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Laelius Quotes & Sayings

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Top Laelius Quotes

Laelius Quotes By William Cowper

If the world like it not, so much the worse for them. — William Cowper

Laelius Quotes By Don Rickles

When you enter a room, you have to kiss his ring. I don't mind, but he has it in his back pocket. — Don Rickles

Laelius Quotes By Harvey MacKay

A dream is always a bargain no matter what you pay for it — Harvey MacKay

Laelius Quotes By Kei Miller

Know then that every heartbless
given is collected by Jah like mickle and muckle,
or like a basketful of cocoa, and comes back to you
like a dividend. — Kei Miller

Laelius Quotes By Marcus Tullius Cicero

My dear Scipio and Laelius. Men, of course, who have no resources in themselves for securing a good and happy life find every age burdensome. But those who look for all happiness from within can never think anything bad which Nature makes inevitable. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Laelius Quotes By Vincent Gallo

I've never been a popular person, but it doesn't matter. I have everything in my life that I want. I'm not a walking publicity stunt. I'm not an anarchist, or bitter. I'm not trying to be subversive. I just try to remain unguarded, unprotected by fear, and agents and publicists, and I feel comfortable that way. — Vincent Gallo

Laelius Quotes By Arthur Erickson

Whenever we witness art in a building, we are aware of an energy contained by it. — Arthur Erickson

Laelius Quotes By Gregory David Roberts

There's no such thing as forever. — Gregory David Roberts

Laelius Quotes By Nayomi Munaweera

Yet there are moments when I feel a continent apart, when their belonging seems easy and unforced and my own is only pantomime. — Nayomi Munaweera

Laelius Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Learning to forgive is the greatest way to find inner peace. — Debasish Mridha

Laelius Quotes By Ayn Rand

There was an expert competence in his manner of working; his movements were easy, intelligently economical. — Ayn Rand

Laelius Quotes By Orson Scott Card

It is the downfall of evil, that it never sees far enough ahead. — Orson Scott Card

Laelius Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Coincidence", he finally said. "Statisticans looking for connections can always find odd coincidences and statistical anomalies, if they try hard enough. — Brandon Sanderson

Laelius Quotes By Isabel Jackson

husband, Alan, has encouraged me from the start and early on saw what needed to be elaborated upon, refined and honed. Without his guidance and encouragement, the project would have been a much lesser thing. Isabel — Isabel Jackson

Laelius Quotes By Scott Hahn

When it comes to explaining the Blessed Virgin Mary, having a lot of love is more important than having a lot of answers. When we come up lacking, she'll make greater goods out of our deficiencies, as only a mother can do. Whenever we're humiliated and shown our weakness, we should get ready for something better than we could ever plan and prepare to accomplish. Evangelize with joy, then, and with confidence. Know from the start that you don't have all the answers-but your Savior does, and He loves His mother. He will give you everything you need, even if sometimes you need to fail. — Scott Hahn

Laelius Quotes By Mark Lawrence

Nothing like a night of whoring to turn a man soft. — Mark Lawrence