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Larry Lefferts Quotes & Sayings

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Top Larry Lefferts Quotes

Larry Lefferts Quotes By John Owen

Let the heart, then commune with itself and say, I am poor and weak; Satan is subtle, cunning, powerful, watching constantly for advantages against my soul; the world earnest, pressing, and full of specious pleas, innumerable pretences, and ways of deceit; my own corruption violent and tumultuating, enticing, entangling, conceiving sin, and warring in me, against me; occasions and advantages of temptation innumerable in all things I have done or suffer, in all businesses and persons with whom I converse; the first beginnings of temptation insensible and plausible, so that, left unto myself, I shall not know I am ensnared, until my bonds be made strong, and sin hath got ground in my heart: therefore on God alone will I rely for preservation, and continually will I look up to him on that account. — John Owen

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Jon Favreau

I wanted to be a New York City firefighter. I didn't make it in, though. — Jon Favreau

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Chuck Brown

When I was a young man, I shined the shoes of Louis Armstrong and Louis Jordan! Music was just everywhere like that. And in my family, everyone could play something, and if they couldn't play, they could sing. — Chuck Brown

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Shel Israel

Before social media, we shouted at our TV sets. — Shel Israel

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Billy Graham

Whenever I counsel someone who feels called to be an evangelist, I always urge them to guard their time and not feel like they have to do everything. — Billy Graham

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Alexander Graham Bell

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The Sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus — Alexander Graham Bell

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Logan Henderson

I think a little bit of competition is always good. — Logan Henderson

Larry Lefferts Quotes By J.A. Huss

Ronin Flynn, you are like a door." He laughs. "It was that touching, huh?" "Not a window where you can see through to the other side and be sure of what's coming. But a door, still closed and leading to every opportunity imaginable and requiring a leap of faith that the risk is worth it. You are my doorway to endless possibilities and I'm ready to take that risk. — J.A. Huss

Larry Lefferts Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

If what Jesus said was good, and so much of it was absolutely beautiful, what does it matter if he was God or not? — Kurt Vonnegut

Larry Lefferts Quotes By L.J.Smith

Do no harm. help when you can. return good for evil. — L.J.Smith