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Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By J-Ro

What good is a beautiful dame with a Rolls-Royce frame, and a Volkswagen brain? — J-Ro

Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By Nick D'Aloisio

I was using Twitter a lot on my phone, and was realising there was a massive gap between the link on the tweet and the full story. If you could come up with a summary layer to show in Twitter, that would be awesome. — Nick D'Aloisio

Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By Michael A. Singer

Consciousness is always drawn to the most distracting object: the bumped toe, the loud noise, or the hurting heart. — Michael A. Singer

Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By Toots Thielemans

Well, being a jazz musician is not a rose garden! — Toots Thielemans

Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Should I ask about the handcuffs? (Tate)
Not unless you want to live ... otherwise if anyone asks, tell them I died of a heart attack during a wild sexcapade with her. (Kyrian) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By Sadhguru

your energies are dominant in muladhara, then food and sleep will be the most dominant factors in your life. If your energies are dominant in swadhishthana, pleasure will be most dominant in your life; this means you enjoy your physical reality in many ways. If your energies are dominant in manipuraka, you are a doer; you can accomplish many things in the world. If your energies are dominant in anahata, you are a very creative person. If your energies are dominant in vishuddhi, you will develop a powerful presence. If your energies are dominant in agna, then you are intellectually realized. Intellectual realization can bring you to a certain state of peace and stability within yourself, irrespective of what is happening outside of you. These — Sadhguru

Kristiaan Plasmans Quotes By Karen Neches

Her dress was a shade of green only tree lizards should be sporting, and she wore more accessories than a home-shopping hostess. — Karen Neches