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Jewers Nova Quotes By Roland Barthes

[Photography] allows me to accede to an infra-knowledge; it supplies me with a collection of partial objects and can flatter a certain fetishism of mine: for this 'me' which like knowledge, which nourishes a kind of amorous preference for it. In the same way, I like certain biographical features which, in a writer's life, delight me as much as certain photographs; I have called these features 'biographemes'; Photography has the same relation to History that the biographeme has to biography. — Roland Barthes

Jewers Nova Quotes By Lionel Messi

On a personal note, I think it won't be until after I've retired that I'm fully aware of what I've done or what I've gone on to achieve in my career. — Lionel Messi

Jewers Nova Quotes By E. Lockhart

She will not be simple and sweet.
She will not be what people tell her she should be. — E. Lockhart

Jewers Nova Quotes By Frantz Fanon

What I call middle-class society is any society that becomes rigidified in predetermined forms, forbidding all evolution, all gains, all progress, all discovery. I call middle-class a closed society in which life has no taste, in which the air is tainted, in which ideas and men are corrupt. And I think that a man who takes a stand against this death is in a sense a revolutionary. — Frantz Fanon

Jewers Nova Quotes By Daniel Harvey Hill

As each brigade emerged from the woods, from 50 to 100 guns opened upon it, tearing great gaps in its ranks; but the heroes pressed on and were shot down by reserves at the guns. It was not war, it was murder. — Daniel Harvey Hill

Jewers Nova Quotes By John Keats

A poet is the most unpoetical of anything in existence because he has no identity-he is continually infirming and filling some other body. — John Keats

Jewers Nova Quotes By The Band Perrry

Would you walk to the edge of the ocean
Just to fill my jar with sand
Just in case I get the notion
To let it run through my hand — The Band Perrry

Jewers Nova Quotes By Angela Bassett

I deal in a very artistic way of what interests me and marks my passion, and I try to - whether its good or not - am in love with acting and the stage and characters and the ability to reach and to touch people, so that's where, I guess, that's where my heart will reside, by and large. — Angela Bassett

Jewers Nova Quotes By Theodor Adorno

Humanity had to inflict terrible injuries on itself before the self, the identical, purpose-directed, masculine character of human beings was created, and something of this process is repeated in every childhood. — Theodor Adorno