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It'll Get Easier Quotes By Eve Hewson

Especially for people who are unknown, it's easier to get a TV show because you don't have to put a certain amount of people in movie theaters for a box office weekend. It's really difficult to get a great lead role in some big film, if nobody knows you. — Eve Hewson

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Victor Methos

You feel other people's pain deeply." "Well don't know bout all that but I know what it's like ta lose a daughter. They gonna be in a haze for a long time ta come. It'll be all they think bout." "Does it get easier over time?" "No, it don't. But you learn ta function anyway. — Victor Methos

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Pippa DaCosta

I don't know if I can."

I splayed my hand on the bulkhead beside Fran's shoulder and looked her in those pretty green eyes. "It's easier if you don't think about it. Shut it away, think about something else. Drink, fuck, do what you gotta do. Bury it so damn deep, it can't touch you. And before long, you'll forget what you were worried about."

Her lips turned down at the corners. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Is that what you do?"

"It works." Or it had. Until recently. Until One somehow made me look at myself though her eyes. Now I had shit going on in my head, like not wanting to let her down. Not wanting to let any of them down. Like this life and my place in it might actually mean something. That kinda thinking would get a man killed.

~ Caleb — Pippa DaCosta

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Mark Steyn

But, once you get a taste for shutting people up, it's hard to stop. Why bother winning the debate when it's easier to close it down? — Mark Steyn

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Megan Crane

Sometimes I think I'll never really belong anywhere, or trust anyone. I think I need to learn how to stop caring about that."
"You can't decide not to care," Sean said. "You can only control your response."
"Is that really possible?" I asked.
"It really is," he said. "It even starts to get a little bit easier."
"Really?" My voice sounded like a stranger's. "When? — Megan Crane

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Margit Eva Bernard

I want to say this to every stepmother: take it a little easier, try not to be so insistent, try not to have your desires dominate - and not just with the stepchildren, but with your husband, your family, your friends. The moment you step back from whatever it is that exasperates you, you get an unrestricted view of the situation - and you can take a breath before you move forward. — Margit Eva Bernard

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Ole Hallesby

It is not only blessed to give thanks; it is also of vital importance to our prayer life in general. If we have noted the Lord's answers to our prayers and thanked Him for what we have received of Him, then it becomes easier for us, and we get more courage, to pray for more. — Ole Hallesby

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Mira Grant

She's shaped her image of the world around someone else's fantasy ... Because it's easier. It's so much easier to say, 'This is a story, and there are heroes and villains, and there's an ending, and when we get there the book will close and we'll all live happily ever after. — Mira Grant

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

She doesnt want your dark embrace. She'll let you hold her for a short time but she won't submit to that kind of weakness and she'll only let you get so close. In the past it was easier pushing you into the arms of another rather than face what was or what could be. She doesn't want to love; not now, so she'll close the door and toss the key. — Donna Lynn Hope

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Terry Pratchett

And we don't often get any wading birds in the River Ankh, mainly because the pollution would eat their legs away and anyway, it's easier for them to walk on the surface. — Terry Pratchett

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Tony Hawk

Big decisions in my life have always come easy and are made without hesitation. It is easier for me to make a life-changing decision than to decide what to get for dessert. — Tony Hawk

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Wentworth Miller

You might look at my CV and see I've had 12 jobs, but I've been to over 450 auditions so I've heard 'no' a lot more than I've heard 'yes'. So if I go in looking only to meet my own standards, then that will make taking that rejection a little bit easier. And when I do get that job it will seem like icing on the cake. — Wentworth Miller

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Cameron Jace

Axel and Fable, their father was a woodcutter, and they live in a Candy House? Axel is always hungry, and eats too much candy, and Fable is fond of eating bread. It doesn't get easier than that to know who they really are. — Cameron Jace

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Nick Miller

See, I'm the worst breed of human. Let me explain. Some people are dead inside. They go through life knowing this, and they manage fine enough, because, well, they're dead inside. They aren't bitter because they don't care enough to change. They just try to get by with the things they can control. Others live in the fucking clouds, watch romantic comedies, and dream about everything being perfect one day. These people are always fine because they have an everlasting well of hope inside them, and no matter what happens they'll just romanticize their existence.
But when it comes to me ... I'm someone who's mostly dead inside but still has a little hope for something extraordinary, which, as I said, is the worst breed of human, because it means that I know everything is bullshit, but that I secretly hope for the day when it might not be. The tension makes me wish I were just completely dead inside. It would makes things much easier for me. — Nick Miller

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Ricky Gervais

When I direct my own scripts, it's much easier as it's been in my head for a year already. What I love about this is having an idea and seeing it come to fruition onscreen. I would like to direct someone else's script one day, but I might not get round to it before I die - you can't legislate for being hit by a bus! — Ricky Gervais

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Seanan McGuire

So Gerry's a Rose Red now, even though Henry's part of a different story," said Andy. "Is it going to try to force him to be a girl?" "That's a risk, and the narrative has done stranger things," said Jeff. "Great, we're going to get to see my brother punch out the narrative," I said. "That'll make our jobs a lot easier." Demi blinked. "Is that possible?" "Probably not," I said, — Seanan McGuire

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Al Gore

Eventually we'll use a CO2 tax offset by a reduction in taxes elsewhere alongside a cap-and-trade plan, but the degree of difficulty associated with a CO2 tax far exceeds that with a cap-and-trade plan. We're seeing it's hard to get a cap-and-trade plan and it's much easier to use as a basis for a global agreement than a CO2 tax. — Al Gore

It'll Get Easier Quotes By R.S. Grey

I knew it was loads easier to crumble under the weight of grief than it was to stand up with it on your back, but every day you carry it forward you get stronger and stronger, and eventually it doesn't feel as heavy as it once did. — R.S. Grey

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Gaby Rodriguez

Sure, genetics do play a role in alcholism. You're more likely to be an alcoholic if one or both of your parents are also alcoholics. But that's just one part of the equation; the other part is your behavior. You can't become an alcoholic if you never take a drink. So if you know you're predisposed to addiction because of your family history, then just don't get started, and you'll never find yourself on that path.
Same with any other type of 'family curse.' If you parents smoke, don't pick up a cigarette. If your parents are obese, work hard to exercise and eat right so you don't follow in their foosteps. But some people find it easier to play the victim. They do whatever bad habits they want to because they think they have a built-in defense - I grew up this way. — Gaby Rodriguez

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Derek Jeter

The big difference for me is that, as I get older, I find it's a lot easier to stay in shape than it is to get back in shape. — Derek Jeter

It'll Get Easier Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

But I think I'll carry that book into the sitting room and lock it in the jam closet and give you the key. And you must not give it to me l, Matthew, until my lessons are done, not even if I implore you on my bended knees. It's all very well to say resist temptation, but it's ever so much easier to resist it if you can't get the key. — L.M. Montgomery

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Danielle Jamie

I'm so sorry, Brody. I won't bullshit you and feed you a line about how it will get easier, because I know it won't. You don't get over losing someone you love. You just learn to live through the pain every day as you try to have some kind of normalcy in your life. — Danielle Jamie

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Vince Kehres

The best thing that a coach can have is experience. The first time that you're going out to lead a team on the field, you have certainly thought about what you're going to say, but it gets easier as you go. You'll learn what works and what doesn't, not just about what you do on the field but what you say to players to get them motivated. — Vince Kehres

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Amanda Schull

It gets better. It gets so much easier to be in your skin no matter what size that skin is. If you do something that you're good at and that makes you happy, that's the best outlet that I could ever suggest to anybody ... if you are able to just enjoy who you are, and if you can learn to love who you are, then you'll just be a much happier person. — Amanda Schull

It'll Get Easier Quotes By J.L. Sheppard

Did you ever think she was your mate?" Lucas asked unable to help himself.
Clyde tensed, seemingly caught off-guard by the question. "I knew she wasn't mine," he said then exhaled. "Angels don't mate, remember?"
"Then why did you make it so hard for her?"
"For her or for you?"
"For her. I couldn't care less how hard you made it for me."
"Because I love her," Clyde responded simply. Lucas' jaw clenched then he exhaled, acknowledging that hearing another man admit he loved Jenna would never get easier.
"Not the way you do, but I love her. I wanted what was best for her. I thought you weren't it," Clyde added then turned to walk away. He paused and spun back around. "One more thing. If you ever hurt her, I'll kill you."
Lucas let the fire in his heart fill his eyes. He would never hurt Jenna; they both knew it. "I know. That's one of the reasons I haven't killed you myself. — J.L. Sheppard

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Philip Pullman

If you can't think of what to write, tough luck; write anyway. If you can think of lots more when you've finished the three pages, don't write it; it'll be that much easier to get going next day. — Philip Pullman

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Sophie Kinsella

You remember that Christmas when they got ill?" Mum says presently. "The year they were about two and three? Remember? And got poo all over their Christmas stockings, and it was everywhere, and we said, "It has to get easier than this"?"
"I remember."
"We were cleaning it all up and we kept saying to each other, "When they get older, it'll get easier." Remember?"
"I do." Dad looks fondly at her.
" Well bring back the poo." Mum begins to laugh, a bit hysterically. "I would do anything for a bit of poo right now."
"I dream of poo," says Dad firmly, and Mum laughs even more, till she's wiping tears from her eyes. — Sophie Kinsella

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Thomas Andrews

Let the Truth be known, no ship is unsinkable. The bigger the ship, the easier it is to sink her. I learned long ago that if you design how a ship'll sink, you can keep her afloat. I proposed all the watertight compartments and the double hull to slow these ships from sinking. In that way, you get everyone off. There's time for help to arrive, and the ship's less likely to break apart and kill someone while she's going down. — Thomas Andrews

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Richelle Mead

I've lost someone, too; someone I loved. I know how you feel."
- Does it get easier?
"Yes. But you'll never be the same again. — Richelle Mead

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Nancy K. Peardon

You're okay, and you're going to be okay. I didn't say you won't be scared. The anger, fear, anxiety, and depression you'll feel are like masks at Halloween. And, you'll see them again and again in your life. But it gets easier the older you get. — Nancy K. Peardon

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Katie MacAlister

An interesting parade of expressions passed across Drake's face.

I ran across the floor to him, putting my hands on his chest as I leaned into him. "Trust goes both ways, Drake. You have to learn to trust that I know what I'm doing."

"It's not your abilities I doubt," he said slowly, his eyes dark. "It is not easy to let you go in this manner."

"I know it's not. But it'll get easier. OK?"

The anger on his face faded into annoyance, which did a brief tango with stubbornness, and finally morphed into resignation.

I gave him a swift kiss. "That was a hell of a battle you fought, but I appreciate your faith in me."

"I have always had faith in you, kincsem. It is all others I distrust. — Katie MacAlister

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Mia Sheridan

Tenleigh," Kyland said, his voice gravelly. "Please don't cry." He stepped toward me. "Anything but that. Please." He sounded desperate. "This is what I've been trying to avoid. This. I don't want either of us to feel this way.
He'd been pulling away from me to make it easier. And yet pulling away only made it hurt more.
"Well, I do! And you don't get to take that from me. I love you, and you don't get to say anything about it. The love I feel for you is mine. And I'll feel it if I want to. — Mia Sheridan

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Jada Pinkett Smith

It's not easy working with your husband, I'll be straight up about that. But when we work together, we always get great product. It's not easy in the process and as we go along it gets easier, but yeah, it gets a little sticky. — Jada Pinkett Smith

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Writing is like anything else - the more you do it, the better you get at it, the easier it comes, and the less concerned you'll be about what's going to happen to it, where it's going, what it sounds like, whether it's right. — Wayne Dyer

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Catherine Ryan Hyde

Nearly everything is easier to get into than it is to get out of. — Catherine Ryan Hyde

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Sarah Ockler

Aunt Jayne asks if we'd like to stop somewhere for dessert, and since nodding and smiling is easier than shaking our heads and inventing a reason for not wanting dessert, we okay it without thinking.
And since the universe has worked in its own mysterious way all vacation, tonight shouldn't be any different, which is why neither of us is particularly surprised to discover that Jayne is craving a smoothie.
Once Sam returns to his post behind the counter, Frankie stops kicking me and we slurp down our drinks in about two minutes, anxious to get out of here before anyone recognizes us. Uncle Red and Aunt Jayne, on the other hand, act like this is the last smoothie shop they'll ever see, like smoothies are an endangered species to be appreciated and savored and drawn out as long as possible. With each passing minute, Frankie and I sink lower in our chairs, praying to the God of Annoying Coincidences that Jake doesn't show up and blow our cover. — Sarah Ockler

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Felix Salten

A robin perched on the branch of the apple tree, his feathers ruffled, his red chest blazing.
'No need to look so down in the mouth,' he chirruped. 'Things'll get worse before they get better.'
'I don't know what it is about that tree,' Geno grumbled, 'that makes everything that sits in it talk in proverbs.'
'It's easier than thinking,' the robin stated. — Felix Salten

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Will McIntosh

What?" The dread in her tone told Rob she knew what. "How much longer?"
"Thirty seconds."
She laughed with a panicked urgency. "I just tried to nod. I can't feel my body, but I keep reaching for it, you know?"
Rob nodded, feeling guilty he was able to.
"How about this? I'll just tell you when I'm nodding, or shaking my head, or punching you."
"Oh, no," Rob laughed, "are you planning on punching me often?"
"We'll see."
Rob couldn't help glancing at the timer, though he knew it would only make Winter more aware of what was about to happen. Seven seconds.
"I keep expecting this to get easier, taht it will start to feel as if I'm going to sleep. But it doesn't. Maybe it's not possible to get used to dying."
Rob reached out to comfort her, then remembered it was forbidden and drew back. If not for the surveillance, Rob would have reached under the silver cover and taken her hand, cold and stiff as it would have been. — Will McIntosh

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Tony Danza

And whether or not the educators who are trying to raise up America's students can actually set and meet higher academic standards, our cultural values make their job next to impossible. It's so much easier for pundits and politicians to point out figures and blame the people who are in the trenches every day than it is to get in there with them, or even to find out what actually goes on in those trenches. It's so much easier for parents to blame teachers when their kids get in trouble than to do the heavy lifting required at home to keep kids on track. And it's so much easier for us as a nation to cross our fingers and hope that we'll "get lucky" with the innovative "solutions" being tested on America's schools today than it is for us to roll up our sleeves and invest our own time, talent, and money in the schools that are even now
with or without us
shaping our nation's future. — Tony Danza

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Sergei Lukyanenko

But even if we were to disappear, people would still be divided into people and Others. No matter how those Others were different.
People can't get by without Others. Put two people on an uninhabited island, and you'll have a human being and an Other. And the difference is that an Other is always tormented by his differentness. It's easier for people. They know they're people, and that's what they ought to be. And they all have no choice but to be that way. All of them, forever. — Sergei Lukyanenko

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Barbara Oakley

Just focus on whatever section you are studying. You'll find that once you put the first problem or concept in your library, whatever it is, then the second concept will go in a bit more easily. And the third more easily still. Not that all of this is a snap, but it does get easier. — Barbara Oakley

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Jay Leno

Arnold Schwarzenegger has still not officially bowed out of this race. It looks like he's not gonna run. But I'll tell ya, if Arnold does run, he better get on the ballot, because you don't want a write-in with a name like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because people will go - 'Schwarz, schwarz, oh Davis is easier.' — Jay Leno

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Julianne MacLean

Life is hard. It's cruel sometimes. It's merciless and unfair, but we all go through difficult times, one way or another. You've had more than your share of knocks lately, I'll give you that, but it doesn't mean you get to quit. No one gets to quit. You keep fighting, every day, and sooner or later, the grief fades a little. You grow stronger, find joy again, and everything gets easier. You come out of it more equipped to handle the next wave, which will come eventually. There will always be waves. — Julianne MacLean

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Robin Quivers

There's no operation where you can have your anger cut out. But if you work on yourself, as you get better, you'll be more capable of seeing others as flawed human beings. That makes it easier to forgive. — Robin Quivers

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Craig Silvey

See, most people you meet, they'll talk to you through fifty layers of gauze and tinting. Sometimes you know they're lying even before they've started speaking. And it seems the older they get, the more brazen and desperate folks become, and they lie about things that don't even matter ... I don't know. Maybe they just get so used to it they don't even notice. Maybe it's like a creeping curse and the more you do it, the easier it gets. What's amazing is that they think they're fooling anybody. — Craig Silvey

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Ayn Rand

It's only a matter of getting through the next few moments, she thought: take care of the next few moments, and then the next, a few at a time, and after a while it will be easier; you'll get over it, after a while. — Ayn Rand

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Kerry Condon

You think when you start getting jobs that it'll get easier, but that's the biggest lie ever. It gets harder. You have to put in more work. I wish it were the casting couch days because it'd be a lot easier! — Kerry Condon

It'll Get Easier Quotes By David Nicholls

Em, we've known each other five or six years now, but two years properly, as, you know, 'friends', which isn't that long but I think I know a bit about you and I think I know what your problem is. Here it is. I think you're scared of being happy, Emma. I think you think that the natural way of things is for your life to be grim and grey and dour and to hate your job, hate where you live, not to have success or money or God forbid a boyfriend. In fact, I think I'll go further and say that I think you actually get a kick out of being disappointed and under-achieving, because it's easier, isn't it? Failure and unhappiness is easier because you can make a joke out of it. — David Nicholls

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Joseph Fink

Dear, be kind to the mothers of Night Vale. Have pity on us. It'll be no easier for Diane. Things go strange here. Your children forget you, and the courses of their lives get frozen. Or they change shapes every day, and they think that just because they look completely different you won't be able to recognize them. But you always will. You always know your child, even when your child doesn't know you. — Joseph Fink

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Johanna Lindsey

You know, you really don't have to kill anyone over this. I'll get an annulment. It will be like never happened"
His eyes came to her, briefly meeting her gaze before dropping to her mouth. "You'll have to make that a divorce instead"
"No you don't understand. An annulment will be much easier to obtain"
His gaze locked with hers now. Cassie became slightly breathless with the intensity of his stare.
"Not after tonight, it won't." He said in his mesmerizing drawl.
"Why?" She barely got the word out.
"Because i'm in the mood to play husband"
"You're what?"
He started toward her. She was too stunned to move, so he was there and reaching for her before she had time to think about running.
"We're having a wedding night," he said as he lifted her off her feet.
Johanna Lindsey

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Barry Jonsberg

You're learning. So why don't we stop pretending? It's so much easier when you give up all those illusions and realize that the only justice you'll get in this life is the justice you dish out. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, mate. You need to sharpen your teeth. Don't get angry. Get even. — Barry Jonsberg

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Hannah Harrington

Look, it's not ever going go stop hurting. That's the reality. But after a while, it'll get ... easier. You'll get used to living with it. — Hannah Harrington

It'll Get Easier Quotes By David Leadbetter

the sidestep drill, which shallows the downswing plane during the transition. Initiating the downswing with the lower body gliding toward the target is the magic move of all good ball-strikers. When you sidestep toward the target with your left foot, you'll get a feel for what the lower body is supposed to do. The A Swing backswing is designed to make it easier for this magic move to take — David Leadbetter

It'll Get Easier Quotes By David Cronenberg

If the audience lets that stuff wash over them, you know - almost like music, rather than dialogue - and doesn't fight it, then they'll have a much easier time rather than being sort of frustrated and confused otherwise. But if you get in the right state of mind it really does work quite well, — David Cronenberg

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Janet Evans

When I started swimming again two years ago, it felt like I was starting from scratch. My mind-set was [to tell myself that] every time I swam, it was going to get easier-and it did. When you're working toward a fitness goal, you just need to start. It's not going to be pretty, your body is going to scream at you, but each time you'll get better. — Janet Evans

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Richelle Mead

I know," she said, guessing my thoughts. "I know exactly how you feel."
"Does it get easier?" I asked. Unlike Sydney, Olena had an answer.
"Yes. But you'll never be the same. — Richelle Mead

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Cat Clarke

It's entirely possible to get to know someone without actually seeing them in person. In fact, it's better like that because none of the superficial stuff gets in the way. You really get to know a person. And it's easier to express yourself when you're writing things down. At least it is for me. I like to order my thoughts, and delete them if they don't make any sense. You can't do that in real life. — Cat Clarke

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Oswald Chambers

Are you seeking great things for yourself, instead of seeking to be a great person? God wants you to be in a much closer relationship with Himself than simply receiving His gifts - He wants you to get to know Him. Even some large thing we want is only incidental; it comes and it goes. But God never gives us anything incidental. There is nothing easier than getting into the right relationship with God, unless it is not God you seek, but only what He can give you. — Oswald Chambers

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Paul Rusesabagina

There is something living deep within us all that welcomes, even relishes, the role of victimhood for ourselves. There is no cause in the world more righteously embraced than our own when we feel someone has wronged us. Perhaps it is a psychological leftover from early childhood, when we felt the primeval terror of the world around us and yearned for the intervention of a mother/protector to keep us safe. Perhaps it makes it easier to explain away our personal failures when the work of an enemy can be blamed. Perhaps we just get tired of long explanations and like the cleanliness of an easy solution. It is for wiser people than me to say. Whatever its allure, this primitive ideology of Hutu Power swept through Rwanda in 1993 and early 1994 with the speed of flame through dry grass. — Paul Rusesabagina

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Sarah Ockler

It's complicated. I think when bad things happen - whether someone dies or people argue or split up - you get to a point where it's just too hard to go back. There's so much lost. So many versions of the truth. So many versions of how things might've turned out differently. We all long for what could have been. For some people, it's just easier to move forward and try to forget. — Sarah Ockler

It'll Get Easier Quotes By America Ferrera

I used to hate getting dressed, getting in front of the camera and walking down the red carpet. It bothered me because I felt like I couldn't be what they wanted me to be. Now it's still not my favorite thing, but I get through it a lot easier because I know that my work brings value to who I am. — America Ferrera

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Rivers Cuomo

With no faith, purely as a scientific experiment, I started meditating and watched if it changed my music. It did, but it didn't make it more mellow. It made it easier to get into the flow of creativity. — Rivers Cuomo

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Sam Brownback

It is far easier to get divorced from somebody you've been married to for 10 years and have three children by than to fire somebody that's worked for you for one year. — Sam Brownback

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

It'll get easier, Paolo said.
But I knew that. That was the worst part. The worst part was that eventually you forgot about the people you loved. The dead ones and the ones who raised you and the ones you wanted to be with at the end of the day. — Maggie Stiefvater

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Pat Summitt

You're wondering what a bale of hay has to do with success. Well, there's a trick to loading hay. You have to use your knee. What you do is, you put your right knee behind it and half kick it up in the air. That way you get some lift on it ... My point is, there are certain ways to make a hard job easier. — Pat Summitt

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Franz Grillparzer

Is it true that one travels in order to know mankind? It is easier to get to know other people at home, but abroad one gets to know oneself. — Franz Grillparzer

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, remember longer and, as I say, get sadder younger than anyone else in the world. I know, for I'm one of them. — Ray Bradbury

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Alan W. Watts

It is in vain that we can predict and control the course of events in the future, unless we know how to live in the present. It is in vain that doctors prolong life if we spend the extra time being anxious to live still longer. It is in vain that engineers devise faster and easier means of travel if the new sights that we see are merely sorted and understood in terms of old prejudices. It is in vain that we get the power of the atom if we are just to continue in the rut of blowing people up. — Alan W. Watts

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Sarah MacLean

I've got it! Let's get Alex married off as quickly as possible. That will make it easier for all of us!" Nick spoke with dry humor, "I'm not sure it would make it easier for Alex." Kit feigned disappointment. "Nor her husband, I suspect." "I don't expect many men will be too thrilled at the prospect of courting Alex, to be honest, what with having us to contend with," Will said, then added, "I confess, the only thing I am looking forward to is terrifying her potential suitors." Kit chuckled. "It's an additional benefit that, in terrifying them, we shall infuriate her." The — Sarah MacLean

It'll Get Easier Quotes By William Faulkner

The only rule I have is to quit while it's still hot. Never write yourself out. Always quit when it's going good. Then it's easier to take it up again. If you exhaust yourself, then you'll get into a dead spell and you'll have trouble with it. — William Faulkner

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Noel DeJesus

You will fail, and when you do it's imperative that you not hope for things to get easier, but instead harness a desire for you to be better. — Noel DeJesus

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Paul Dudley White

I favor parking a few miles from the office and walking to work. You get the benefit of exercise and besides it is easier to get a parking space. — Paul Dudley White

It'll Get Easier Quotes By James Carville

Republicans want smaller government for the same reason crooks want fewer cops; it's easier to get away with murder. — James Carville

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Emily Maroutian

Every time you get angry with yourself for where you are in your process of growth, it's the equivalent of chopping off the head of the rose because it hasn't bloomed yet. Now you have to go through that part of the process again. Anger will set you back every time and slow down your growth. However, self-compassion and self-encouragement are like water and sunshine; they help the growth process happen faster and easier. It's up to you how you want to proceed, but if you can break the habit of getting angry with yourself and replace it with some compassion and encouragement, then you will bloom like you have never bloomed before. — Emily Maroutian

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Accepting a religion, any, is a lot like someone in love. It doesn't matter what the beloved does or says, he or she will get a pass ... Forever. It's easier that way. It's too difficult to accept fault or to admit contradictions or falsehoods. Someone who is religious is in love, and there is no talking them out of it, regardless of what others would take as silly notions or irrational thinking. I no longer try. Life is brief, despite what those longing for an afterlife might really need to believe. Peace and acceptance is something, however, I'll always back, no matter what vehicle it rides in on. — Benjamin Kane Ethridge

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Norman Vincent Peale

Check what you did right and don't get lost in basking on your glory. It will make it easier to repeat whatever you did that created the success. — Norman Vincent Peale

It'll Get Easier Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

Even to this day it is easier than it ought to be for me to get a rise out of an American by telling him something about himself which is equally true about every human being on the face of the globe. He at once resents this as a disparagement and an assertion on my part that people in other parts of the globe are not like that, and are loftily superior to such weaknesses. — George Bernard Shaw

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Serena Williams

I love tennis more than designing because it's actually easier and I don't get nearly as nervous. — Serena Williams

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Jim Butcher

I know how you feel," I said. "You run into something you totally don't get, and it's scary as hell. But once you learn something about it, it gets easier to handle. Knowledge counters fear. It always has. — Jim Butcher

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Charles Duhigg

If you want to make yourself more sensitive to the small details in your work, cultivate a habit of imagining, as specifically as possible, what you expect to see and do when you get to your desk. Then you'll be prone to notice the tiny ways in which real life deviates from the narrative inside your head. If you want to become better at listening to your children, tell yourself stories about what they said to you at dinnertime last night. Narrate your life, as you are living it, and you'll encode those experiences deeper in your brain. If you need to improve your focus and learn to avoid distractions, take a moment to visualize, with as much detail as possible, what you are about to do. It is easier to know what's ahead when there's a well-rounded script inside your head. — Charles Duhigg

It'll Get Easier Quotes By S.E. Jakes

tucked an arm around the back of Prophet's neck and Prophet buried his face in Doc's shoulder as Doc said, "It's not fair. I know it's not. But before you do anything else, you have to tell Tom." "How do you know I haven't?" "How do I know the sun rises in the morning?" "Fucker," Prophet muttered against Doc's shoulder. "Disability-hater." Doc rubbed the back of his neck but didn't make a move to let him go. And Prophet was okay with that. "Do you want me to tell him?" Doc asked finally. "Yeah. But you can't." God, it was safe right here, with Doc. And Prophet wanted it to be this safe with Tommy . . . and it was, except for this issue. Which he hadn't given Tommy the chance to deal with. "I can be there with you. I'll answer the questions he'll have, so you don't have to." Prophet lifted his head. "Yeah, I get you're trying to make it easier on me, but fuck, it's not going to be at all. I can't pretend anything will help." "Not pretending is the first step. — S.E. Jakes

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Kevin Mitnick

I get hired to hack into computers now and sometimes it's actually easier than it was years ago. — Kevin Mitnick

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Monique Reza

Is there a definition of a truly good person? ... Many say that "Nice guys finish last", that "kindness is weakness", and so on. To those of you who are told "Your too nice" or you tell yourself that. That is something to hold on to! So many people say "screw it" I can't be walked on or treated this way. So they become what they think is "tough" ,"smarter" or it's just easier. It's really not. Because even though you think you get "respect" you had to sacrifice the good part of who you are for it. — Monique Reza

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Perdita Felicien

I find it is a challenge being a student athlete, but I am the kind of individual that loves challenges. I see this as my job rather than a chore so it makes it easier to get through the day. Regular students don't spend 4 hours at the track, 2 in the training room and they especially don't have to watch everything they eat. I enjoy what I do immensely and take the good with the bad. — Perdita Felicien

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Susan Sarandon

I feel it's easier to sit in the backseat and go, "Oh, yeah, let's go there." You're not worried about getting to the destination. But the guy or the woman who has to get you to the destination is worried about a lot of other things, so my job as an actor is to try as many things as possible, be as open as possible, listen, and keep my heart open. — Susan Sarandon

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Rick Pitino

I never thought that shoes would be the reason that you recruit players, but it's a factor. I think we need to get the shoe companies out of the lives of the athletes. I think we need to get it back to where parents and coaches have more of a say than peripheral people, but that's easier said than done. — Rick Pitino

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Rachel Kushner

I know there are writers who like to say that every novel is hard, and it doesn't get easier. That may be the case, and I've only written two. But the first, to me, was characterized by an enduring oscillation between perseverance and a profound doubt. — Rachel Kushner

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Lynda Barry

It's much easier to teach writing, because people are less shy about writing. If they're in a group, nobody can see what they're writing. When you're drawing, people get a little more nervous. — Lynda Barry

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Jarod Kintz

A blanket could be used to wrap up all the love I have to offer you, so it'll be easier for you to carry it across the desert. You'd better get walking, because me and my camel won't be stopping until we have to pee. — Jarod Kintz

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Nikki Rowe

There's something about trauma to the mind, body and soul. One day your normal and the next your different; you don't know what changed but you know nothing's the same and all of a sudden you are learning to adapt yourself to the same environment with a whole new outlook. I guess you realise your not invisible and every aching bone bleeds it's sorrow through anguish in your movements. One day it'll get easier, because I'm telling myself it will and that's the difference between becoming a pioneer through this disaster when all thought I'd be a slave to pity. — Nikki Rowe

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Demetri Martin

I've learned something on the road, traveling around: state shapes. The easier it is to draw the shape of the state, the harder it is to live in that state. So, if you live in a regular polygon, get the hell outta there. You gotta move to a squiggly area. Culture's attracted to squiggles. — Demetri Martin

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Evan Esar

A bore finds it easy to start talking, and even easier to get others to stop listening. — Evan Esar

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Augusten Burroughs

Dear Pighead, The reason I am so distant is because, well, there are two reasons actually. The first reason is my drinking. I require alcohol, nightly. And nothing can get in the way. The second reason is your disease. I can't stand the idea of getting close to you, or closer, only to have you up and die on me, pulling the carpet out from under my life. You're my best friend. The best friend I ever had. I have to protect that. I don't call you or see you much because I'm killing you off now, while it's easier. Because I can still talk to you. It makes sense to me to separate now, while you're still healthy, as opposed to having it just happen to me one night out of the blue. I'm trying to evenly distribute the pain of loss. As opposed to taking it in one lump sum. — Augusten Burroughs

It'll Get Easier Quotes By George Takei

The real challenge in acting is in comedy. It's easier to get that gasp in a drama. Not easy, because you still have to find that emotional pitch. And when you do something in drama and you hear that sob from the audience it's so fulfilling. But as a comic actor, when the laugh is supposed to come and you punch in that line and nothing happens it is dreadful. It's horrific and you feel like dying right there. — George Takei

It'll Get Easier Quotes By C.P. Snow

Nothing is easier to avoid than publicity. If one genuinely doesn't want it, one doesn't get it. — C.P. Snow

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Roshan Sharma

If you simply get detach from yourself, it gets easier for you to see, how you perceive life. — Roshan Sharma

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Derek's change came faster now and maybe a bit easier
no vomiting this time. Finally it was over, and he fell onto his side, panting, shaking, and shivering. Then he reached for my hand, holding it tight, and I entwined my fingers with his, shifting closer and using my free hand to brush sweaty hair from his face.
"Whoa," a voice said, making both of us jump. Simon stood in the entrance to our corner, a pile of fabric in his hands. "You really need to get dressed before you start that."
"I'm not starting anything," Derek said.
"Still ... " He held out the stack in his hands. "Dr. Fellows dug up some hospital greens for you. Get dressed and then ... whatever — Kelley Armstrong

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Fredrik Backman

It's easier to get people talking about things they dislike than things they like, Elsa has noticed. And it's easier not to get frightened of shadows in the dark — Fredrik Backman

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Bill Gates

Vaccination is one of the easiest things on the way to development. It's much easier than roads and a great education system. It's very basic. It's one of the first things you want to get right. — Bill Gates

It'll Get Easier Quotes By Andrea Speed

I'm not going to lie to you and say it gets easier, because it doesn't. It's just that you get used to it. The human animal has an amazing capacity to get used to almost anything. — Andrea Speed