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Top Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

So is there any part of you that's not a lethal weapon? (Kiara) No. Even my wits are sharpened. (Nykyrian) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By George Lucas

I think that Lethal Weapon-style dialogue is overused, it's a necessary aspect of high action films where you have to have the smart retort. You have to say "I'll be back baby" and stuff. It's not my style. — George Lucas

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Marshall McLuhan

I am an intellectual thug who has been slowly accumulating a private arsenal with every intention of using it. In a mindless age every insight takes on the character of a lethal weapon. Every man of good will is the enemy of society. — Marshall McLuhan

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Alfred Gough

Miles and I had been looking to do a martial arts show for some time. Our first two movies that we wrote were "Lethal Weapon 4" and "Shanghai Noon" with Jackie Chan. Then we sort of got pulled into the superhero world, but then you look around at what's not on television and there wasn't really a martial arts shows. There are shows that do martial arts to a degree, but there's not a martial arts show. — Alfred Gough

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

The bride's father watched that effort with a critical eye. After satisfying himself that the weapon was suitably lethal, he gravely accepted it as a gift from the younger man. 'The groom has just sharpened the knife that the bride's father will use on him, if he ever mistreats the girl, — Gregory David Roberts

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Ice Cube

To me, in a perfect world, you have the flavor and the magic of movies like 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys. — Ice Cube

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Sarah Shahi

I can take a newspaper and make it a lethal weapon. — Sarah Shahi

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Azar Nafisi

My toe as a lethal weapon! — Azar Nafisi

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Victoria Vane

Cherie," he said softly, "I have tired of this game of charades. The time for defiance is at an end."
He held both of my wrists in the iron grip of one hand and removed his dagger from the folds of his waistcloth with the other. I recognized the ivory handled blade as a jambiya, a small, curved, double-bladed, and extremely lethal weapon.
I squeezed my eyes shut; driving my teeth into my lower lip to keep back the hysterical sob that rose in my throat. I only hoped he would do it quickly. But instead of the slash of his blade across my throat, I felt the sudden and steady pop of the buttons from my blouse. Bewildered, I opened my eyes into his. He lifted a brow over his mocking gaze.
"You thought I would kill you, cherie?" He chuckled. "No. I would not waste such beauty as yours - unless you forced my hand. You comprehend me? — Victoria Vane

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Switchblade," I said. "Nice. I could use one of those."
"That's not enough?" He whispered, pointing at my gun.
"It does the job, if the job us to kill. I need a backup that's not always so lethal."
"You could try getting yourself into fewer situations where you need a weapon. — Kelley Armstrong

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

I have a curse.
I'm a monster.
My touch Is lethal.
I am their weapon.
I WILL FIGHT BACK. — Tahereh Mafi

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Martin Riggs

Let's live to regret this (Martin Riggs [Mel Gibson] to Lorna Cole [Rene Russo] in Lethal Weapon 3) — Martin Riggs

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Michael Caine

In my day, the drug was alcohol and the weapon was a fist, so it was very sort of innocent and primitive. Now you've got drugs, guns, and knives, which are so lethal. — Michael Caine

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Valerie Twombly

Her eyes traveled down the black T-shirt he wore. Pfft, he might as well be naked. It clung to him like a second skin giving her a clear view of lean, hard muscles. She licked her lips. Gods, what it would feel like to be his T-shirt. She was positive if he turned around his ass would be considered a lethal weapon in those jeans. — Valerie Twombly

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Yeah, I'm a thief."
"Honey, that's such a turn-on."
He reached for her, and she jumped away.
"Stand down," Kate said. "My hands are lethal weapons."
Nick backed her against the wall and leaned into her. "I've go a better lethal weapon than you do," he said. "Wanna see it?"
Good lord, she could feel his lethal weapon pressing against her belly. It was big and hard. And as much as she hated to admit it, his big, hard weapon was exactly what she needed. She looked down and gasped because it was so perfect.
"Is this for me?" she asked.
"Absolutely," he said. "Take it if you want it."
"I want it," she said. "I really, really want it."
It was a Toblerone bar. Giant size. — Janet Evanovich

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Agatha Christie

The position of women, over the years, has definitely changed for the worse. we women have behaved like mugs, We have clamoured to be allowed to work as men work. Men, not being fools, have taken kindly to the idea. Why supoort a wife? What's wrong with a wife supporting herself? She wants to do it. By golly, she can go on doing it!
it seems sad that having established ourselves so cleverly as the "weaker sex" we should now be broadly on a par with the women of primitive tribes who toil in the fields all day, walk miles to gather camelthorn for fuel, and on trek carry all the pots, pans, and household equipment on their heads, while the gorgeous, ornamental male sweeps on ahead, unburdened save for one lethal weapon with which to defend his women. — Agatha Christie

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By J.R. Ward

Ah, yes, the departmental shrink. And in the silence that followed, he knew everyone was waiting for him to groan, but he wasn't a Lethal Weapon wild card, damn it.
Yeah. For example, he couldn't dislocate his shoulder, he didn't live on the beach with a dog, and he wasn't rocking a death wish. You're welcome. — J.R. Ward

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Darlene Love

A lot of the people who saw me in the 'Lethal Weapon' movies didn't even know I was a singer. — Darlene Love

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Mel Gibson

What did one shepherd say to the other shepherd? Let's get the flock out of here. — Mel Gibson

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By David R. Ellis

No, in Lethal Weapon I was a taxi cab driver that Mel jumps in front of the taxi and pulls me out of the car and steals the taxi. Then I did some other indie driving for some of the car sequences. — David R. Ellis

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Mel Gibson

I think the 'Lethal Weapon' movies contain my favorite performances. It sounds really crummy, I know, but although the work doesn't look hard, it's difficult to create 'effortless' on screen. — Mel Gibson

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Jennifer Bell

You're a little trickier...." Johnny Hands narrowed his eye at Ivy. "Something small like you, perhaps? Or something quick and lethal?"

Lethal? Ivy couldn't believe he was saying this. She was eleven. What did she want with a lethal weapon? — Jennifer Bell

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By T. Torrest

I'm a customer and I ask you where I can find Lethal Weapon. What do you do?" Me: "Call the cops?" Martin — T. Torrest

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Dorothy Parker


If I had a shiny gun,
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folk who give me pains;

Or had I some poison gas,
I could make the moments pass
Bumping off a number of
People whom I do not love.

But I have no lethal weapon-
Thus does Fate our pleasure step on!
So they still are quick and well
Who should be, by rights, in hell. — Dorothy Parker

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Charles Stross

Any sufficiently advanced lingerie is indistinguishable from a lethal weapon. — Charles Stross

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Mark Hart

We take a beautiful little boy and we put him in a diaper and we give him a lethal weapon and we say LOVE. Which makes absolutely no sense. — Mark Hart

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Jeff Cooper

I am sometimes perplexed by people who refer to defensive rifles, or defensive rifle shooting. The defensive arm is the pistol, since you have it at hand to meet situations that you do not anticipate. If you have the luxury of anticipating a lethal encounter, you pick up a long arm, either a rifle or a shotgun, but in that case you go on to the attack. Thus rifle shooting is offensive, and pistol shooting is defensive. Of course, life does not always duplicate theory, and there are exceptions to everything, but nevertheless the rifle is not a defensive weapon in concept. — Jeff Cooper

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

your boy knows people who carry a lot of guns. As long as he doesn't sleep with anyone's girlfriend again, we should be fine." Oh yeah, if they could freeze the smoldering look on her face as she glared at him, it could be sold as a lethal weapon on the black market and make them all rich. "Pardon?" Caillen let out an annoyed breath. "Fain has a mental disorder that causes him to spout random stupidity for no apparent reason. It's been a source of constant embarrassment for his brother since they were kids. Ignore him." Fain — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Josh Peck

I have a respect for the 3-D computer-generated action movies, but my first love is stuff like 'Lethal Weapon.' — Josh Peck

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Michael Owen

An emotion that lives with me is a sense of 'what might have been' had injuries not robbed me of my most lethal weapon - speed. — Michael Owen

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Nick observed the flicker of appreciation in her brown eyes. He wasn't particularly surprised. She was just the type to like them tall, dark, and carrying a lethal weapon. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Lethal Weapon 4 Quotes By Suenammi Richards

I sit here with you now with one sure answer. Love is the most potent bond, the most elaborate trap, the most irresistible object, and the most lethal weapon. I am everything with it, and nothing without it. — Suenammi Richards