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Top Lazy Sunday Quotes

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Irving Babbitt

An American of the present day reading his Sunday newspaper in a state of lazy collapse is one of the most perfect symbols of the triumph of quantity over quality that the world has yet seen. — Irving Babbitt

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Noah Hawley

Anyone looking back at the log later, trying to piece together a mystery, would find nothing but times and dry entries. It was a lazy Sunday. What made it meaningful were not the facts or details, but the imperceptibles. Inner life. The smell of the beach grass and the feel of sand on a bathroom floor when changing out of a swimsuit. The heat of American summer. Line ten of the log read simply: 10:22 Condor ate second breakfast. It couldn't capture the perfect toasting of the onion bagel or the saltiness of the fish in contrast with the thickness of cream cheese. It was time lost in a book - a journey of imagination, transportation - which to others simply looks like sitting or lying stomach-down on the rug in front of a summertime fire, legs bent at the knees, up ninety degrees, kicking absently, feet languid in the air. — Noah Hawley

Lazy Sunday Quotes By James Taylor

I was in chemical jail. — James Taylor

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

The Laws Of The Kingdom Of God Are Programmed Within Every Person — Sunday Adelaja

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If you are lazy, then undoubtedly you will soon become poor — Sunday Adelaja

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Lynn Coady

I'm no atheist - I'm lazy. I really do like hassle-free Sunday mornings. I have a problem with organized religion, so I've simply opted out. Live and let live, I figure. — Lynn Coady

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Marla Miniano

It's the little things she needs someone for, like someone to hold her hand at the end of a long day, or someone to watch stupid comedies with, or someone to curl up with on the couch on a lazy Sunday morning as she reads the newspaper and eats her cereal. Which probably means she doesn't 'need' someone in the strictest sense, although at the end of a long day, or while watching a stupid comedy, or on a lazy Sunday morning, having someone would be very much appreciated. — Marla Miniano

Lazy Sunday Quotes By William Shakespeare

Slander, whose whisper over the world's diameter, as level as the cannon to its blank, transports its poisoned shot. — William Shakespeare

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

A lazy person will never grow wealthy. — Sunday Adelaja

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Eric McCormack

At home in L.A., Sunday is lazy. It's the wife and me lying in bed with coffee, watching 'The Soup' or something funny on TiVo. The kid will occasionally join us. Eventually, breakfast is at a place down the street called Paty's. And we always have some kind of great dinner - my wife makes a great roast beef. — Eric McCormack

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Jorma Taccone

When we came out with 'Lazy Sunday,' the greatest compliment I heard was that Questlove had it on his iPod. — Jorma Taccone

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Tali Sharot

It's a curious fact, because Friday is a day of work and Sunday is a day for pleasure, so you would expect people to enjoy Sunday more, right? But we don't. It's not because we really like being in the office and can't stand strolling in the park and having a lazy brunch. We prefer Friday to Sunday because Friday brings with it the thrill of anticipating the weekend ahead. In contrast, on Sunday the only thing to look forward to is work on Monday. — Tali Sharot

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

You are like everyone else," Alyosha concluded, "that is, like a great many others, only you ought not to be like everyone else, that's what." "Even if everyone is like that?" "Yes, even if everyone is like that. You be the only one who is not like that. And in fact you're not like everyone else: you weren't ashamed just now to confess bad and even ridiculous things about yourself. Who would confess such things nowadays? No one, and people have even stopped feeling any need for self-judgment. So do not be like everyone else; even if you are the only one left who is not like that, still do not be like that. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Terence McKenna

History, call it 15,000 or 25,000 years of duration, is the story of an animal, some kind of complex animal, becoming conscious. — Terence McKenna

Lazy Sunday Quotes By April Gornik

Sunday is the one day I keep reminding myself that I should lay around and take it easy, but because I am O.C.D. and an extreme multitasker, I find it hard to get lazy. I love Sundays for painting because it's quieter; the gallery is closed, and there are no interruptions. — April Gornik

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If we serve God, we must not disdain or shun any job, God will not use a lazy man — Sunday Adelaja

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sophia Bush

If I spend a Saturday being lazy and curled up on the couch with my dogs, I'll just make sure to get out and be active on Sunday. — Sophia Bush

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If during the day, a person did not do anything about his purpose and calling, he did nothing at all — Sunday Adelaja

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

People of vision must not be lazy, they must not be afraid of work, no matter how degrading the work might seem — Sunday Adelaja

Lazy Sunday Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

God does not like lazy people, He likes those who work — Sunday Adelaja