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Learning Theory Psychology Quotes By Seymour Papert

The word constructionism is a mnemonic for two aspects of the theory of science education underlying this project. From constructivist theories of psychology we take a view of learning as a reconstruction rather than as a transmission of knowledge. Then we extend the idea of manipulative materials to the idea that learning is most effective when part of an activity the learner experiences as constructing a meaningful product. — Seymour Papert

Learning Theory Psychology Quotes By Albert Bandura

Psychology cannot tell people how they ought to live their lives. It can however, provide them with the means for effecting personal and social change. — Albert Bandura

Learning Theory Psychology Quotes By J. P. Guilford

Psychology should be the chief basic science upon which the practices of education depend. It should have supplied education with the information it needs concerning the processes of understanding, learning, and thinking, among other things. One of the difficulties has been that such theory as has been developed has been based primarily upon studies of behavior of rats and pigeons. As someone has said, some of the theory thus developed has been an insult even to the rat. — J. P. Guilford