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Less Priority Love Quotes By John Bevere

Jesus was showing them that not dealing with anger can lead to hatred. Hatred not dealt with would put them in danger of hell. Then He said that if they remembered their brother was offended with them, they were to make it top priority to find him and seek to be reconciled. Why should we seek with such urgency to be reconciled - for our sake or for our brother's sake? We should go for his sake that we might be a catalyst to help him out of the offense. Even if we are not offended with him, the love of God does not let him remain angry without attempting to reach out and restore. We may have done nothing wrong. Right or wrong doesn't matter. It is more important for us to help this stumbling brother than to prove ourselves correct. — John Bevere

Less Priority Love Quotes By Christopher Dines

To be self-compassionate is not to be self-indulgent or self-centred. A major component of self-compassion is to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with love, care, dignity and make your wellbeing a priority. With self-compassion, we still hold ourselves accountable professionally and personally, but there are no toxic emotions inflicted upon and towards ourselves. — Christopher Dines

Less Priority Love Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

The violation of the priority of love for God leads to disruption of harmonious relationships. — Sunday Adelaja

Less Priority Love Quotes By Mohiro Kitoh

I don't really know a whole lot about complicated, worldly things. But I think parents and siblings, they need to be able to care for each other unconditionally. How many people could you risk your life to protect? Not that many, I bet. Everyone's top priority is taking care of themselves. But if there's anyone who can overcome that, it's flesh and blood. If you understand that feeling, then you can look at other people, and realize, this person's family cares about them, too. That's a really heavy feeling. When you think about that, it becomes a lot harder to do horrible things to them. So I think that love for your family ... is really at the root of what it means to care for other people. — Mohiro Kitoh

Less Priority Love Quotes By Gracia Hunter

... don't confuse between self-love and narcissism. Self- love is making yourself your number one priority but narcissism is start enforcing that priority over others. First one is healthy; second one is not. First one is for your mental healthiness and well-being while the second one is to mess up with other peoples' peace of mind to serve your own needs. — Gracia Hunter

Less Priority Love Quotes By Tom Robbins

Our society gives its economy priority over health, love, truth, beauty, sex and salvation; over life itself. Whatsoever is given precedence over life will take precedence over life, and will end in eliminating life. Since economics, at its most abstract level, is the religion of our people, no noneconomic happening, not even one as potentially spectacular as the Second Coming, can radically alter the souls of our people. — Tom Robbins

Less Priority Love Quotes By Kate Avery Ellison

Love is always a top priority. — Kate Avery Ellison

Less Priority Love Quotes By Rob Liano

When someone tells you they're too busy, it's not that they mismanage their time, it's that you're not a priority. — Rob Liano

Less Priority Love Quotes By Matthew Kelly

It is perhaps the result of a culture that prefers us to be passive. The passive me says: "Feed me"; "Entertain me"; "Hold me"; "Love me"; "Listen to me"; "Tell me I matter"; "Make me a priority"; "Don't make me think too much or work too hard"; and so — Matthew Kelly

Less Priority Love Quotes By Nutan Bajracharya

I had crossed fifty years of my life, and come across uncountable females as son, husband, father, friend in my life. Coming across several women I carefully studied most of them, and feels that I got master knowing female. But every time when my heart comes across to a female, my all knowledge on female goes to a vain. What they want? , What are they looking for? When their mind changes? When their priority changes? No one knows, in a minute they use to change decisions, if someone ask, they says it's a little thing. They never think, little things makes big or if they can't stick on little things how they can stand in important decisions. They never show they are weak, but every time they are compromising themselves. It's their big heart but impacting every around. They always think they can do anything by doing nothing. — Nutan Bajracharya

Less Priority Love Quotes By Diane Medved

It's not that parents love their children less than in generations past. It's that they no longer receive consistent societal support for the belief that parenting is their highest priority ... TV messages championed rather then detracted from wholesome ideals ... maybe "the old days" before the societal changes of the '60s weren't perfect, but they allowed a bevy of family-friendly forces to surround parents with encouragement for their mission ... — Diane Medved

Less Priority Love Quotes By Sinclair B. Ferguson

Our first priority in ministry must be love. Love for His Word, love for His people, and love for His appearing. — Sinclair B. Ferguson

Less Priority Love Quotes By Linford Christie

My first love is the sport, and it will always be my priority. — Linford Christie

Less Priority Love Quotes By Rick Warren

Love should be your top priority, primary objective, and greatest ambition. Love is not a good part of your life; it's the most important part. The Bible says, Let love be your greatest aim. — Rick Warren

Less Priority Love Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

I guess love is not the priority; you wouldn't fall in love with an empty stomach. — M.F. Moonzajer

Less Priority Love Quotes By Kaiylah Muhammad

People can say anything, but a person's actions show how they truly feel about you. Actions express priority. — Kaiylah Muhammad

Less Priority Love Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

Damned Beaver/Jeremy is the War, he is every assertion the fucking War has ever made
that we are meant for work and government, for austerity: and these shall take priority over love, dreams, the spirit, the senses and the other second-class trivia that are found among the idle and mindless hours of the day ... Damn them, they are wrong. They are insane. — Thomas Pynchon

Less Priority Love Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Even if yesterday existed, today is just real, not a fantasy like the past. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Less Priority Love Quotes By Nikhil Yadav

I don't know the ethics, but some times sex is at highest priority in a relationship. — Nikhil Yadav

Less Priority Love Quotes By Rick Warren

If you are a member of a small group or class, I urge you to make a group covenant that includes the nine characteristics of biblical fellowship: We will share our true feelings (authenticity), forgive each other (mercy), speak the truth in love (honesty), admit our weaknesses (humility), respect our differences (courtesy), not gossip (confidentiality), and make group a priority (frequency). — Rick Warren

Less Priority Love Quotes By Wes Borland

Limp Bizkit is my main priority, but my side project, Black Light Burns, is still a labor of love. We have a record written, so we'll see when that comes out. When we tour, we go out in a van and trailer with me driving. — Wes Borland

Less Priority Love Quotes By Annette Vaillancourt

When you truly love yourself, you are enough. Your happiness and well-being become a top priority — Annette Vaillancourt

Less Priority Love Quotes By Martin Freeman

My main priority in any job is when is the soonest I can get back to the three people I love most in the world. — Martin Freeman

Less Priority Love Quotes By Tristan Prettyman

Me and my friends get together all the time for girls night, or watch rock of love on the couch. I end up going out to a lot of shows, and surfing with my folks is always high on the priority list. — Tristan Prettyman

Less Priority Love Quotes By Curtis A. Chamberlain

This is exactly why the preservation of the world is not a priority for the true Christian. We are not of this world. Our love is for God, and our hope lies in Him, not the world. So the "social justice" agenda is not the Christian agenda, nor can it ever be for the Church. — Curtis A. Chamberlain

Less Priority Love Quotes By Lila Felix

Love isn't crazy. Love isn't a degree of insanity. Love is sanity at its purest. It forces your soul to make a rational choice - a choice to make another person's happiness your priority, to allow them access to your heart and soul. — Lila Felix

Less Priority Love Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

We do not owe any soul, except that which played the most vital role in our lives. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Less Priority Love Quotes By Jim George

If you make anything a higher priority than God, you are worshiping it and not God. — Jim George

Less Priority Love Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

The most important priority for every leader should be building relationships based on the principles of love. — Sunday Adelaja

Less Priority Love Quotes By Jay Woodman

Love yourself enough to take care of your health of mind, body, and soul as a top priority, then you'lll be fit to face anything. — Jay Woodman

Less Priority Love Quotes By Carlos A. Rodriguez

Most people like it when the pastor says, "family is priority." What they don't like very much is when the pastor actually chooses his own family as the priority over them. — Carlos A. Rodriguez

Less Priority Love Quotes By Victoria Paige

No, you're the girl I'm in love with. I love you more than my own life," Jack declared fervently. "If anything happens to you Maia, it will be over for me. I'm never gonna come back from losing you - not in ten, not in fifty years. So I'm asking you not to throw away what we have on some fucking job someone else can do. I'm begging you to give what we have a chance. You've done your time; it's OK to slow down, babe. I promise you, I'll make it my life's priority to make you happy."
~Jack to Maia — Victoria Paige

Less Priority Love Quotes By Matt Mitchell

Don't settle for being an option; become a priority. — Matt Mitchell

Less Priority Love Quotes By John Updike

Martyrs of a sort they were, these children, along with the town drunk, in his basketball sneakers and buttonless overcoat, draining blackberry brandy from a paper bag as he sat on his bench in Kazmierczak Square, risking nightly death by exposure; martyrs too of a sort were the men and women hastening to adulterous trysts, risking disgrace and divorce for their fix of motel love - all sacrificing the outer world to the inner, proclaiming with this priority that everything solid-seeming and substantial is in fact a dream, of less account than a merciful rush of feeling. — John Updike