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Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Herman Cain

America has got to learn to take a joke. — Herman Cain

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Bipasha Basu

I am so pathetic with machines in real life, it's not a joke. I'd rather walk, or even run, than take the car out myself. I like to be driven around. Yes, I like fancy cars, and fancy bikes, too. It's my dream to learn how to ride one myself, but for now, I am content being driven around. — Bipasha Basu

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Jack Youngblood

You learn to kid around and joke and not take things too seriously because somehow its all gonna work out for the best - or you're gonna make it work out. — Jack Youngblood

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Sydney Salter

Sure, the Americans want to joke about sacrifice, but then they want to go back to their hotels and sip fancy drinks by the pool. They like to climb the pyramid, take their photos, but they never think about the people who built such amazing temples. They never want to learn about the culture behind the climb. — Sydney Salter

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Andre Gide

I am still clumsy; I should aim to be clumsy only when I wish to be. I must learn to keep silent ... I must learn to take myself seriously; and not to hold any smug opinion of myself. To have more mobile eyes and a less mobile face. To keep a straight face when I make a joke. Not to applaud every joke made by others. Not to show the same colorless geniality toward everyone. To disconcert at the right moment by keeping a poker face. Especially never to praise two people in the same way, but rather to keep toward each individual a distinct manner from which I would never deviate without intending to. — Andre Gide

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Betty Smith

You must learn to take a joke, Francie, otherwise life will be pretty hard on you. — Betty Smith

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Legs McNeil

The old sound was alcoholic. The tradition was finally broken. The music is sex and drugs and happy. And happy is the joke the music understands best. Ultra sonic sounds on records to cause frontal lobotomies. Hey, don't be afraid. You'd better take drugs and learn to love PLASTIC. All diffrent kinds of plastic- pliable, rigid, colored, colorful, nonattached plastic. - Lou Reed (1965-1968) — Legs McNeil

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Jenny Lawson

because you're going to get halfway through this book and giggle at non sequiturs about Hitler and abortions and poverty, and you'll feel superior to all the uptight, easily offended people who need to learn how to take a fucking joke, but then somewhere in here you'll read one random thing you're sensitive about, and everyone else will think it's hysterical, but you think, "Oh, that is way over the line." I apologize for that one thing. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. — Jenny Lawson

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Charli McBride

You really should learn how to take a joke, as easily as you take a dick."

-Shirley — Charli McBride

Learn How To Take A Joke Quotes By Laura Bates

The more stories I heard, the more I tried to talk about the problem. And yet time and time again I found myself coming up against the same response: Sexism doesn't exist anymore. Women are equal now, more or less. You career girls these days have the best of all worlds - what more do you want? Think about the women in other countries dealing with real problems, people told me - you women in the West have no idea how lucky you are. You have "gilded lives"! You're making a fuss about nothing. You're overreacting. You're uptight, or frigid. You need to learn to take a joke, get a sense of humor, light up...

You really need to learn to take a compliment. — Laura Bates