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Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

He ground his teeth together, the torture of it almost more than he could bear.
The urge to pull her to him was overwhelming, but to do that would cost him dearly, for no doubt she would run out the door, damning him with every step.
This was Lorelei, the artist, and she didn't see him as a man. Right now, he was about as human as the ridiculous fruit she'd painted in the past. And if he played along with her wants, perhaps she'd let him show her his ... banana. — Kinley MacGregor

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Have no mean hours, but be grateful for every hour, and accept what it brings. The reality will make any sincere record respectable. — Henry David Thoreau

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

The bishop was aghast. "You would threaten me?"
Christian didn't hesitate with his answer."For her life, aye."
"You would jeopardize your soul for her? She is a heretic and a witch."
"She is a woman. My woman."
His words only succeeded in angering the bishop more. "I will have you excommunicated for this."
Christian pulled the black monk's robe from over his head and balled it up. "Then excommunicate me. If I am in the wrong for protecting an innocent woman, then God can judge me as He will. — Kinley MacGregor

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

Because the Savior is a resurrected and glorified being, He is not physically with every one of His servants at every moment. But He is perfectly aware of them and their circumstance and able to intervene with His power. — Henry B. Eyring

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By C.C. Hunter

I'm in love with you, Kylie." He looked almost embarrassed by the admission. He jumped up, took one step away, then swung around and faced her again. "I don't expect you to say it back and I don't think this will change your mind about anything. But you deserved to know. And I needed to tell you because ... I've never felt this way before-for anyone. — C.C. Hunter

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

The good news is that, according to the Obama administration, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that, according to the Obama administration, you're rich. — P. J. O'Rourke

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Zoe Klein

Every verse in the scrolls of your days sings to us of hope and wonder. — Zoe Klein

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Ashish Dalela

Matter is a medium of communication between minds, and everything that exists in the mind can also exist in the body. Furthermore, the body - being the expression of a mental state is developed as a manifestation of the mind. — Ashish Dalela

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Edward Snowden

Under observation, we act less free, which means we effectively are less free. — Edward Snowden

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Osho

And you send people to jails. When they enter, they are amateur; when they come out, they have graduated from the university. All that your laws and your jails teach the criminals is one thing: that committing a crime is not a crime, but being caught is a crime. — Osho

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Elizabeth Noble

but i was young, and i got so cross. in the early days we made up easily. had fun making up, in fact. — Elizabeth Noble

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By John Steinbeck

Ever'body's askin' that. "What we comin' to?" Seems to me we don't never come to nothin'. Always on the way. — John Steinbeck

Kinely Macgregor Quotes By Pam Brown

The baby rises to its feet, takes a step, is overcome with triumph and joy - and falls flat on its face. It is a pattern for all that is to come! But learn from the bewildered baby. Lurch to your feet again. You'll make the sofa in the end. — Pam Brown