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Just Graduated College Quotes By Billy Crystal

[My mother] is the greatest hero I'll ever know because she kept us all together, she made sure we all graduated college. She always believed in us no matter what we do. My older brother Joel became an art teacher; my brother Rip ultimately became a television producer and singer and actor himself. — Billy Crystal

Just Graduated College Quotes By Jonathan Ames

I am part of a vast generation of people who perpetually live as if they just graduated from college. — Jonathan Ames

Just Graduated College Quotes By Marita L. Kinney

I don't care what college you graduated from, how many degrees you may have, how much money you may be making, how pretty you think you are. All of that means absolutely nothing if you don't have God in your life. — Marita L. Kinney

Just Graduated College Quotes By Donald Driver

Growing up the way I grew up, food was scarce. So when you had an opportunity to eat, you ate. When I graduated from high school and went to college, I weighed 160 pounds. So, I knew I had to put on the weight. I ate everything from fried food to fried chicken wings. When I came to Green Bay, I did the same thing because I was 172 pounds. — Donald Driver

Just Graduated College Quotes By Peter Heller

He's a cocky SOB. He knew the Nick Adams Stories. Probably a frustrated English major who graduated from college qualified to drive a cab. — Peter Heller

Just Graduated College Quotes By Alex Winston

I'm actually one of the few kids in my grade, especially girls, who didn't end up going to college, just because I already knew what I wanted to do. I had already been actively working in music before I graduated. — Alex Winston

Just Graduated College Quotes By David Sedaris

Look at yourself on the day that you graduated from college, then look at yourself today. I did that recently and it was like, 'Yikes! What the hell happened? — David Sedaris

Just Graduated College Quotes By Billy Graham

After I graduated from high school, one of the former workers on our farm asked if I would be willing to join him in selling Fuller brushes through the summer. It seemed like a perfect way to make some money for college. And being away from my parents and learning to make my own way gave me self confidence. — Billy Graham

Just Graduated College Quotes By Alex Tabarrok

The obsessive focus on a college degree has served neither taxpayers nor students well. Only 35 percent of students starting a four-year degree program will graduate within four years, and less than 60 percent will graduate within six years. Students who haven't graduated within six years probably never will. — Alex Tabarrok

Just Graduated College Quotes By Roz Chast

My parents were born in 1912; they graduated from college into the Depression. They kept notebooks of every nickel they spent, and these habits of frugality from having grown up so poor never left them. — Roz Chast

Just Graduated College Quotes By Steven Yeun

What brought me to L.A. was work! I moved to Chicago after college - I went to Kalamazoo - did my nerd thing, graduated, and moved to Chicago to pursue improv. — Steven Yeun

Just Graduated College Quotes By Roman Romanenko

After I graduated from school, I enrolled in the military college, a cadet school. This is the first stage of military training; it instills discipline and various qualities required for military life. — Roman Romanenko

Just Graduated College Quotes By Sam Champion

When I was going to college, there were probably four colleges in the nation that offered a major in meteorology. I wasn't fortunate enough to be in a part of the country where that was readily accessible. I have been doing weather since I graduated from college. I feel solid about what I'm doing. — Sam Champion

Just Graduated College Quotes By Debbie Macomber

I've always been a creative speller and never achieved good grades in school. I graduated from high school but didn't have the opportunity to attend college, so I did what young women my age did at the time - I married. — Debbie Macomber

Just Graduated College Quotes By Steve Carell

I joined an improv group in college, which was a lot of fun. After I graduated, I moved to Chicago to try to get into the Second City. — Steve Carell

Just Graduated College Quotes By Marina Keegan

20. The day she graduated from college, Keegan told her mother that she was especially proud of her Yale Daily News article "Even Artichokes Have Doubts," which went on to be adapted for the New York Times and discussed on NPR. When The Opposite of Loneliness was first published in April 2014, columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote, "Keegan was right to prod us all to reflect on what we seek from life, to ask these questions, to recognize the importance of passions as well as paychecks - even if there are no easy answers." As Keegan reminds other young people that "we can do something really cool to this world" (p. 200), what points does she emphasize? What counterarguments might she have considered more specifically? Do you share her concern about where so many top young graduates take their first jobs? Do you worry that you need to compromise your own dreams for practical concerns? Why or why not? — Marina Keegan

Just Graduated College Quotes By Brenton Thwaites

I was on a show called 'SliDE' when I graduated from college, and then that set the premise of my love for acting. It was so much fun. I was on set with my best friends every day. From that, I got 'Home and Away' and it was such a relaxed, friendly environment. Everyone's so kind and supportive. — Brenton Thwaites

Just Graduated College Quotes By Kaskade

When I graduated college, I had a fairly successful weekly club gig and was buying more studio equipment and writing my own music. I realized I didn't want to work. — Kaskade

Just Graduated College Quotes By Steve Jobs

My biological mother later found out that my mother had never graduated from college and that my father had never graduated from high school. She refused to sign the final adoption papers. She only relented a few months later when my parents promised that I would someday go to college. — Steve Jobs

Just Graduated College Quotes By Gaby Hoffmann

I always knew when I graduated from high school, I'd go to college. I never thought about what I was walking away from ... I just wanted to study literature and writing. — Gaby Hoffmann

Just Graduated College Quotes By Doug Flutie

My daughter just graduated college and she's a dance major. She's done a couple of dance videos already and won Miss Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago. She's going out for Miss United States the second week of July, out in Las Vegas. She will probably wind up going to New York and trying the Broadway thing. — Doug Flutie

Just Graduated College Quotes By Twyla Tharp

It was not until I had graduated from college that I made a professional commitment to it. Frankly, I didn't think it wise. I was my own interior parental force, and it's very difficult to justify a profession as a dancer. — Twyla Tharp

Just Graduated College Quotes By Andy Daly

When I graduated from college, I moved to New York and started doing improv because I read all about the early 'Saturday Night Live' guys having come through Second City and learning how to improvise, so I wanted to get immediately into that. — Andy Daly

Just Graduated College Quotes By Martin Ryle

I was educated at Bradfield College and Oxford, where I graduated in 1939. — Martin Ryle

Just Graduated College Quotes By Ben Schwartz

When I first graduated college, I told my parents I'd try to pursue comedy for the first year or two, and if it didn't work out, I'd put my nose to the grindstone and try to find a job somehow. I went to UCB, and it clicked with me. — Ben Schwartz

Just Graduated College Quotes By Thomas L. Friedman

Average is officially over. When I graduated from college I got to find a job; my girls have to invent theirs. I attended college to learn skills for life, and lifelong learning for me afterward was a hobby. My girls went to college to learn the skills that could garner them their first job, and lifelong learning for them is a necessity for every job thereafter. — Thomas L. Friedman

Just Graduated College Quotes By Richard Brautigan

After he graduated from college, he went to Paris and became an Existentialist. He had a photograph taken of Existentialism and himself sitting at a sidewalk cafe. Pard was wearing a beard and he looked as if he had a huge soul, with barely enough room in his body to contain it. — Richard Brautigan

Just Graduated College Quotes By Marc Garneau

I went to military college in Canada and graduated as an officer in the Navy but also as an engineer. — Marc Garneau

Just Graduated College Quotes By Brittany Bowe

It always has been a goal of mine to compete in the Olympics. Right after I graduated from college, I moved out to Salt Lake City with my mind focused on making the 2014 team. — Brittany Bowe

Just Graduated College Quotes By Jake Roberts

I went to visit my father to tell him that I was going to go to college and become an architect - that was my dream. I was like, yeah I graduated from school, but it's not like you showed up for that. But all he was worried about is whether or not I wanted money from him. — Jake Roberts

Just Graduated College Quotes By Pat Conroy

From the beginning, I've told journalists that I planned to write better than any writer of my era who graduated from an Ivy League college. It sounds boastful and it is. But The Citadel taught me that I was a man of courage when I survived that merciless crucible of a four-year test that is the measure of The Citadel experience. I'm the kind of writer I am because of The Citadel. — Pat Conroy

Just Graduated College Quotes By Paul Newman

I'd done some acting in high school. Then I went to Kenyon College and got thrown in jail and kicked off the football team. Since I was determined not to study very much, I majored in theater the last two years. Got my degree in speech; they didn't actually have a degree in theater. I graduated at two o'clock in the afternoon, and at three-thirty I was on the train for Williams Bay, Wisconsin, for summer stock, and then I did winter stock. — Paul Newman

Just Graduated College Quotes By Lena Dunham

When I graduated college I had a series of just humiliating jobs that I couldn't believe I was at. — Lena Dunham

Just Graduated College Quotes By Beau Biden

In the 17 years since I graduated from this great College of Law, I have seen that, for many of us, it becomes increasingly easy to rationalize our actions in the name of expediency when facing difficult decisions-to choose a path where the ends justify the means. I want to ask you to challenge Machiavelli's philosophy. I want to humbly suggest that you be the guardians of a more complicated truth: that the means are as important-and sometimes even more important-than the ends. — Beau Biden

Just Graduated College Quotes By Nancy Allen

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the theater the minute I graduated from college having not pursued it! So I went back to school and got a degree in music and began working in musical theater. — Nancy Allen

Just Graduated College Quotes By Ray Bradbury

When I graduated from high school I couldn't go to college, so I went to the library 3 days a week for 10 years. — Ray Bradbury

Just Graduated College Quotes By Mojo Nixon

I graduated from college in Ohio and bummed around for a while, and then I joined VISTA, which was a domestic Peace Corps kind of thing, and they sent me to Colorado. — Mojo Nixon

Just Graduated College Quotes By Raegan Butcher

If I had grown up in a stable household with two well-adjusted and loving parents studied hard in school graduated with honors gone to college gotten a degree found a decent job met a wonderful girl fallen in love gotten married and lived happily ever after what in the hell would I have to write about? — Raegan Butcher

Just Graduated College Quotes By Susan Schneider

As soon as I graduated from high school I was off to the biggest college my parents could afford, Colorado University at Boulder, having seen students there who looked a lot like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. — Susan Schneider

Just Graduated College Quotes By Brian J. White

I went to Dartmouth College, graduated, and had the opportunity to play two professional sports - I played for the New England Patriots in the NFL and professional lacrosse for the Boston Blazers. I had an injury, so I had to stop so I could heal. But when I was playing football, I wasn't making a lot of money; I wasn't a superstar. — Brian J. White

Just Graduated College Quotes By Laurie Notaro

So I graduated from college with a degree in journalism and was ready to find my dream job at a newspaper in addition to one good man who owned his own car and was certain about his sexuality, my two new, revised qualifying criteria for a potential date. — Laurie Notaro

Just Graduated College Quotes By John Legend

People see me as pretty low key in a lot of ways. And for me, like, even choosing to be John Legend and to be who I am as a star, as an artist, it's a risk 'cause I - you know, I graduated from college and worked as a management consultant, and I could have had this very kind of buttoned-up life and worn suits to work every day. — John Legend

Just Graduated College Quotes By Ray Bradbury

This is incredible. This is quite amazing because who you're honoring tonight is not only myself but the ghost of a lot of your favorite writers. And I wouldn't be here except that they spoke to me in the library. The library's been the center of my life. I never made it to college. I started going to the library when I graduated from high school. I went to the library every day for three or four days a week for 10 years and I graduated from the library when I was 28. — Ray Bradbury

Just Graduated College Quotes By Ving Rhames

I graduated college in 1983, so that's 32 years, and all I've done for a living is act or commercials or voiceovers. So I have nothing to complain about. — Ving Rhames

Just Graduated College Quotes By Ramon Rodriguez

I played college basketball in West Virginia for two years, and then I graduated from NYU with a sports management degree because I realized the NBA's not going to happen. — Ramon Rodriguez

Just Graduated College Quotes By Rachel Kushner

I was very precocious when I was young. I went to college at 16, and I graduated at 20. I wanted to be a writer, but I was more interested in experience than in applying myself intellectually. — Rachel Kushner

Just Graduated College Quotes By Janis Heaphy Durham

For the past thirty-nine years since I had graduated from college, I had called my parents on Sundays. They had expected and looked forward to the ritual. After Dad died, I still called Mom on Sundays. Most of the time I dreaded the call because she had become more and more insular and was full of complaints about the assisted living facility, the other residents, her health, everything. She had become narrow in her interests in life, more negative, more critical, and unhappier. I was reminded of something I had heard from a psychologist about what happens as we age. He said we become more of who we are, not less. Our energy to fight back the negative attributes we all possess is not as strong as we get older. So we can become more cantankerous, more irritable. I also remembered what my father had often said: "There but for the grace of God go I." That Sunday I placed the — Janis Heaphy Durham

Just Graduated College Quotes By Sonny Vaccaro

What would have happened if Derrick Rose had torn his knee in college, or Greg Oden? It would have cost them millions of dollars. They were lucky, coming out early. I'm not saying don't go to college. There are plenty of players like Shaq [O'Neal] who went back and graduated. I commend that. But do it at your leisure - don't hurt your finances. — Sonny Vaccaro

Just Graduated College Quotes By Shannon Hale

Look, it doesn't make sense for me to leave you pregnant and clueless on the pavement when I am headed for your very hotel."

"I can manage to find a phone and call for a cab. I graduated from college and everything."

"You don't say? Can you take a degree in childbearing in this country?"

"That was my minor. My major was social grace with an emphasis on tolerating the obnoxious - ack! I did it again! I keep telling myself, 'Be nice, don't insult him.' Then you say something and out it comes. — Shannon Hale

Just Graduated College Quotes By Arsenio Hall

I went to school, majored in theatre, and said 'Mom, I have to choose my own destiny. I want to be an actor.' A couple of weeks after I graduated college I called my mother up and said 'Can I borrow $200?' and she said 'Why don't you act like you've got $200.' — Arsenio Hall

Just Graduated College Quotes By Steven Price

I studied music all the way through college, but as soon as I graduated from university, I got straight into London and got straight into film music. So really my experiences have been being around the orchestras in London and being around the people who work in film music. — Steven Price

Just Graduated College Quotes By Drake

And I love it when your hair still wet cause you just took a shower. Runnin on a treadmill and only eating salad. Sound so smart like you graduated college, like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard. — Drake

Just Graduated College Quotes By Kim Gordon

That stage in life when older people assume that just because you've graduated college you know who you are, or what you're doing, and in fact most people don't. — Kim Gordon

Just Graduated College Quotes By Neal Stephenson

It is a second-generation Seattle-scene record label; all of its artists are young people who came to Seattle after they graduated college in search of the legendary Seattle music scene and discovered that it didn't really exist
it was just a couple of dozen guys who sat around playing guitar in one another's basements
and so who were basically forced to choose between going home in ignominy or fabricating the Seattle Music scene of their imagination from whole cloth. This led to the establishment of any number of small clubs, and the foundation of many bands, that were not rooted in any kind of authentic reality whatsoever but merely reflected the dreams and aspiration of pan-global young adults who had flocked to Seattle on the same chimera hunt. — Neal Stephenson

Just Graduated College Quotes By Philip Roth

With the draft, everybody was involved. Everybody was fodder. When you got to be 21, 22 and graduated from college, for two years your life stopped. If you had been running in the direction of your life, you had to stop and do this other thing which was, if not menacing, just plain boring. — Philip Roth

Just Graduated College Quotes By Kim Raver

For me, because I've been working out since I graduated college, I have to mix it up. But it's not just working out for health's sake; it's also a whole mindset for me. Yoga is really important for that. — Kim Raver

Just Graduated College Quotes By Burt Rutan

Look at the aerospace industry as it was just after the Kennedy talk. We were hiring like crazy. We were trying to get people graduated from college. Hey, you got to go to the program. We need you. — Burt Rutan

Just Graduated College Quotes By Craig Finn

I graduated high school in 1989, and there was no alternative rock radio, and there wasn't really good college radio you could get on a car stereo. Once you get a car at that age, you're spending all the time you can away from home, sometimes just driving around aimlessly. Listening, or not even listening, but subconsciously soaking up this classic rock barrage. — Craig Finn

Just Graduated College Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

When I graduated from college, I went straight to work for a federal contractor, a desk job, and they were great to me, they loved me, I was like their mascot, but I just couldn't stand working in an office. I just hated it. And so one day I went in and said, 'I'm sorry, this is my two-weeks notice, I'm quitting to become an artist.' — Maggie Stiefvater

Just Graduated College Quotes By David Wong

She wasn't some little princess from the suburbs who just graduated college with a humanities degree, she knew what people were really like. — David Wong

Just Graduated College Quotes By Allison Williams

When I graduated from college in early 2010, I decided that I needed to create a calling card, some kind of business card that people can link to my name and face. So I did this 'Mad Men Theme Song ... With a Twist' music video. I released it just as I moved to L.A. — Allison Williams

Just Graduated College Quotes By Ayn Rand

He was a very young man. He had just graduated from college - in the spring of the year 1935 - and he wanted to decide whether life was worth living. He did not know that this was the question in his mind. He did not think of dying. He thought only that he wished to find joy and reason and meaning in life - and that none had been offered to him anywhere. — Ayn Rand