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Top Journo Portfolio Quotes

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

My religion forbids me to belittle or disregard other cultures, as it insists, under pain of civil suicide, upon imbibing and living my own. — Mahatma Gandhi

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Nick Gordon

December finds himself again a child
Even as he undergoes his age.
Cold and early darkness now descends,
Embracing sanctuaries of delight.
More and more he stares into the night,
Becoming less and less concerned with ends,
Emblem of the innocent as sage
Restored to wonder by what he must yield. — Nick Gordon

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Kim Wilde

In the day I can smile though I wanna die / Hold on, hold on / I can keep it together for a little while / and be strong, so strong / But when the sun goes down and I'm all alone / I haven't the strength to fight / That's when my tears give in to the night — Kim Wilde

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Bobby Seale

I am not a hoodlum. I'm a community organizer. — Bobby Seale

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Barack Obama

I think the American people, at their core, are a decent people. I think that we still have prejudice in our midst but I think that the vast majority of Americans are willing to judge people on the basis of, you know, their ideas and their character. And in the case of the presidency, I think what is most important is whether the American people think that you understand their hopes and dreams and struggles and whether they think that you can actually help them achieve those hopes and dreams. — Barack Obama

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Henryk Sienkiewicz

It is all my fault! But the blind man when he stumbles over a stone, curses the stone, not the blindness that made him stumble. 17 — Henryk Sienkiewicz

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Laurelin Paige

Are you kidding? Aren't you worried I'll become that hung up on you?"
"I'm hoping you become that hung up on me. — Laurelin Paige

Journo Portfolio Quotes By Florynce Kennedy

You've got to rattle your cage door. You've got to let them know that you're in there, and that you want out. Make noise. Cause trouble. You may not win right away, but you'll sure have a lot more fun. — Florynce Kennedy

Journo Portfolio Quotes By R.C. Sproul

The more I learn about God, the more aware I become of what I don't know about him. — R.C. Sproul