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Kill Order Important Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

She also knew this: if she had to kill somebody in order to save her own life, she would do so unhesitatingly. Lastly, she knew one other thing, and this was the most important realization of all: she knew that the world was plainly divided into those who fought an unrelenting battle to live, and those who surrendered and died. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Kill Order Important Quotes By Philip K. Dick

Dr. Leon Stone turned out to be one of the most important people in Horselover Fat's life. To get to Stone, Fat had to nearly kill himself physically, matching his mental death. Is this what they mean about God's mysterious ways? How else could Fat have linked up with Leon Stone? Only some dismal act of the order of a suicide attempt, a truly lethal attempt, would have achieved it; Fat had to die, or nearly die, to be cured. Or nearly cured. — Philip K. Dick

Kill Order Important Quotes By Stephanie Oakes

Interesting stuff. The Kevinians I've talked to seem pretty impressed by it, even now. How Ryman rebelled by marrying a Gentile woman and ignored his father's order to kill her. And how as punishment, the spirit of God fled Ryman's body while he writhed on the ground, turning his skin black." "And so it shall be that the descendants of Ryman bear till eternity the mark on their earthly skins and the evil in their celestial hearts," I finish. "So you were aware that your family wouldn't approve of Jude." "I wasn't with Jude to rebel, if that's what you're saying. I was with Jude because of who he was." "Still, I think this is important. Did you notice the color of his skin?" "Of course I noticed it. That's a stupid thing to ask. — Stephanie Oakes