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Light Bulb Invention Quotes & Sayings

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Top Light Bulb Invention Quotes

Light Bulb Invention Quotes By Angela Williamson

Most people think of ways why their desires or goals would fail, instead of thinking of ways why they will succeed. Do not give in to why it would fail, but why it would succeed. Many people also fail to take action or give up to quickly on their desires or goals. It took Edison 1,000 attempts to obtain his goal the light bulb. People like Latimer improved on Edison's invention at time when our society dictate his status based on the color of his skin. They had the mentality that it would be impossible for them to fail. When you have this mentality, miracles will take place in your life. Remember winners or not quitters and quitters are not winners. Look for opportunities to realize your desires or goals today and every day. — Angela Williamson

Light Bulb Invention Quotes By Daniel Quinn

No invention ever comes into being fully developed in a single step, from nothing.
Ten thousand inventions had to be in place before Edison could invent the electric light-bulb. — Daniel Quinn

Light Bulb Invention Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

I didn't fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps. — Thomas A. Edison