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Leg Exercises Quotes By Michael Strahan

I hate leg exercises. I hate one-legged squats. I hate the hurdles and the split squats. I hate all the leg exercises. I know they help me, and I'm able to move around and don't have knee problems, and my hip doesn't hurt anymore, but when my trainer tells me I have to do them, I almost feel like my body goes into convulsions. — Michael Strahan

Leg Exercises Quotes By Mark Lauren

Or give your child a piggyback during leg exercises, or even your girlfriend or your wife (though not both at the same time - that could be trouble). — Mark Lauren

Leg Exercises Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the past, before the physiology of abdominal training was well understood, bodybuilders used to do a lot of "conventional" abdominal exercises such as Sit-Ups and Leg Raises. Unfortunately, those are not primary abdominal exercises but instead work the iliopsoas muscles - the hip flexors. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Leg Exercises Quotes By Owen Anderson

Run 400 meters at current 5K pace. Do 5 chin-ups. If a chin-up bar is not available, perform 12 biceps curls with dumbbells while standing on the right leg and then the left leg. Complete 36 abdominal crunches. Perform 15 squat thrusts with jumps (burpees). Do 15 push-ups. Complete 30 two-leg squats (body-weight squats). Run another 400 meters at 5K tempo. Do 12 squat and dumbbell presses. Complete 10 feet-elevated push-ups. Perform 36 low-back extensions. Do 15 bench dips. Complete 15 lunge squats with each leg. Run another 400 meters at 5K pace. Repeat steps 2 through 13 to complete two circuits in all; then cool down with about 2 miles (3.2 km) of light jogging, followed by thorough stretching and exercises to build core strength. — Owen Anderson