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Top Junk Dna Quotes

Junk Dna Quotes By Seth Lloyd

For hundreds of millions of years, Sex was the most efficient method for propagating information of dubious provenance: the origins of all those snippets of junk DNA are lost in the sands of reproductive history. Move aside, Sex: the world-wide Web has usurped your role. — Seth Lloyd

Junk Dna Quotes By John Parrington

conundrums in biology: this is the fact that our genes, which supposedly define us as a species, but also distinguish you or I or anyone else on the planet from each other, make up only 2 per cent of our DNA. The other 98 per cent had been written off as 'junk'; — John Parrington

Junk Dna Quotes By Sam Kean

Most organisms have loads of junk DNA - less pejoratively, noncoding DNA - cluttering their cells. — Sam Kean

Junk Dna Quotes By Francis S. Collins

There were long stretches of DNA in between genes that didn't seem to be doing very much; some even referred to these as "junk DNA," though a certain amount of hubris was required for anyone to call any part of the genome "junk," given our level of ignorance. — Francis S. Collins

Junk Dna Quotes By Sam Kean

Junk DNA - or, as scientists call it nowadays, noncoding DNA - remains a mystery: No one knows how much of it is essential for life. — Sam Kean

Junk Dna Quotes By James Rollins

Bristol-Meyers Squibb has reported success with monatomic ruthenium to correct cancer cells. Same with platinum and iridium, according to Platinum Metals Review. These atoms actually make the DNA strand correct itself, rebuilding without drugs or radiation. Iridium has been shown to stimulate the pineal gland and appears to fire up 'junk DNA,' leading to the possibility of increased longevity and reopening aging pathways in the brain. — James Rollins