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Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Francis Chan

Throughout the Bible, we see pictures of the global church (which includes all followers of Jesus in all locations) and the local church (which includes particular followers of Jesus in a particular location). Out of 114 times that the "church" is mentioned in the New Testament, at least ninety of them refer to specific local gatherings of believers who have banded together for fellowship and mission. God intends for every follower of Jesus to be a part of such a gathering under the servant leadership of pastors who shepherd the church for the glory of God. — Francis Chan

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Christian Michael

The end product of the successful preacher's input is transformation. — Christian Michael

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Molly Worthen

In the mainstream of evangelicalism, where female senior pastors were often unwelcome, most leaders and laypeople had adopted the conservative Reformed view of gender and had forgotten (or never knew of) women's leadership in the moral crusades of the nineteenth century, or even their prominence as Bible teachers, relief workers, and missionaries prior to the 1930s. — Molly Worthen

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Daniel Henderson

Our real problem is not the pervasiveness of the darkness but a failure of the light. Light always dispels darkness. The glorious light of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ is still sufficient and available to those who reject self-reliance and return to His plan for biblical leadership. This return can reignite the radiance of the Gospel in transforming power. — Daniel Henderson

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

I have not learned a single lesson, been inspired or impacted by another person's life void of negative experiences. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

The real architect of a life is the hard and almost impossible circumstances one faces. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Charles S. Stamper

The answer is always "No" until you ask. - Ref James 4:2 — Charles S. Stamper

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John E. Goldingay

We have noted thatthe two creation stories contained no pointers toward male "headship" in the sense that men or husbands are supposed to exercise authority or leadership over women or wives. But the audience of Genesis knew that patriarchy was a reality of life. Genesis here tells them how this came to be. Male authority or domination was not God's design but a consequence of a breakdown in relationship between humanity and God, between humanity and the animal world, and between human beings and one another. From now on, the Bible will assume the reality of patriarchy and of male headship, but it begins by noting that this came about only as a result of those various breakdowns of relationship. — John E. Goldingay

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Christian Michael

The Word that will change a man must first show the man who he really is. — Christian Michael

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Thomas C. Oden

His [brother in law Jim Hampson] appointment to the Episcopal parish in Wenham, near Gordon College brought them in close touch with leading evangelical faculty members in their pews and church leadership, including Elizabeth Elliot and Addison Leitch. They were instrumental in drawing Jim and and Sarah into the cutting edge of evangelical intellectual leadership, with friendships with Tom Howard and J.I. Packer. My ongoing relationship with Jim Packer, FitzSimons Allison and many other brilliant Anglican evangelicals would not have happened without Jim Hampson. His early influence on me in my transition from modern to classic Christian teaching was immense. While I was trying to demythologize Scripture, he was taking its plain meaning seriously. His strong preaching led him to become one of the founding sponsors and supporters of Trinity School of Ministry in Abridge, Pennsylvania ... — Thomas C. Oden

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

Coming to the END of MYSELF and all SELF effort ... seems to be the very point that God steps in and shows HIMSELF to be more than ENOUGH. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

There has never been a meaningful life built on easy street. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Daniel J. Elazar

The first grand federalist design ... was that of the Bible, most particularly the Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament ... Biblical thought is federal (from the Latin foedus, covenant) from first to last
from God's covenant with Noah establishing the biblical equivalent of what philosophers were later to term Natural Law to the Jews' reaffirmation of the Sinai covenant under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, thereby adopting the Torah as the constitution of their second commonwealth. The covenant motif is central to the biblical world view, the basis of all relationships, the mechanism for defining and allocating authority, and the foundation of the biblical political teaching. — Daniel J. Elazar

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

Life seems to be fashioned and formed best out of the obstacles that seem unbearable. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Nick Offerman

What exactly was Jesus' take on violent capitalism? I also have some big ideas for changing the way we think about literary morals as they pertain to legislation. Rather than suffer another attempt by the religious right to base our legalese upon the Bible, I would vote that we found it squarely upon the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien. The citizens of Middle Earth had much more tolerant policies in their governing bodies. For example, Elrond was chosen to lead the elves at Rivendell not only despite his androgynous nature but most likely because of the magical leadership inherent in a well-appointed bisexual elf wizard. That's the person you want picking shit out for your community. That's the guy you want in charge. David Bowie or a Mormon? Not a difficult equation. — Nick Offerman

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Bill Hybels

It helps certain church leaders identify the fact that they have the spiritual gift of leadership that the Bible talks about in Romans 12:8. Once you understand that God has given a gift, then training becomes more seriously. When you receive better training, you become more effective in the leadership position that God has assigned to you. — Bill Hybels

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Dag Heward-Mills

Using a combination of history, common sense, the Word of God and the Spirit of God, every leader can generally predict the way things will go. — Dag Heward-Mills

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Gary Rohrmayer

Forgiveness and restoration are two difference acts. Forgiveness can lead to restoration but restoration is not hinged to forgiveness. — Gary Rohrmayer

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Johnny Hunt

There is no record in the Bible of a weak man falling. — Johnny Hunt

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By George MacDonald

Sad, indeed, would the whole matter be if the Bible had told us everything God meant us to believe. But herein is the Bible greatly wronged. It nowhere lays claim to be regarded as the Word, the Way, the Truth. The Bible leads us to Jesus, the inexhaustible, the ever-unfolding Revelation of God. It is Christ "in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge," not the Bible, save as leading to Him. — George MacDonald

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Alan F. Johnson

The evangelical position, represented by the personal stories in this book, including my own, understands that a fully authoritative Bible supports the freedom of women under Christ without male supervision to follow their God-given callings and special gifts of the Spirit, including full leadership ministries. This view can be called the "inclusive" view of ministry — Alan F. Johnson

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By N. T. Wright

If, therefore, those called to office and leadership roles in the church remain content merely to organize and manage the internal affairs of the church, they are leaving a vacuum exactly where there ought to be vibrant, pulsating life. Of course Christian leaders need to be trained and equipped for management, for running of the organization. The church will not thrive by performing in a bumbling, amateur fashion and hoping that piety and goodwill will make up for incompetence. But how much more should a Christian minister be a serious professional when it comes to grappling with scripture and discovering how it enables him or her, in preaching, teaching, prayer, and pastoral work, to engage with the huge issues that confront us as a society and as individuals. If we are professional about other things, we ought to be ashamed not to be properly equipped both to study the Bible ouselves and to bring its ever-fresh word to others. — N. T. Wright

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By R.J. Stepansky

Where do business leaders turn for advice to improve their leadership skills? Many successful leaders like Dan Cathy, President and COO of Chick-fil-A turn to the Bible. Speaking at Trinity College in Illinois, "Cathy discussed how scripture dictates Chick-fil-A's business plan. — R.J. Stepansky

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Johnny Hunt

I've never seen so much suicide ... The Bible is full of hope. — Johnny Hunt

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Paul Broun

I do go against my leadership all the time because I stand firm on the four questions that I ask about all legislation. The first, is it constitutional according to the original intent? The second, does it fit the Judeo-Christian Biblical principles that our nation is founded upon? Third, do we need it? Fourth, can we afford it? — Paul Broun

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Debora Hooper

Clearly i Bible times, women were used in ministry leadership roles, and still are today. — Debora Hooper

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

Living life ONCE is enough ... if you live life RIGHT. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Kasich

He (the Bible study leader) is blessed with a light touch and a firm hand. — John Kasich

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

Leaders in OVER their heads is the mere result of getting ahead of their intended SEASON. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John Paul Warren

Life of any real value or substance is not formed during good times merely enjoyed. — John Paul Warren

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By John C. Maxwell

1. Experience: People who have been down the road of life and understand it. 2. Heart for God: People who place God first and uphold His values. 3. Objectivity: People who see the pros and cons of the issues. 4. Love for people: People who love others and value them more than things. 5. Complementary gifts: People who bring diverse gifts to the relationship. 6. Loyalty to the leader: People who truly love and are concerned for the leader. The Maxwell Leadership Bible — John C. Maxwell

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Victor Manuel Rivera

The dirtier your Bible, the cleaner your heart! — Victor Manuel Rivera

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Jayce O'Neal

We shouldn't go to the Bible to back up what we believe. We should look to the Bible to determine what we believe. — Jayce O'Neal

Leadership In The Bible Quotes By Gary Rohrmayer

Even Satan can quote scripture out of context why are we surprised when men do it. — Gary Rohrmayer