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Top Joining Military Quotes

Joining Military Quotes By Zachary J. Kitchen

Dwight went on. "I could have signed up. It wasn't hard. I'm more than qualified to be an officer." Bullshit. "Then why didn't you?" "The military is for idiots and the underprivileged. I can see some kid joining up for the money or to get his college paid for, but it's a hell of a trade-off. — Zachary J. Kitchen

Joining Military Quotes By Bakari Kitwana

My hope is to get young people to think about ways that they can translate hip-hop's great cultural movement into political power that can change the conditions for America's young, so that young people upon graduating from high school who don't have economic means to go to college can realize other options beyond joining the military and fighting in wars that enrich corporations like Halliburton which should feel guilty about profiteering off of a war that is being fought on the backs of those locked out of America's mainstream economy. — Bakari Kitwana

Joining Military Quotes By Adam Driver

There were definitely dark nights when you're like, 'Maybe joining the military wasn't such a good idea.' But, in a way, it was the best training to be an actor. — Adam Driver

Joining Military Quotes By Ashton Kutcher

Although I considered putting my eight years of Boy Scout experience and love for our nation to the test by joining the military, I did not want to put myself in a position where I might be commanded to take the life of another, and quickly ended my flirtation with military service. — Ashton Kutcher

Joining Military Quotes By William Blum

Why don't church leaders forbid Catholics from joining the military with the same fervor they tell Catholics to stay away from abortion clinics? — William Blum

Joining Military Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

I was brought up in a very naval, military, and conservative background. My father and his friends had very typical opinions of the British middle class - lower-middle class actually - after the war. My father broke into the middle class by joining the navy. I was the first member of my family ever to go to private school or even to university. So, the armed forces had been upward mobility for him. — Christopher Hitchens

Joining Military Quotes By Kevin Powers

Joining the military is not to be taken lightly. You're putting every part of yourself at risk, not just your body but your moral and spiritual centre. — Kevin Powers

Joining Military Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Back in college, Neal had thought about joining the military; he would have been really good at the part where you have to deliver terrible news or execute a heartbreaking order without betraying how much it was costing you. Neal's face could fly the Enola Gay. — Rainbow Rowell

Joining Military Quotes By Phil Klay

I like the ethos of the military and the idea of joining an institution in which, at the very least, everyone who signs up believes in something. — Phil Klay