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Kids These Days Quotes By Matt Bomer

I had just finished reading The Day of the Locust when this piece was brought to my attention, and I was like, "How do you create art in the system, the way it is?" Looking around the studio film landscape, there are all of these great superhero movies, which is fantastic, especially for my kids, but it's hard to find real art house films in the studio system, these days. — Matt Bomer

Kids These Days Quotes By Beth Ditto

Just like my straight friends, I am repeatedly asked when I plan to have kids, and have been told many times, by various branches of my bloodline, that 'even lesbians can have babies these days.' — Beth Ditto

Kids These Days Quotes By Dustin Diamond

Kids these days don't know as much about music as they think they do. — Dustin Diamond

Kids These Days Quotes By John Swartzwelder

Kids have too much money these days, if you ask me. — John Swartzwelder

Kids These Days Quotes By Ronald Reagan

It would seem that not only is religion lacking in the schools - so is common sense. I wonder what a teacher is supposed to say if a kid asks about those four words on a dime - 'In God We Trust.' Or maybe that's why they aren't being taught how to read these days. — Ronald Reagan

Kids These Days Quotes By Gena Showalter

Why? Do you plan to make out with her?"
His teeth ground with so much force he feared they would soon be nothing but a fond memory. "I plan to question her."
"Ah. So that's what the kids are calling it these days. Well, have fun." with that, a still-grinning Paris strolled from the room. — Gena Showalter

Kids These Days Quotes By Dennis Lehane

Marv stared at his phone. Kids these days. It was like on that day in school when they taught personal responsibility, this entire fucking generation had banged in sick. — Dennis Lehane

Kids These Days Quotes By Michael Crichton

The kids I see are lazy. Nobody wants to work. I teach physics. It takes years to master. But all the kids want to dress like Charlie Sheen and make a million dollars before they're twenty-eight. The only way you can make that kind of money is in law, investment banking, Wall Street. Places where the game is paper profits, something for nothing. But that's what the kids want to do, these days. — Michael Crichton

Kids These Days Quotes By Eric Hutchinson

I used to play trumpet when I was a kid, and then I got braces, and I couldn't really play it anymore, so sometimes I wish I could still play that; I think it's a great instrument, so maybe one of these days I'll pick it back up. — Eric Hutchinson

Kids These Days Quotes By Lisa Wingate

The upscale neighborhoods in Blue Sky Hill weren't all lily white anymore, but you could be sure their kids didn't wear our kind of clothes, or get free lunches at the Summer Kitchen, or pick up used books and magazines down at the Book Basket store, or go to the public school. These days it wasn't about what color you were, but how much money you had. The same, only different. It was still people not wanting to be with people who weren't their kind. — Lisa Wingate

Kids These Days Quotes By Billy Bob Thornton

Movies these days have made killers into funny people. What's that all about? I've got kids and family and friends, and I don't like bad things. I don't think they're funny, and it's irresponsible to make movies that don't show you how that's not good. — Billy Bob Thornton

Kids These Days Quotes By Omar Dorsey

My kids are in school and in all these clubs - chess club, fashion club, you name it. When my dad came home from work, it was late, and when he left, it was early in the morning. On my days off, I'm still taking my kids to school and picking them up. I do what I have to do to keep that relationship. — Omar Dorsey

Kids These Days Quotes By Jason Miller

Like a lot of rural places, southern Illinois is basically a bunch of small towns knit together, a Babel's Tower mix of rednecks, rubes, freaks, tweakers, gun nuts, and aging hippies--real hippies, not the newfangled crunchy kids they're turning out these days--who'd fled into the dark-licked hills sometime during the bloodiest days of a war that wouldn't stop shaping their lives and had never come out. — Jason Miller

Kids These Days Quotes By Taylor Swift

In the future, artists will get record deals because they have fans-not the other way around ... The only memento 'kids these days' want is a selfie. It's part of the new currency, which seems to be 'how many followers you have on Instagram'. — Taylor Swift

Kids These Days Quotes By Jason Mraz

What I'd love to do is work with kids in the U.S. to raise their awareness and encourage them to be global citizens. We're all connected these days; we can listen to the same music as kids all around the world and share our ideas. — Jason Mraz

Kids These Days Quotes By Joe Torre

Kids are much more intuitive these days. Not that I'm crazy about what's on TV, but they know so much these days. — Joe Torre

Kids These Days Quotes By Joseph M. Kahn

If you really like a movie these days, you don't watch it once, especially if you're a kid, because you have a different relationship with media. You expect that to be on your hard drive, and it will look just as good, any time you watch it. It's not like VHS, where you watched it a certain amount of times and it started fading away. — Joseph M. Kahn

Kids These Days Quotes By Anonymous

Kids are smarter than grown ups these days. ========== We Were Liars (Lockhart, E.) — Anonymous

Kids These Days Quotes By Pete Sampras

By putting pressure on myself to develop a great game, I had less pressure to win. These days, I tell kids that the way I grew up, it wasn't about winning. It was about playing well, about playing the "right" way. That approach helped me enjoy the game and develop mine to its maximum potential. — Pete Sampras

Kids These Days Quotes By Jim Rohn

Books are easy to find and easy to buy. A paperback these days only costs six or seven dollars. You can borrow that from your kids! — Jim Rohn

Kids These Days Quotes By Erik Qualman

Language is always evolving. It's difficult to read Shakespeare now because language has shifted. Similarly, kids these days can get to the point really quick in about 140 characters or less because of these new tools. — Erik Qualman

Kids These Days Quotes By Gillian Flynn

I don't mean this to sound cruel," Tish began, "but it seems like part of your heart can never work if you don't have kids. Like it will always be shut off." "I agree," Katie said. "I didn't really become a woman until I felt Mackenzie inside me. I mean, there's all this talk these days of God versus science, but it seems like, with babies, both sides agree. The Bible says be fruitful and multiply, and science, well, when it all boils down, that's what women were made for, right? To bear children." "Girl power," Becca muttered under her breath. — Gillian Flynn

Kids These Days Quotes By Dave Matthes

You know one day, you're going to look back on these days. And everyone you went to high school with will either be getting married to each other, shitting out kids, or dropping dead like flies," when she spoke, Miss Jenson sighed at the end of every few words; she must have been narrating her own thoughts she might have otherwise kept to herself, "and everything you never did, you'll never be able to even try. — Dave Matthes

Kids These Days Quotes By Bijou Hunter

These days, kids need to be sensitive and care about others. Not even fake-caring either, but they're actually expected to worry about everyone's every feeling. Children basically have to behave as no adult has behaved ever. — Bijou Hunter

Kids These Days Quotes By Christopher Farnsworth

Kids these days, right? Ignorant and in love with their ignorance. — Christopher Farnsworth

Kids These Days Quotes By Jon Stewart

We grew up in the good old days before kids had these damn computers and actually played outside. — Jon Stewart

Kids These Days Quotes By John Green

This is what happens: somebody - girl usually - got a free spirit, doesn't get on too good with her parents. These kids, they're like tied-down helium balloons. They strain against the string and strain against it, and then something happens, and that string gets cut, and they just float away. And maybe you never see the balloon again ... Or maybe three or four years from now, or three or four days from now, the prevailing winds take the balloon back home ... But listen, kid, that string gets cut all the time. — John Green

Kids These Days Quotes By Craig Ferguson

These days, teachers have it rough. Kids can be hyperactive, disobedient, and obnoxious. It must feel like being locked in a room of drunk midgets. — Craig Ferguson

Kids These Days Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Kids grow up connected to nothing these days, plugged in and living lives boosted to them from other people. — Chuck Palahniuk

Kids These Days Quotes By Alex Kendrick

There was on section in First Corinthians 13 that talks about (showing) patience, kindness, politeness, how can I demonstrate forgiveness to my children and more fully enjoy them as they're growing up and vice versa. And so, each of those has a day's journey. There are 40 days that people will go through in applying these biblical principles for their kids. We spell them out in layman's terms so it's really easy to grasp a principle. — Alex Kendrick

Kids These Days Quotes By Susan Olsen

These days kids get paid enough that they probably don't need to work too much. The problem is when the person is old enough that they need to work to make a living, and the only thing that they know how to do is what they are already washed up in. — Susan Olsen

Kids These Days Quotes By Shirley Henderson

There is such pressure on kids these days to be the best at everything. — Shirley Henderson

Kids These Days Quotes By Robbie Fowler

I don't really think kids care much these days - they just tell you to f*** off. — Robbie Fowler

Kids These Days Quotes By Stephen Richards

When I reached the age of five, I was told I was adopted as a baby, at that time I was gun and holster mad, a bit of a lone ranger, as was the rage in those days. My parents, Tom and Brenda, told me they went to see all these special kids and they picked me out from them. Waiting for my reaction, I looked up at my parents and chimed, 'Did I have my guns on? — Stephen Richards

Kids These Days Quotes By Dobby Gibson

They always circle back to talking about what ails them and what their kids are up to these days - the two subjects we all know the least about. — Dobby Gibson

Kids These Days Quotes By R.J. Palacio

There's a lot of unnecessary meanness that happens while you're trying to sort out who you want to be, who your friends are, who your friends are not. Adults spend a lot of time talking about bullying in schools these days, but the real problem isn't as obvious as one kid throwing a Slurpee in another kid's face. It's about social isolation. It's about cruel jokes. It's about the way kids treat one another. I've seen it with my own eyes, how old friends can turn against each other: it seems, sometimes, that it's not enough for them to go their separate ways - they literally have to "ice" their old buddies out just to prove to the new friends that they're no longer still friends. That's the kind of stuff I don't find acceptable. Fine, don't be friends anymore: but stay kind about it. Be respectful. Is that too much to ask? — R.J. Palacio

Kids These Days Quotes By Bruce Cannon Gibney

Uncle Jim may think kids these days are terrible (Snapchat! Tattoos! Jeans in the office!), but when confronted with the evidence of what actually happened in the Sixties, he might fall refreshingly silent, especially when you explain exactly how many of your tax dollars subsidize his health care. The nonsociopathic wing of the Boomer generation may also find value in seeing the acts of their contemporaries in a different light and be persuaded to stand against a sociopathic agenda that serves them at the expense of their children. — Bruce Cannon Gibney

Kids These Days Quotes By Bree Despain

Daniel wiped his greasy hands on his pants. 'Just some kids playing around.'
'With a crowbar?'
'Yeah, they're all the rage these days. — Bree Despain

Kids These Days Quotes By T.J. Klune

You sound like a young person. You are probably all hip to the lingo the kids use these days." "You and I are the same age, Mr. Tiberius. — T.J. Klune

Kids These Days Quotes By Roger Ebert

In these days of high-tech video games, it's remarkable that kids once got incredibly thrilled while pushing little metal racing cars around a cardboard track: The toy car was yours, and you invested it with importance and enhanced it with fantasy and pitied it because it was small, like you were. Such games were weapons against the ennui of endless Saturdays. — Roger Ebert

Kids These Days Quotes By Ransom Riggs

Then it was my turn. I was sixteen, I told them. I saw a few kids' eyes widen. Olive laughed in surprise. It was strange to them that I should be so young, but what was strange to me was how young they seemed. I knew plenty of eighty-year-olds in Florida, and these kids acted nothing like them. It was as if the constance of their lives here, the unvarying days - this perpetual deathless summer - had arrested their emotions as well as their bodies, sealing them in their youth like Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. — Ransom Riggs

Kids These Days Quotes By Elizabeth Kolbert

Letting things slide is always the easiest thing to do, in parenting no less than in banking, public education, and environmental protection. A lack of discipline is apparent these days in just about every aspect of American society. Why? This should be is a much larger question, one to ponder as we take out the garbage and tie our kids' shoes. — Elizabeth Kolbert

Kids These Days Quotes By Kenny Chesney

Early on I was just a kid in a cowboy hat with a bunch of other guys in a room that were putting out some records. Now thank God, in the past 3 or 4 years, when.. it's really hard to burn an image of a face with a song these days. I think that the songs like 'Don't Happen Twice' and 'Young' were songs that helped me do that and I think that 'I Go Back'(did) that even more. — Kenny Chesney

Kids These Days Quotes By Henry Cho

Comedy today is definitely skewed to the filthy side, but it's not as hard today as I am more mature as a comedian and a person. I'm a grown up now doing a kid's job. Being a more mature Christian these days makes it easier than when I first started. Now I get to do shows of my choosing and a lot of folks attending the shows know my work and expect a clean show. — Henry Cho

Kids These Days Quotes By Ingrid Michaelson

Kids can be cruel enough as it is, but cyber bullying or you're on Instagram and see your friends are all somewhere and you're not there. Then it's like, "Why am I not there?" Girls are using apps to change the way their faces look so the look quote-unquote perfect and beautiful. I feel like kids these days, it's gotta be just a big ball of anxiety. — Ingrid Michaelson

Kids These Days Quotes By Allen Russell

you can go just about anywhere these days and see kids that pay very little attention to their parents. — Allen Russell

Kids These Days Quotes By Shannon Messenger

Hey, all the cool kids are sleeping with stuffed animals these days. — Shannon Messenger

Kids These Days Quotes By Spoken Reasons

YouTube is the new TV. I'm the voice of the young people. I feel like kids these days don't watch TV anymore ... No, I will never leave YouTube. Never ever ever ... If I do, you can do whatever you want to me. — Spoken Reasons

Kids These Days Quotes By George Hodgman

I want my mother to know that I may not be what she expected, but I am someone who tries to be good. I cannot give my mother the kids we might have liked with Mammy's eyes or Aunt Bess's crazy, gentle ways. I cannot bring her the child who sings with my father's voice. But I can wait with her through these strange days for whatever is going to happen. I can sit on a chair by her bed when she is too flustered to lay her head down on her pillow and stay with her until she can close her eyes. . — George Hodgman

Kids These Days Quotes By Angela Davis

Kids these days are kind of going back to Tupac and Snoop Doggy Dogg as examples of people that stand for something. — Angela Davis

Kids These Days Quotes By Alafair Burke

I find myself more and more behind these days. You have to be really diligent. I don't have kids, which helps. I'm always working on something, whether a book, or a law review article that no one will ever read, or teaching. It pretty much means I work a lot, but it's all stuff I love. — Alafair Burke

Kids These Days Quotes By David Kahn

watch out for schools that promise your kids will "experience success." I'm teaching Plato's Dialogues these days, and I noticed that Socrates never let his students experience success. Socrates won the argument every time. — David Kahn

Kids These Days Quotes By Ian Tregillis

The first encounter report had come from some weak-tea heiligenschein type charting the edges of the quantum information paradox in realities with anisotropic causalities. (Kids these days. Whatever happened to popping down to Earth to play burning bush to a roving band of shepherds?) — Ian Tregillis

Kids These Days Quotes By Blake Anderson

So many parents these days are totally cool with their kids living on the couch the whole time. It's like a new thing with families. But you've got to leave the nest and get out there. — Blake Anderson

Kids These Days Quotes By Mary-Kate Olsen

We've always been fans of a good mystery; we think all kids are, and there weren't any good mysteries out there these days for kids, so that's why we decided to do them. — Mary-Kate Olsen

Kids These Days Quotes By John Lydon

These days young kids don't have any place to form an epic adventure. It's more often in front of the TV screen or a laptop. That's very hard on them. They're being taught daily unsocial skills. Facebook is an unsocial skill. It's so sad. — John Lydon

Kids These Days Quotes By Billy Crystal

I was introducing [director and producer] Hal Roach - Mr. Roach was 100 years old, he was one of the fathers of early days in films, he put Laurel with Hardy, he created the Our Gang kids, and all these silent movies he did - he was a giant. — Billy Crystal

Kids These Days Quotes By Liane Moriarty

He knew how the audition was going to affect their lives for the next ten weeks as she slowly lost her mind from nerves and the strain of trying to scrounge precious practice time from an already jam-packed life. No matter how much time poor Sam gave her, it would never be quite enough, because what she actually needed was for him and the kids to just temporarily not exist. She needed to slip into another dimension where she was a single, childless person. Just between now and the audition. She needed to go to a mountain chalet (somewhere with good acoustics) and live and breathe nothing but music. Go for walks. Meditate. Eat well. Do all those positive-visualization exercises young musicians did these days. She had an awful suspicion that if she were to do this in reality, she might not even miss Sam and the children that much, or if she did miss them, it would be quite bearable. — Liane Moriarty

Kids These Days Quotes By Hugh Howey

They arrived in a trickle, and then in clumps, and then in crowds. They marveled at the steady lights in the hallways and explored the offices. None of these people had ever seen the inside of IT. Few of them had spent much time in the Up Top, except on pilgrimages after a cleaning. Families wandered from room to room; kids clutched reams of paper; many came to Juliette or the others with the notes Raph had folded and dropped, asking about the food. In just a few days, they looked different. Coveralls were stained and torn, faces stubbled and gaunt, eyes ringed with dark circles. In just a few days. Juliette saw that they had only a few days more before things grew desperate. Everyone saw that. — Hugh Howey

Kids These Days Quotes By Nelly

I think parenting these days is definitely different from when a lot of people grew up. As much blame as we give a lot of our kids for what they're not doing ... I also try to give them as much credit for dealing with things that we didn't have to deal with. Bullying was one on one and face to face. Now it's all over the Internet. — Nelly

Kids These Days Quotes By Keigo Higashino

...that the decline in reading among children was largely the fault of their parents. Parents these days don't read books, themselves, but they feel they should make their children read. Since they aren't readers, however, they have no idea what to give their children. That's why they cling to the recommendations from the Ministry of Education. Those books are all insufferably boring and, as a result, the kids learn to hate books. It's a vicious cycle with no end in sight. — Keigo Higashino

Kids These Days Quotes By Jay Leno

The car was the iPhone of the 20th century. Kids these days don't have to drive anymore. They just go there virtually. — Jay Leno

Kids These Days Quotes By Toby Fox

It is a beautiful day outside. Birds are singning, flowers are blooming.... On days like these, kids like you... should be burning in hell — Toby Fox

Kids These Days Quotes By Dylan Callens

...and according to Kings, at some point you sent two bears to maul a bunch of children. I believe forty-two of them, for taunting a bald child?"

"I know it seems a bit harsh now, but you have to understand, that was a long time ago. These were the days of the Hammurabic and Draconian Code. If you wanted to get someone's attention, you had to have the harshest penalties. People were going crazy for that kind of stuff. Besides, those kids were taunting one of my followers named Elisha. — Dylan Callens

Kids These Days Quotes By Serena Williams

Hopefully I'll be able to mature one of these days, get serious, and at least have them [kids] pretty fast. — Serena Williams

Kids These Days Quotes By Sandra Bernhard

Unfortunately, most college kids these days aren't coming from any place-they seem to ask the same kind of questions over and over again. — Sandra Bernhard

Kids These Days Quotes By John Waters

Who's to blame when your kid goes nuts? Is it a blessing to not have children? 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' became a hit cult book for women without offspring who were finally able to admit they didn't want to give birth. They felt complete, thank you very much, and lived in silent resentment for years at other women's pious, unwanted sympathy toward them for not having babies. With even gay couples having children these days, aren't happy heterosexual women who don't want to have kids the most ostracized of us all? To me they are beautiful feminists. If you're not sure you could love your children, please don't have them, because they might grow up and kill us. — John Waters

Kids These Days Quotes By Thea Harrison

Kids these days," Dragos said quietly. "They grow up so fast."
"Supersonic fast," Pia said just as quietly. — Thea Harrison

Kids These Days Quotes By Victor Ortiz

Later in life, when I'm retired and have a family of my own and will be able to send my kids to college, that's when I'll start spending. Way too many athletes go broke these days, and I like saving my money so that I can ensure my family and friends currently and after me will never have to endure some of the things I did when I was a kid. — Victor Ortiz

Kids These Days Quotes By Chance The Rapper

When you're a Chicago artist, to play Lollapalooza, that's not a normal thing. It's artists on a path to a certain place that do that. Chief Keef did it; Kids These Days did it; Cool Kids did it. And I'm the next Cool-Kids-Chief, if you will. — Chance The Rapper

Kids These Days Quotes By Natsuo Kirino

But even a nice mom and dad like this can't really sense how their child's been assaulted by commercialism ever since she was little, how she's lived in fear of being eaten alive by the morons around her. They just don't get it.
Mom always lectures me about not being afraid of getting hurt, but all she can imagine is the kind of hurt she's experienced herself. She has no idea of the threats that surround kids these days, how much we're bullied, how much hurt this causes. — Natsuo Kirino

Kids These Days Quotes By Bear Bryant

The old lessons (work, self-discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, fighting to achieve) aren't being taught by many people other than football coaches these days. The football coach has a captive audience and can teach these lessons because the communication lines between himself and his players are more wide open than between kids and parents. We better teach these lessons or else the country's future population will be made up of a majority of crooks, drug addicts, or people on relief. — Bear Bryant

Kids These Days Quotes By Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

One time, Kent was filling a pulpit at a small church in a small town. These places scare me, and for good reason. Knox was asleep on my shoulder and Mary was asleep in the car seat. A man walked up to me, not knowing that I was the preacher's wife, and said: "So, is it chic for white women to adopt black kids these days?" I took a deep breath and stood up to meet his gaze. "Are you a Christian?" I asked him. "Yes, ma'am," he replied. "Did God save you because it was chic?" We locked eyes until he dropped his head. — Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

Kids These Days Quotes By Charlie Higson

There was a reason these boys were still alive, though. Something made them stronger than the other kids, the ones who had died in the early days, who had simply lain down and given up, unable to cope with the terrible things that were happening in the world. These boys were survivors. The will to live was stronger than any other feelings. — Charlie Higson

Kids These Days Quotes By Laini Taylor

So violent. You want to mug and tase everybody these days."
"I do," Zuzana agreed. "I swear I hate more poeple every day. Everyone annoys me. If I'm like this now, what am I going to be like when I'm old?"
"You'll be the mean old biddy who fires a BB gun at kids from her balcony."
"Nah. BBs just rile 'em up. More like a crossbow. Or a bazooka. — Laini Taylor

Kids These Days Quotes By Alexandra Adornetto

Childhood is just this amazing place, and in my books, I was trying to express my concern about childhood being eroded. You have kids' TV programs being interrupted by terrorist attacks, and kids are exposed to so much these days. — Alexandra Adornetto

Kids These Days Quotes By Lionel Shriver

Why would affluence make him mad?"
"Maybe he's mad that this is as good as it gets. Your big house. His good school. I think it's very difficult for kids these days, in a way. The country's very prosperity has become a burden, a dead end. Everything works, doesn't it? At least if you're white and middle class. So it must often seem to young people that they're not needed. In a sense, it's as if there's nothing more to do. — Lionel Shriver

Kids These Days Quotes By Jean Chatzky

These days, checks are direct-deposited, money comes out of a machine in the wall, and we swipe a plastic card to make a purchase. In other words, your kids can grow up thinking money comes in an endless supply if you don't show them otherwise. — Jean Chatzky

Kids These Days Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

The problem with kids these days is they don't have enough fun stuff to do. When I was stationed with my family in Germany, youth basketball programs gave me something to strive to do my best at. — Shaquille O'Neal

Kids These Days Quotes By David Foster

Ya' know, these days kids seem to be getting younger and younger. — David Foster

Kids These Days Quotes By Luke Ford

One in 150 kids is autistic these days. The autism spectrum is growing. — Luke Ford

Kids These Days Quotes By Gore Verbinski

Raising kids these days is hard. I'm the second to last child in my family. I think it's tough; I have two kids, I see them and I feel like I see things in them; they awaken the inner child in you. — Gore Verbinski

Kids These Days Quotes By Jason E. Royle

These days, the only people who inquire about me are historians, theologians, and rebellious kids with black fingernails. They focus more on what I did than who I was, but at least I come to mind. The others - the good people of the world - aren't curious. They take the traditional stories at face value. Even if they do possess a little curiosity, they never admit to the fact that they have questions: Who was Judas, really? How did he live? Why did he do it? Did he go to heaven - or straight to hell? — Jason E. Royle

Kids These Days Quotes By Michael Crichton

Kids are more advanced these days. The teenage years now start at 11. — Michael Crichton

Kids These Days Quotes By Katy Perry

Kids are so smart these days. They sense when there's a phony bologna out there. Especially in music, when they see something that's being marketed to them, they'll call it out. They'll be like, "This chick is bullshit." — Katy Perry

Kids These Days Quotes By Clara Cannucciari

People don't realize how easy they have it these days. Most kids have never known what it's like to go without anything. They want something, they get it. If there isn't enough money, they charge it. We never wanted anything because we never realized we could have anything. We never missed what we never had. Things were much simpler back then, and we were stronger for it. We worked together to keep the house in order, to put food on the table. We kept things going. — Clara Cannucciari

Kids These Days Quotes By Kris Kristofferson

I feel so lucky to have lived the life that I did and to be surrounded by the people I love. I've got eight kids, and they're always laughing all the time. It's like music to my ears. I think that my frame of mind these days is probably happier than I've ever been, which is kind of odd, coming close to the finish line. — Kris Kristofferson

Kids These Days Quotes By Kaui Hart Hemmings

Say goodbye to your mom."
Scottie pauses, then keeps going.
"Bye!" she yells.
I grab her arm. I could yell at her for wanting to leave, but I don't. She pulls her arm out of my grasp. I look up to see if anyone is watching us, because I don't think you're supposed to aggressively hold children these days. Gone are the days of spanking, threats, and sugar. Now there are therapy, antidepressants, and Splenda. — Kaui Hart Hemmings

Kids These Days Quotes By Julie Burchill

Sadly, a lot of what passes for feminism these days is just moaning about men, congratulating ourselves on nothing in particular, and mocking them for being big kids while doing everything we can to keep them that way. — Julie Burchill

Kids These Days Quotes By Jill McCorkle

We used to all come outside when the streetlights came on and prowl the neighborhood in a pack, a herd of kids on banana-seat bikes and minibikes. The grown-ups looked so silly framed in their living-room and kitchen windows. They complained about their days and sighed deep sighs of depression and loss. They talked about how spoiled and lucky children were these days. We will never be that way, we said, we will never say those things. — Jill McCorkle

Kids These Days Quotes By Eliza Crewe

5 stars = If I weren't taken, I'd marry this book and have its delightful little book babies.

4 stars = goin' steady (or whatever you crazy kids call it these days). So good I'd read it again.

3 stars = A great, one-time fling. I enjoyed it but it probably won't be a reread.

2 stars and below = The pretty thing didn't make it past the pick-up line. I don't rate these because I don't finish them. — Eliza Crewe

Kids These Days Quotes By Henry Selick

Unless you have kids, you actually have no idea what kids are watching on TV these days. — Henry Selick

Kids These Days Quotes By Bill Maher

So many kids are fat drug addicts these days, it's almost as if Rush Limbaugh had puppies. — Bill Maher

Kids These Days Quotes By Kimberly Willis Holt

It seems like our town has closed down these days leading up to the funeral. Old people still sit on their porches and talk, but their conversations aren't sprinkled with laughter anymore. Since the new, little kids haven't played outside, as if their moms are afraid someone might snatch them out of their yards and send them off to war. — Kimberly Willis Holt

Kids These Days Quotes By Linda Blair

Kids shouldn't see all the violence they do these days. But the industry just doesn't care. — Linda Blair

Kids These Days Quotes By Mark Ruffalo

As we're bombarded with the imagery that we are and now, post 9-11, it's hard not to get hardened by the world and the amount of violence that's allowed to be shown to kids these days. — Mark Ruffalo

Kids These Days Quotes By Jus Accardo

They're just friends." This time it came out a little sharper. If I squeezed the mayo any harder, it was likely to explode. "She's helping him learn control."
He waggled his eyebrows at me. The thin silver barbell above his right eye danced. "Control? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? — Jus Accardo