
Paulette Jiles

Linen Paper Quotes By Alice Munro

Long after all the chocolates were eaten, and the cousins had gone, we kept the chocolate-box in the linen-drawer in the dining-room sideboard, waiting for some ceremonial use that never presented itself. It was still full of the empty chocolate cups of dark, fluted paper. In the wintertime I would sometimes go into the cold dining room and sniff at the cups, inhaling their smell of artifice and luxury; I would read again the descriptions on the map provided on the inside of the box-top: hazelnut, creamy nougat, Turkish delight, golden toffee, peppermint cream. — Alice Munro

Linen Paper Quotes By E.B. White

I have seldom met an individual of literary tastes or propensities in whom the writing of love was not directly attributable to the love of writing.
A person of this sort falls terribly in love, but in the end it turns out that he is more bemused by a sheet of white paper than a sheet of white bed linen. He would rather leap into print with his lady than leap into bed with her. (This first pleases the lady and then annoys her. She wants him to do both, and with virtually the same impulse.) — E.B. White

Linen Paper Quotes By Gregory Maguire

To look into the mirror is to see the future, in blood and rubies. — Gregory Maguire

Linen Paper Quotes By Nicole Blackman

And all we are waiting for is something worth waiting for. — Nicole Blackman

Linen Paper Quotes By Nicholson Baker

In 1855, as the price of paper rose, Dr. Deck proposed to dig up 2 1/2 million tons of Egyptian mummies, ship them to New York, unroll them; and use their linen wrappings to make paper. — Nicholson Baker

Linen Paper Quotes By Jennifer Niven

We tread water, looking at each other, and suddenly there's not enough water in the world to clean away my dirty thoughts. She — Jennifer Niven

Linen Paper Quotes By Marc Maron

As I became very conscious and more aware of things I got very into the beatniks and that kind of stuff. They were very important to me for a few years. — Marc Maron

Linen Paper Quotes By Barbara Park

Of all the novels I've written, my favorite is 'Mick Harte Was Here'. — Barbara Park

Linen Paper Quotes By Ayn Rand

She was suddenly as intently conscious of that particular moment, of herself and her own movement. She noticed her gray linen skirt, the rolled sleeve of her gray blouse and her naked arm reaching down for the paper. She felt her heart stop causelessly in the kind of gasp one feels in moments of anticipation. — Ayn Rand

Linen Paper Quotes By Jack Jones

I find great beauty in songs with a creative interpretation, but most people generally don't get that, and go for the simple songs, but I prefer something a bit more complicated, which is more meaningful to the creator. — Jack Jones

Linen Paper Quotes By Terry Pratchett

In front of her the cat Greebo, glad to be home again, lay on his back with all four paws in the air, doing his celebrated something-found-in-the-gutter impersonation. — Terry Pratchett

Linen Paper Quotes By Samuel Johnson

Week of taverns soon qualified him for another year of night-cellars. Such was the life of Savage, of Boyse, and of a crowd of others. Sometimes blazing in gold-laced hats and waistcoats; sometimes lying in bed because their coats had gone to pieces, or wearing paper cravats because their linen was in pawn; sometimes drinking Champagne and Tokay with Betty Careless; sometimes standing at the window of an eating-house in Porridge island, to snuff up the scent of what they could not afford to taste; they knew luxury; they knew beggary; but they never knew comfort. These men were irreclaimable. They looked on a regular and frugal life with the same aversion which an old gipsy or a Mohawk hunter feels for a stationary abode, and for the restraints and securities of civilised communities. They were as untameable, as much wedded to their desolate freedom, as the wild ass. — Samuel Johnson

Linen Paper Quotes By John Kelly

[According to 1348 theorists, poisoning of Christian water by Jews was the cause of Black Death.]

Even the poison used to contaminate the Christian water supply was described in meticulous detail. It was "about the size of an egg," except when it was the "size of a nut" or a "large nut," "a fist" or "two fists"- and it came packaged in "a leather pouch," except when it was packaged in "linen cloth," "a rag," or a "paper coronet"; and the poison was variously made from lizards, frogs, and spiders- when it was not made from the hearts of Christians and from Holy Communion wafers. — John Kelly

Linen Paper Quotes By Jeffrey Kluger

Jellyfish serve as a model for bioengineers for the same reason yeast were once so valuable to geneticists: they're simple to deconstruct. — Jeffrey Kluger

Linen Paper Quotes By Nikki Sixx

Hey, man, I like to look good; I wear make-up. — Nikki Sixx

Linen Paper Quotes By Marilyn Monroe

First, I'm trying to prove to myself that I'm a person. Then maybe I'll convince myself that I'm an actress. — Marilyn Monroe

Linen Paper Quotes By Jerry Brown

The corporation is not a person; it is a legal fiction backed up by guns and police and jail cells and taxing authorities and the regulators called government. — Jerry Brown