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Kirov Airship Quotes By Thomas Merton

Perhaps we still have a basically superstitious tendency to associate failure with dishonesty and guilt - failure being interpreted as "punishment." Even if a man starts out with good intentions, if he fails we tend to think he was somehow "at fault." If he was not guilty, he was at least "wrong." And "being wrong" is something we have not yet learned to face with equanimity and understanding. We either condemn it with god-like disdain or forgive it with god-like condescension. We do not manage to accept it with human compassion, humility and identification. Thus we never see the one truth that would help us begin to solve our ethical and political problems: that we are all more or less wrong, that we are all at fault, all limited and obstructed by our mixed motives, our self-deception, our greed, our self-righteousness and our tendency to aggressivity and hypocrisy. — Thomas Merton

Kirov Airship Quotes By Chris Prentiss

When you imagine yourself as a failure or as having insurmountable problems in your relationships or any part of your life, you think failure, act failure, and produce failure. — Chris Prentiss

Kirov Airship Quotes By Bruno Bettelheim

To be told that our child's behavior is "normal" offers little solace when our feelings are badly hurt, or when we worry that hisactions are harmful at the moment or may be injurious to his future. It does not help me as a parent nor lessen my worries when my child drives carelessly, even dangerously, if I am told that this is "normal" behavior for children of his age. I'd much prefer him to deviate from the norm and be a cautious driver! — Bruno Bettelheim

Kirov Airship Quotes By Johnny Depp

After having been confined to a television series - and it's a luxury job - where you can't play anything but one particular character for nine months out of the year, it will make you insane. It didn't affect me. I got out quick enough. — Johnny Depp

Kirov Airship Quotes By Michael Eric Dyson

Hip-hop has globalized a conception of blackness that has had a political impact, whether or not it had a political intent. — Michael Eric Dyson

Kirov Airship Quotes By Cassandra Clare

The good suffer, the evil flourishes, and all that is mortal passes away. — Cassandra Clare

Kirov Airship Quotes By John Woolman

To say we love God as unseen and at the same time exercise cruelty toward the least creature moving by His life or by life derived from Him, was a contradiction in itself. — John Woolman

Kirov Airship Quotes By Cassandra Clare

She wondered what it would be like to be more like Isabelle, so aware of your own feminine power you could wield it as a weapon instead of gazing at it mystified, like someone presented with a housewarming gift they had no idea where to display. — Cassandra Clare

Kirov Airship Quotes By James F. Cooper

If the newspapers are useful in overthrowing tyrants, it is only to establish a tyranny of their own. — James F. Cooper

Kirov Airship Quotes By Judith Jamison

Excellence is the name of the game ... — Judith Jamison

Kirov Airship Quotes By Demi Moore

You could either be trapped by what was going on around you, or you could find a way out. I think that everything, even if it is scary or good, comes into our life to help elevate and expand us as human beings. — Demi Moore

Kirov Airship Quotes By John Mantooth

There is a between place. The trees know it. It happens at dusk at that perfect moment between light and dark, when the air is festooned with shadows and the atmosphere is heavy with possibility. here things are in balance, the world is a slate, without even the slightest tracings of the scarred markings you used to believe dictated the way of things. — John Mantooth