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Kurvstoler Quotes By Huston Smith

Conversation can be as mutually incomprehensible as foreign languages. We need the different and complementary perspectives of the various yogas - and ideally of all religions - not only to reach God but to reach each other. — Huston Smith

Kurvstoler Quotes By Gary Lutz

It was my mother who taught me the one worthwhile thing: when they ask if you like what you see in the mirror, pretend that what they mean is what's behind you
the shower curtain, the tile, the wallpaper, whatever's there. — Gary Lutz

Kurvstoler Quotes By George Orwell

Other words used in variable meanings, in most cases more or less dishonestly, are: class, totalitarian, science, progressive, reactionary, bourgeois, equality. Now — George Orwell

Kurvstoler Quotes By John Ruskin

Lately in a wreck of a Californian ship, one of the passengers fastened a belt about him with two hundred pounds of gold in it, with which he was found afterwards at the bottom. Now, as he was sinking- had he the gold? or the gold him? — John Ruskin

Kurvstoler Quotes By Mia Asher

When I look at you, I see something I really want. Something I need." All — Mia Asher

Kurvstoler Quotes By Toni Morrison

As a writer reading, I came to realize the obvious: the subject of the dream is the dreamer. — Toni Morrison

Kurvstoler Quotes By Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Absolute perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing to add, but nothing to take away. — Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Kurvstoler Quotes By Morrissey

Hazel wears a beret, is 1940s skinny, speaks in a full whisper, drinks whiskey, smokes impressively, and holds the eye. — Morrissey

Kurvstoler Quotes By Barry Schwartz

Freedom to choose has what might be called expressive value. Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are and what we care about. — Barry Schwartz

Kurvstoler Quotes By Cavanaugh Lee

You and I are made of the same grain, and we've got one thing that most people don't have: sparkle. it's 50% of us. So, if someone takes away our sparkle -- there's only 50% left of us, and that's not much. If Peter takes away your sparkle, as I'm afraid he may be doing, then you're not my Izabell anymore. You're someone else. — Cavanaugh Lee

Kurvstoler Quotes By Margaret Atwood

The values ascribed to the Indian will depend on what the white writer feels about Nature, and America has always had mixed feelings about that. At one end of the spectrum is Thoreau, wishing to immerse himself in swamps for the positive vibrations; at the other end is Benjamin Franklin, who didn't like Nature. [p.91] — Margaret Atwood

Kurvstoler Quotes By Immanuel Kant

Aus so krummen Holze, als woraus der Mensch gemacht ist, kann nichts ganz Gerades gezimmert werden. Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing can ever be made. — Immanuel Kant

Kurvstoler Quotes By Alexander Pope

Beauty draws us with a single hair. — Alexander Pope