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Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Martin Heidegger

The domination of the public way in which things have been interpreted has already decided upon even the possibilities of being attuned, that is, about the basic way in which Da-sein lets itself be affected by the world. The they prescribes that attunement, it determines what and how one sees. — Martin Heidegger

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Walter Isaacson

If you truly have a passion for what you do, you will care even about the parts unseen. — Walter Isaacson

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Sapan Saxena

If the intent is right, why waste time thinking about the consequences. — Sapan Saxena

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Jack Kirby

I always enjoyed doing monster books. Monster books gave me the opportunity to draw things out of the ordinary. Monster books were a challenge - what kind of monster would fascinate people? — Jack Kirby

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Maria Shriver

Whether that's speaking up in your job or asking for a promotion or saying, 'I think I can do that.' Using your voice in ways that might initially scare you. That can be being an architect of change. — Maria Shriver

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Polycarp

Beware of greed and remain pure and just. Restrain yourself from every vice. He who cannot restrain himself, how will he be able to teach others restraint? — Polycarp

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Ike Turner

They used to say it was bad for Indians to drink, but it's bad for anybody. When they drink they lose their cool, a lot of us. Like when we played with Sonny Boy, I would never get paid, you know. He would drink up all the money. — Ike Turner

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Hugh Howey

Could someone have decided that the truth was worse than a loss of power, of control? — Hugh Howey

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Ana Beatriz Barros

Americans are shy about the body. — Ana Beatriz Barros

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Sherry Thomas

He liked seeing the world through her eyes. The night, to him, was rather ordinary, overlaid with London's crowded odors and a damp that promised a deeply unlovely fog in the near future. But she preferred to consider the commonest patch of grass and the most unremarkable clump of trees worthy of a Constable canvas - in which case this night could very well have graced the ceiling of a great cathedral. — Sherry Thomas

Kazlauskas Romas Quotes By Ellen Palmer Allerton

Beautiful eyes are those that show the beautiful thoughts that burn below. — Ellen Palmer Allerton