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Top Johnny O'keefe Quotes

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Austin Kleon

Conan O'Brien has talked about how comedians try to emulate their heroes, fall short, and end up doing their own thing. Johnny Carson tried to be Jack Benny but ended up Johnny Carson. David Letterman tried to copy Johnny Carson but ended up David Letterman. And Conan O'Brien tried to be David Letterman but ended up Conan O'Brien. In O'Brien's words, "It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique." Thank goodness. — Austin Kleon

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Depp

When I was a kid, we watched the Vietnam War on the six o'clock news, and it was desensitizing. You felt you were watching a war film; meanwhile you were really watching these guys getting blown to bits. Parents need to protect their kids from watching that stuff. — Johnny Depp

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Bench

That's the remarkable thing about baseball. The game has a way of having you scratch your head one minute and drive you crazy, and then the next, you're entertained beyond your wildest hopes. That's why it's the best game. — Johnny Bench

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny B. Truant

You are that beetle on the streets of New York. The universe doesn't hate you, but it doesn't love you, either. You're just an atom in its infinite workings. The universe doesn't care if you live, die, suffer, or thrive. Only YOU care. — Johnny B. Truant

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Gimble

I've always liked the stuff that kicks. — Johnny Gimble

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Depp

I don't care. I'm just gonna smoke. I'm just gonna totally smoke. I'll finish these, go to the store and get a brand new pack, smoke the shit out of that one. — Johnny Depp

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Randy West

Because many of us have been in game shows for some time, there's always someone around who can share a story of Johnny O or Jay Stewart that I never heard. — Randy West

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Gideon Haigh

One keeps looking out for innovation in IPL, but of late it hasn't been all that obvious. Lionel Richie as an opening act? Johnny Mathis must have been busy. Matthew Hayden's Mongoose? Looks a bit like Bob Willis' bat with the "flow-through holes"; Saint Peter batting mitts are surely overdue a revival. The only genuinely intriguing step this year, bringing the IPL to YouTube, was forced on Modi by the collapse of Setanta; otherwise what Modi presents as 'innovation' is merely expansion by another name, in the number of franchises and the number of games. — Gideon Haigh

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Scott Yanow

"The Hallmark Sessions" is an extraordinary release. Breau plays beautiful chords (sounding a little like Johnny Smith in spots) and inventive single-note lines. It is remarkable that this music was not released until 2003, but a happy event that it was finally put out. This is a must for Breau fans and an important release for all jazz guitar lovers. — Scott Yanow

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Cash

Life is rough so you gotta be tough. — Johnny Cash

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny B. Truant

found myself working hard for mediocre pay and mediocre rewards, doing mediocre work that bored me but that I felt I shouldn't complain about. — Johnny B. Truant

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Winter

Oh, I love to play on the road. I really love it. — Johnny Winter

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Jane Goodall

I got my love of animals from the Dr. Doolittle books and my love of Africa from the Tarzan novels. I remember my mum taking me to the first Tarzan film, which starred Johnny Weissmuller, and bursting into tears. It wasn't what I had imagined at all. — Jane Goodall

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Weir

I've lived my whole life exactly the way I've wanted to. Being gay, being white, being male, it doesn't matter to me. They're all things I'm born with. — Johnny Weir

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Marlon Brando

There's a line in the picture where he (Johnny - The Wild One) snarls, 'Nobody tells me what to do.' That's exactly how I've felt all my life. — Marlon Brando

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Randy West

That was the day I began cutting classes and returning to TV tapings; it ultimately led to a friendship with Johnny O, and an increasing fascination and respect for what he did. — Randy West

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Weir

It's really grinding to always play out of both sides of your mind and always be thinking what will offend people. Or what won't. But I'm strong enough to deal with that. I own that I'm freakish in my way. — Johnny Weir

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Worthen

Do what you can, when you can. — Johnny Worthen

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Amy Harmon

Shhhh," Johnny soothed, sliding his hands up and down her back, nuzzling her hair. "Car thieves don't cry, baby. You gotta toughen up if you're gonna have a future with good old Clyde here."

"I like it when you do that."


"Call me baby," Maggie whispered.

"You liked it when I called you Bonnie too," he replied with a smile in his voice. "Why?"

"You used to call me baby all the time. It makes me believe you can love me again."

Johnny wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and lifted her to him, kissing her tear-streaked cheeks before he touched his lips to hers.

"I'm already there Maggie. I fell in love when you begged me to help you escape the cops. I fell in love when we danced to Nat King Cole singing 'Stardust' on a moonlit beach. Hell, I fell in love when you told me how blondes spell farm."

"E-I-E-I-O," Maggie quipped wetly.

Johnny laughed and held her tightly. — Amy Harmon

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By S.E. Hinton

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold...

- Johnny to Ponyboy — S.E. Hinton

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny B. Truant

you knew how small you are and how short a time you have to do what you can, you wouldn't waste time watching five fucking hours of TV a day. You wouldn't waste time doing a job you hate. You wouldn't waste the little time you have dealing with assholes, feeling sorry for yourself, or being timid about the things you'd really like to do. — Johnny B. Truant

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Kathleen Tessaro

Curiosity is the most delightful of all human characteristics
"I see. No men in her life then?"
-"Not unless you count Jack Daniels and Johnny Walkers — Kathleen Tessaro

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Weir

Nothing shocks me anymore. I've embraced men in thongs, I've embraced women with padded bras. I mean, I can embrace Larry King saying 'fierce.' — Johnny Weir

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Damon

We all pulled together at the right time, unfortunately, we were down 3-0 to the Yankees when we decided to do it, but we did it. And we shocked the world. — Johnny Damon

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Kris Wilson

Johnny and Marissa, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes an abrupt, tragic miscarriage. Then comes blame, then comes despair. Two hearts damaged beyond repair... Johnny leaves Marissa, and takes the tree. D-I-V-O-R-C-E. — Kris Wilson

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Manziel

It's a great group of people here at Texas A&M, and everybody you run into is incredibly polite. — Johnny Manziel

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Michael Caine

My closest friends are Roger Moore, who is an actor, Sean Connery, who is an actor, Terry O'Neill, who is a photographer, Johnny Gold, who was the boss of Tramp, and Leslie Bricusse, who is a composer. — Michael Caine

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By George Grosz

In 1916, when Johnny Heartfield and I invented photomontage in my studio at the south end of the town at five o'clock one May morning, we had no idea of the immense possibilities, or of the thorny but successful career, that awaited the new invention. On a piece of cardboard we pasted a mishmash of advertisements for hernia belts, student song books and dog food, labels from schnaps and wine bottles, and photographs from picture papers, cut up at will in such a way as to say, in pictures, what would have been banned by the censors if we had said it in words. — George Grosz

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Stephen

When we were working on Jackass and I'd be traveling in the same bus, car, or van with Johnny Knoxville on road trips, he'd sometimes stick sedative pills in my food in the hope that they'd shut me up so he could enjoy some peace and quiet. Never once did it work. Each time, I think he was truly amazed at the doses of downers that failed to quiet me down. — Stephen "Steve-O" Glover

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Mercer

Skylark,Have you seen a valley green with SpringWhere my heart can go a-journeying,Over the shadows in the rainTo a blossom covered lane?And in your lonely flight,Haven't you heard the music in the night,Wonderful music,Faint as a will-o-the-wisp,Crazy as a loon,Sad as a gypsy serenading the moon. — Johnny Mercer

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Maureen O'Sullivan

Cheetah bit me whenever he could. The [Tarzan movie] apes were all homosexuals, eager to wrap their paws around Johnny Weismuller's thighs. They were jealous of me, and I loathed them. — Maureen O'Sullivan

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Hunt

There will be people the old flesh will rise up and wonder why God blessed them. But no one will ever be envious on God's blessings on their children. — Johnny Hunt

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Carrabba

Tip: To avoid bruising the basil, Mama tore the leaves into pieces with her fingers. Chopping is fine, but you won't have basil-scented fingers. — Johnny Carrabba

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Winter

I'm not good enough to be playin' much acoustic guitar onstage. Man, you gotta get so right; I mean, the tones, the feel, the sound. Plus, acoustic blues guitar is just that much harder on the fingers. — Johnny Winter

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Carson

I know a guy who gave up smoking cigarettes, consuming, sex, and wealthy meals. — Johnny Carson

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Depp

Knowing that a great bit of the technology is active and actually happening, and that the technology that we're talking about, in terms of uploading a human consciousness, is probably not all that far away, to be honest. Indeed, it will happen. It's pretty close. — Johnny Depp

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Depp

You do the work and you want people to see it; but, um while I'm doing the work, the result doesn't matter at all to me. Ultimately, I don't, I don't care whether the film is - you know - some big giant box-office bonanza and I don't care if its a complete flop. To me, when a film gets made and it's actually finished it's a success. They're all a success in their own way. — Johnny Depp

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Cash

The battle against the dark one and the clinging to the right one is what my life is about. — Johnny Cash

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Tucker Elliot

October 1976 was the penultimate performance of Bench's Hall of Fame career. All the early success and awards and accolades thrown in his direction had prepared him for this moment - when the Big Red Machine became a dynasty by defending it's World Championship from the season before. — Tucker Elliot

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Rich

Suffering is inevitable. It is part of the human condition. It is written in the human script. — Johnny Rich

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Marr

The biggest musical influence on me was my mum. We were both enraptured by music. — Johnny Marr

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Hunt

God may not allow you to touch thousands but He may allow you to touch one who will touch thousands. — Johnny Hunt

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Stephen King

Okay, the question is, 'What enormously popular novel by William Peter Blatty, set in the posh Washington D.C. suburb of Georgetown, concerned the demonic possesion of a young girl?' '
'Johnny Cash', Henry replied.
'Jesus Christ!' Tricks Postino yelled. 'That's what you say to everythin! Johnny Cash, that's what you say to fuckin everythin!'
'Johnny Cash is everything,' Heny replied gravely... — Stephen King

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Cash

Death and hell are never full, and neither are men's eyes. — Johnny Cash

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Marr

Occasionally, a great band would come along, like Blondie or OutKast who could be pop and bring interesting ideas into the mainstream at the same time. That's now gone, because of this weird mutation of pop, rap, R&B, bad rave, and supposedly soulful singing on top of it. — Johnny Marr

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Hunt

If your lives connect with other people you have influence. — Johnny Hunt

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Knoxville

I want to do dramas. I want to do comedies. — Johnny Knoxville

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Cash

He went up to heaven, located his dog. Not only that, but he rejoined his arm. — Johnny Cash

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Rachel Perry

I interviewed Johnny Knoxville once. I was kind of scared to interview him because I thought he might be a real jerk, but he was really nice, and I ripped his chest hair out. — Rachel Perry

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By J.T. Lawrence

What would Warhol be without his paranoia, Hunter S. Thompson without his Quaaludes, Johnny Cash without his philandering? We Somebodies are not expected to walk the line. — J.T. Lawrence

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Lance Henriksen

One of my favorites of all time was with Jim Jarmusch, called 'Dead Man.' I was in that with Johnny Depp. I ride really well, and I shoot a gun really well. I love the genre. Once I did Westerns, I was hooked. — Lance Henriksen

Johnny O'keefe Quotes By Johnny Galecki

It's always interesting for me to watch the pilot of an established show because you see how the writers and actors weren't really sure what the show was and what the dynamics were. If you look at the pilot for 'Seinfeld,' for example, it's practically unrecognizable. — Johnny Galecki