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Top Jebem Quotes

Jebem Quotes By Kevin Swanson

Freedom cannot exist without morality, and morality can only be defined by the God who, by definition is the source of morality — Kevin Swanson

Jebem Quotes By Elvis Costello

You must hold on to the sort of finger-painting aspect of music. That's something I learned, particularly from listening to Neil Young. Tom Waits is another one, because Tom's music is incredibly sophisticated and beautifully arranged, but he's using a toolbox that's unlike anybody else's. — Elvis Costello

Jebem Quotes By Reif Larsen

It was not uncommon for his father to toss out the phrase "Jebem ti supu od klinova Isusovih!" which translated roughly as "Fuck the soup made from the nails of Jesus's crucifixion," and not think twice about it, even if in English he was unfailingly polite. — Reif Larsen

Jebem Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Richard was thunderstruck: it had been like watching Emma Peel, Bruce Lee, and a particularly vicious tornado, all rolled into one and sprinkled with a generous helping of a mongoose killing a cobra. That was how she moved. That was how she fought. — Neil Gaiman

Jebem Quotes By Mary Meeker

I grew up believing that one person could make a difference. In Indiana, you saw that with basketball. The small town could beat the big town, like in the movie 'Hoosiers.' That is one of the things that attracts me to entrepreneurs. — Mary Meeker

Jebem Quotes By George Herbert

The Sundaies of man's life, Thredded together on time's string, Make bracelets to adorn the wife Of the eternal, glorious King. On Sunday heaven's gates stand ope; Blessings are plentiful and rife. More plentiful than hope. — George Herbert

Jebem Quotes By Miguel De Unamuno

What is vanity but the longing to survive? — Miguel De Unamuno