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Top Lessers Store Quotes

Lessers Store Quotes By Jimmy Carr

I'm not worried about the Third World War. That's the Third World's Problem. — Jimmy Carr

Lessers Store Quotes By Brandon Shire

How could he have wanted someone so desperately for so long and then be this terrified when he finally saw him again? — Brandon Shire

Lessers Store Quotes By Peter Guber

The Internet is an audience of one, a million times over. — Peter Guber

Lessers Store Quotes By Confucius

The Master said, 'Can men refuse to assent to the words of strict admonition? But it is reforming the conduct because of them which is valuable. Can men refuse to be pleased with words of gentle advice? But it is unfolding their aim which is valuable. If a man be pleased with these words, but does not unfold their aim, and assents to those, but does not reform his conduct, I can really do nothing with him. — Confucius

Lessers Store Quotes By Emily Deschanel

David Boreanaz is pretty funny. He's probably the one that cracks everybody up the most on set. He can be very serious as well, but when he's silly he's pretty silly. — Emily Deschanel

Lessers Store Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Now produce your explanation and pray make it improbable. — Oscar Wilde

Lessers Store Quotes By Giuseppe Zangara

Viva Italia! Goodbye to all poor peoples everywhere! ... Pusha da button! — Giuseppe Zangara

Lessers Store Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

There is only one sin and it is: weakness. When I was a boy, I read Milton's Paradise Lost. The only good man I had any respect for was Satan. The only saint is that person who never weakens, faces everything, and determines die game. — Swami Vivekananda