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It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Debbie Macomber

Norah, her younger sister, had managed to call her in Italy nearly a week ago about their father's heart attack. The connection had been bad and she'd had difficulty hearing, but Norah's sense of urgency had come clearly over the wire. Their father was gravely ill, and Steffie needed to hurry home - something that turned out to be much easier said than done. — Debbie Macomber

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By C.L.Stone

His reddish hair looked soft like rabbit fur. My fingers itched to touch but I knew I never would. I swallowed to try to gain some of my voice back and repeated myself. "A week, I think," he said. "I keep meaning to come back out here to clear it out from the path but I've been putting it off. There was a bad storm before you moved — C.L.Stone

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Warren Ellis

You're probably wondering why there's never any good news.
I mean, I've been doing this job a few months now. I've been soaking up the paper every week, same as you, and watching the same newsfeeds as you. I got the same list burned into the front of my head as you. Death. Horror. Bad sex. Living nightmares. Each day a little further down the spiral.
There's never any good news because they know you.
I mean, here's the top of today's column that I discarded: I had a really good time last night down the bar with my assistant and some cheerfully doomed sex fiends of our acquaintance.
No one ever sold newspapers by telling you the truth; life just ain't that bad. — Warren Ellis

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

There's no use in denying it: this has been a bad week. I've started drinking my own urine. — Bret Easton Ellis

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Whitney Houston

I'm the kind of person, if, if I have a day that is nerve-wracking, or my week has been bad or something's going down, I won't eat. Some people eat, I don't eat. And it shows in my physical frame. — Whitney Houston

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Zora Neale Hurston

Why, Tea Cake? Whut good do combin' mah hair do you? It's mah comfortable, not yourn." "It's mine too. Ah ain't been sleepin' so good for more'n uh week cause Ah been wishin' so bad tuh git mah hands in yo' hair. It's so pretty. It feels jus' lak underneath uh dove's wing next to mah face. — Zora Neale Hurston

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Walt Mossberg

I've been on the Web from the beginning of the Web. The good part about writing about technology is that you never run out of ideas, because it's changing so fast. The bad part is that it's changing so fast that there's a million new products and ideas every day and every week. — Walt Mossberg

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Peter Thiel

Whenever I talk to people who founded a company, I often like to ask the prehistory questions 'When did you meet? How long have you been working before you started the company?' A bad answer is, 'We met at a networking event a week ago, and we started a company because we both want to be entrepreneurs.' — Peter Thiel

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Karina Halle

Come now," Javier said. "Sharing a bed with me isn't that bad. You've been doing it for the last week. Is the inevitable sex too distracting? — Karina Halle

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Robert Galbraith

The argument had been in full swing when Matthew's father telephoned with the news that a funny turn Matthew's mother had suffered the previous week had been diagnosed as a mini-stroke. After this, she and Matthew felt that squabbling about Strike was in bad taste, so they went to bed in an unsatisfactory state of theoretical reconciliation, both, Robin knew, still seething. It was — Robert Galbraith

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Action is hope. At the end of each day, when you've done your work, you lie there and think, Well, I'll be damned, I did this today. It doesn't matter how good it is, or how bad-you did it. At the end of the week you'll have a certain amount of accumulation. At the end of a year, you look back and say, I'll be damned, it's been a good year. — Ray Bradbury

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Jonah Goldberg

But there's a fourth interpretation: Obama can't leave his comfort zone. No president since Woodrow Wilson has been as enamored of abstract ideas or more sure that disagreement with him is proof of ignorance, bad faith or dogmatism. As a candidate, he insisted his real opponent was 'cynicism,' and in his address last week, he returned to this trite formulation, insisting again he was bravely battling the cynics. — Jonah Goldberg

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Jeff VanderMeer

Ever since she had become my Manager, my raises had become smaller and smaller. The last raise had been a huge leech shaped like a helmet. It was meant to suck all the bad thoughts out of your head. It smelled like bacon, which seemed promising. I had invited Mord and Leer over to my apartment and we'd fried it up in a skillet. I'd gotten a week's worth of sandwiches out of it. — Jeff VanderMeer

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Mindy Kaling

Network executives usually have bad taste. It's either just a reflection of what market research tells them that normal people are into, or whatever their adolescent children are obsessed with. I have so often been on the receiving end of whatever powerful network executive's children are watching that week. That — Mindy Kaling

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By T.P. Grish

His cell-phone rang. Dominic fumbled for it on the nightstand next to the couch, the dim lights not helping his endeavour. He had piercing, generic, banal fluorescent lights on his face all the time at work and at University, it was so bad it made him loathe even natural sunlight. Lucky this apartment's living room light had a dimmer. He flipped open his phone and said hello. 'Hey Dom, how you doin'?' a voice boomed. It was Ben. They proceeded to talk about the upcoming exams, which were deceptively close as it was week 10 at the moment. Yes, they would be alright. Yes, they would meet up afterwards. No, he hadn't studied more than Ben had. As he clapped the phone closed after the genial conversation reached its natural nadir, he had forgotten most of what had been said — T.P. Grish

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By John Hart

I'd been awake for thirty-six hours and driving for ten. Restless weeks, sleepless nights, and the decision stole into me like a thief. I never planned to go back to North Carolina- I'd buried it- but I blinked and found my hands on the wheel, Manhattan a sinking island to the north. I wore a week-old beard and three day denim, felt stretched by an edginess that bordered on pain, but no one here would fail to recognize me. That's what home was all about, for good or bad. — John Hart

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Louis Sachar

I'm an avid bridge player. I usually go to the local bridge club three or four times a week. I've always been a game-player, and I think bridge is one of the greatest games ever invented. It's too bad that not many young people play it any more. — Louis Sachar

It's Been A Bad Week Quotes By Arnold Bennett

Novels are excluded from "serious reading," so that the man who, bent on self-improvement, has been deciding to devote ninety minutes three times a week to a complete study of the works of Charles Dickens will be well advised to alter his plans. The reason is not that novels are not serious-some of the great literature of the world is in the form of prose fiction-the reason is that bad novels out not to be read, and that good novels never demand any appreciable mental application on the part of the reader. A good novel rushes you forward like a skiff down a stream, and you arrive at the end, perhaps breathless, but unexhausted. The best novels involve the least strain. Now in the cultivation of the mind one of the most important factors is precisely the feeling of strain, of difficulty, of a task which one part of you is anxious to achieve and another part of you is anxious to shirk; and that feeling cannot be got in facing a novel. — Arnold Bennett