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Krnl Key Quotes By Kat Falls

Breathe, rabbit. I'll only hurt you if you do something stupid."
I cleared my throat "Define stupid".
When his lips pulled back, I flinched, only to realize that I'd amused him.
"Have you been locked in a tower your whole life? — Kat Falls

Krnl Key Quotes By Wilkie Collins

I found out after reading quite a lot of it that it is not rated very high. He has a very descriptive way of writing but also lengthy. May not want to finish!!!!! This was his 1sr and only try ast Historical Fiction! — Wilkie Collins

Krnl Key Quotes By Guy Gavriel Kay

I never answer, because I can't, which is my favorite among my own books. — Guy Gavriel Kay

Krnl Key Quotes By Joseph Hamilton

The man who is too captious, walks in the shadow of death, and on the verge of his sepulchre. — Joseph Hamilton

Krnl Key Quotes By Victor Perera

I think the darkest dark is always attracted to the brightest light. — Victor Perera

Krnl Key Quotes By Haruki Murakami

You try too hard to make life fit your way of doing things. If you don't want to spend time in an insane asylum, you have to open up a little more and let yourself go with life's natural flow. I'm just a powerless and imperfect woman, but still there are times when I think to myself how wonderful life can be! Believe me, it's true! So stop what you're doing this minute and get happy. Work at making yourself happy! — Haruki Murakami