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Top Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Believe me,' [ ... ] 'I would know about it. That's the difference between me and your girlfriend. I am the jealous type. I am the Spanish Inquisition when it comes to being fucked around on. No quarter will be given. — Jonathan Franzen

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Rachel Bilson

That's a rule in the business. No tongue. You can't really get into it, otherwise, it's weird. I think that particular scene made his (Adam Brody) girlfriend jealous. There were issues. — Rachel Bilson

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Lorelei James

You told me, girlfriend. Will your boyfriend be jealous we're tossing bitchy banter back and forth? — Lorelei James

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Linda Kage

You, me, together," he said, his teeth nipping at my earlobe. "Permanently, being as clingy and possessive, jealous, space-invading boyfriend and girlfriend as we want, because this is happening. We are so fucking happening together. Whether you like it or not, you're mine ... just as I've been yours for years. So ... do you got all that?" - Brandt — Linda Kage

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Steve Maraboli

When in a relationship, a real man doesn't make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman. — Steve Maraboli

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Zayn Malik

I am the most jealous boy in the world, when I'm with my girlfriend. I always kiss her so that the other guys know she's mine — Zayn Malik

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Lauren Kate

I think your girlfriends getting Jealous," Luce said, gesturing at the pair.
"Which one?" He asked.
"I didn't realise they were both your girlfriends."
"Neither is my girlfriend. I meant, which one did you think was my girlfriend? — Lauren Kate

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Jay McLean

You need to give me a break. I'm an eighteen-year-old girl, and you're my first boyfriend . . . and you just happen to be stupidly hot. So what if I get petty and jealous?" She shrugged. "I'm allowed. I bet if a guy looked at me like that, you'd probably feel the same."
I let her words sink in before speaking. "A, if a guy looked at you in any way, I'd probably beat his ass. B, I didn't know I was your boyfriend."
Her eyes went wide. "I just assumed - "
"Good," I interrupted. "Assume away, girlfriend. — Jay McLean

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Rachel Vincent

Vanity, right?" Nash reappeared in the living room with an open bag of potato chips. "I nominate my venerable brother. He likes to play hero, and one look at him should establish the vanity angle."
"Nash!" I really shouldn't have been surprised by the dig. But I was.
"What?" He raised one brow at me in challenge. "It's okay to call me jealous, but not to call him vain?"
"Awareness of one's obvious advantages doesn't imply vanity," Tod insisted calmly.
Nash turned on him. "Does it imply narcissism?"
Tod huffed. "This coming from the guy who owns more hair products than his girlfriend. — Rachel Vincent

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Robert Galbraith

All desire to laugh fled. How exactly did Strike think that it would cheer Robin up, to know that his girlfriend was thinking of buying a ludicrously expensive flat? Or was he about to announce (Robin's fragile mood began to collapse in on itself) that he and Elin were moving in together? Like a film flickering rapidly before her eyes she saw the upstairs flat empty, Strike living in luxury, herself in a tiny box room on the edge of London, whispering into her mobile so that her vegan landlady did not hear her. — Robert Galbraith

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Kate Meader

Watching him walk over, Alex mused that Eli Cooper was the sort of man who knew how to use his physicality. Beneath his handmade shirts and tailored suits, a street fighter hummed through every loose-limbed motion. But that impression did not extend to his face, which was structurally perfect. Skyscraper-high cheekbones. Superhero jaw. A mouth that should have a government warning. There were no signs of past trouble with a jealous husband or an abandoned girlfriend. No one had ever broken his nose. No one had busted his lip.
Strange, because her first instinct on seeing him was to roundhouse kick him into the next millennium. — Kate Meader

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Oh no, was I to be one of those girls who gets attacked by a jealous girlfriend? — Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Jealous Of His Ex Girlfriend Quotes By E.L. James

Look at him!" One of the girls beside me breathes enthusiastically to her friend.
"He's hot."
I stiffen. I'm sure they're not talking about Professor Collins.
"Must be Christian Grey."
"Is he single?"
I bristle.
"I don't think so," I murmur.
"Oh." Both girls look at me in surprise.
"I think he's gay," I mutter.
"What a shame," one of the girls groans. — E.L. James