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Top Juvenile Criminal Quotes

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Ann Coulter

I have to say I'm all for public flogging. One type of criminal that a public humiliation might work particularly well with are the juvenile delinquents, a lot of whom consider it a badge of honor to be sent to juvenile detention. And it might not be such a cool thing in the 'hood to be flogged publicly. — Ann Coulter

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Andrew Vachss

I did criminal defense work part-time, and that paid the bills for representing abused and neglected children ... and for defending in juvenile court those kids the 'child protective system' had missed when it had the chance. — Andrew Vachss

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Ta-Nehisi Coates

Mostly they all were products of single parents, and in the most tragic category - black boys, with no particular criminal inclinations but whose very lack of direction put them in the crosshairs of the world. — Ta-Nehisi Coates

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Bill McCollum

It takes a lot of nerve to bang your fist and demand tougher juvenile gun laws while doing nothing to enforce the ones that already exist. I must point out that doubling the size of the criminal code will not matter if the Clinton-Gore administration refuses to vigorously enforce these laws. — Bill McCollum

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Marlin Marynick

I'm the king of crime. I'm the criminal. I'm the juvenile delinquent, the rebel, the outcast, the unwanted. I'm everything that everybody looks down on and is standing on, spitting on, cursing and calling names, and hating, buying and selling all the different things. — Marlin Marynick

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Shirley Jackson

We believed optimistically that Laurie was a reformed character. I told my husband, on the last day of Laurie's confinement, that actually one good scare like that could probably mark a child for life, and my husband pointed out that kids frequently have an instinctive desire to follow the good example rather than the bad, once they find out which is which. We agreed that a good moral background and thorough grounding in the Hardy Boys would always tell in the long run.
("Arch-Criminal") — Shirley Jackson

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Mike Tyson

One of my friends once saw another guy's (criminal) record and said, 'Look, this guy is a born troublemaker, just a loser.' I had to tell him, 'No, that's my record-and it doesn't include my juvenile history. — Mike Tyson

Juvenile Criminal Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

I told you that 'juvenile delinquent' is a contradiction in terms. 'Delinquent' means 'failing in duty.' But duty is an adult virtue - indeed a juvenile becomes an adult when, and only when, he acquires a knowledge of duty and embraces it as dearer than the self-love he was born with. There never was, there cannot be a 'juvenile delinquent.' But for every juvenile criminal there are always one or more adult delinquents - people of mature years who either do not know their duty, or who, knowing it, fail. — Robert A. Heinlein