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Irritating Others Quotes By John Keats

Think of my Pleasure in Solitude, in comparison of my commerce with the world - there I am a child - there they do not know me not even my most intimate acquaintance - I give into their feelings as though I were refraining from irritating a little child - Some think me middling, others silly, other foolish - every one thinks he sees my weak side against my will; when in thruth it is with my will - I am content to be thought all this because I have in my own breast so graet a resource. This is one great reason why they like me so; because they can all show to advantage in a room, and eclipese from a certain tact one who is reckoned to be a good Poet - I hope I am not here playing tricks 'to make the angels weep': I think not: for I have not the least contempt for my species; and though it may sound paradoxical: my greatest elevations of Soul leave me every time more humbled - Enough of this - though in your Love for me you will not think it enough. — John Keats

Irritating Others Quotes By Nelson Goodman

My title "The Fabrication of Facts," has the virtue not only of indicating pretty clearly what I am going to discuss but also of irritating those fundamentalists who know very well that facts are found not madder, that facts constitute the one and only real world, and that knowledge consists of believing the facts. These articles of faith so firmly possess most of us, they so bind and blind us, that "fabrication of fact" has a paradoxical sound. "Fabrication" has become a synonym for "falsehood" or "fiction" as contrasted with "truth" or "fact." Of course, we must distinguish falsehood and fiction from truth and fact; but we cannot, I am sure, do it on ground that fiction is fabricated and fact found. - 91 — Nelson Goodman

Irritating Others Quotes By Joris-Karl Huysmans

Last comes the class of persons, of nervous organization and enfeebled vigour, whose sensual appetite craves highly seasoned dishes, men of a hectic, over-stimulated constitution. Their eyes almost invariably hanker after that most irritating and morbid of colours, with its artificial splendours and feverish acrid gleams,-orange. — Joris-Karl Huysmans

Irritating Others Quotes By Ann Brashares

She realized all at once the deeper thing that bothered her, the thing that made him not just irritating but intolerable: how he kept loving her blindly when she deserved it so little. — Ann Brashares

Irritating Others Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

Music, I regret to say, affects me merely as an arbitrary succession of more or less irritating sounds. Under certain emotional circumstances I can stand the spasms of a rich violin, but the concert piano and all wind instruments bore me in small doses and flay me in larger ones. — Vladimir Nabokov

Irritating Others Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

There is undoubtedly something irritating about the favorites of fortune. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Irritating Others Quotes By Martyn V. Halm

Common sense is only irritating in other people — Martyn V. Halm

Irritating Others Quotes By Dave Barry

The population of earth has reached 7 billion people, every single one of whom send you irritating emails to join something called "LinkedIn." — Dave Barry

Irritating Others Quotes By Edgar Cayce

Keep the body - or keep the mind, and it will keep the body! - in a constructive manner. That is, think the pleasant things, even when the outlook may be the darkest. Do not allow the little things that are hindrances make for irritating, or to hurt the feelings. For naturally the body is sensitive to feelings of others, through the overflow of those activities in the sympathetic system. But know that God is! Know that He protects those who put their trust in Him; that what is necessary will be supplied thee if ye will keep joyous, keep happy, keep in that way of constructive forces throughout! — Edgar Cayce

Irritating Others Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

I can be greedy, desirous or an irritating materialist, but again, I am not a stupid. — M.F. Moonzajer

Irritating Others Quotes By Lindsay Duncan

Recently I made the mistake of opening a bundle of reviews that someone had sent me of a production from years and years ago, and someone had written a really lovely review except that it made a remark about the way I spoke: 'A lot of people find her voice terribly irritating.' Do they? I had no idea. — Lindsay Duncan

Irritating Others Quotes By Michio Kaku

No matter how beautiful the theory, one irritating fact can dismiss the entire formulism, so it has to be proven. — Michio Kaku

Irritating Others Quotes By Amy Sanderson

I tapped the largest of the charms, a shark's tooth capped in silver. "It's never let me down yet." "How do you know?" Jasmine was smirking in an irritating fashion. "I'm not dead," I replied. Daryus — Amy Sanderson

Irritating Others Quotes By Tana French

O'Kelly's disregard for cliche is so sweeping that it almost has its own panache. I find this entertaining or irritating or mildly comforting, depending on my mood, but at least it makes it very easy to prepare your script in advance. — Tana French

Irritating Others Quotes By J.K. Rowling

I know what you are known as ... but to me, you will always be Tom Riddle. It is one of the irritating things about old teachers. I am afraid that they never quite forget their charges' youthful beginnings. — J.K. Rowling

Irritating Others Quotes By Christopher Moore

Theophilus Crowe's mobile phone played eight bars of "Tangled Up in Blue" in an irritating electronic voice that sounded like a choir of suffering houseflies, or Jiminy Cricket huffing helium, or, well, you know, Bob Dylan. — Christopher Moore

Irritating Others Quotes By Darynda Jones

My beautiful sister. You are like sunshine: bright, incandescent, and oddly irritating at times. But what else are sisters for? — Darynda Jones

Irritating Others Quotes By Tony Blair

For most normal people, politics is a distant, occasionally irritating fog. — Tony Blair

Irritating Others Quotes By Neil Gaiman

The irritating question they ask us
us being writers
is: "Where do you get your ideas?"
And the answer is: Confluence. Things come together. The right ingredients and suddenly: Abracadabra! — Neil Gaiman

Irritating Others Quotes By Lemony Snicket

She took Sunny's coat off, and then her own, and dropped them both on the floor. Normally, of course, one should hang up one's coat on a hook or in a closet, but itchy hives are very irritating and tend to make one abandon such matters. — Lemony Snicket

Irritating Others Quotes By Patricia Wentworth

The fact is, people who don't have any misfortunes are very irritating to their neighbours. No opportunities for popping in with condolences and new-laid eggs. No visits to the afflicted. No opportunities for the milk of human kindness to flow. Naturally it doesn't. — Patricia Wentworth

Irritating Others Quotes By Henry L. Stimson

There has been growing quite a strain of irritating feeling between our government and the Russians and it seems to me that it is a time for me to use all the restraint I can on these other people who have been apparently getting a little more irritated. — Henry L. Stimson

Irritating Others Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

With all respect to the Buddha and to the early Christian celibates, I sometimes wonder if all this teaching about nonattachment and the spiritual importance of monastic solitude might be denying us something quite vital. Maybe all that renunciation of intimacy denies us the opportunity to ever experience that very earthbound, domesticated, dirt-under-the-fingernails gift of the difficult, long-term, daily forgiveness {...} Maybe creating a big enough space within your consciousness to hold and accept someone's contradictions - someone's idiocies, even - is a kind of divine act. Perhaps transcendence can be found not only on solitary mountaintops or in monastic settings, but also at your own kitchen table, in the daily acceptance of your partner's most tiresome, irritating faults. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Irritating Others Quotes By Ben Lerner

Each member of this shadowy network resented the others, who were irritating reminders that nothing was more American, whatever that means, than fleeing the American, whatever that is, and that their soft version of self-imposed exile was just another of late empire's packaged tours. — Ben Lerner

Irritating Others Quotes By Patrick Hamilton

Mr. Thwaites was, of course, a pronounced and leading Christmasist, being the instinctive leader of everything irritating and depressing, and the others followed him. — Patrick Hamilton

Irritating Others Quotes By David Benioff

I was cursed with the pessimism of both the Russians and the Jews two of the gloomiest tribes in the world. Still if there wasn't greatness in me maybe I had the talent to recognize it in others even in the most irritating others. — David Benioff

Irritating Others Quotes By Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The extreme inequalities in the manner of living of the several classes of mankind, the excess of idleness in some, and of labour in others, the facility of irritating and satisfying our sensuality and our appetites, the too exquisite and out of the way aliments of the rich, which fill them with fiery juices, and bring on indigestions, the unwholesome food of the poor, of which even, bad as it is, they very often fall short, and the want of which tempts them, every opportunity that offers, to eat greedily and overload their stomachs; watchings, excesses of every kind, immoderate transports of all the passions, fatigues, waste of spirits, in a word, the numberless pains and anxieties annexed to every condition, and which the mind of man is constantly a prey to; these are the fatal proofs that most of our ills are of our own making, and that we might have avoided them all by adhering to the simple, uniform and solitary way of life prescribed to us by nature. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Irritating Others Quotes By Moises Naim

Whether the challenge is getting a raise or a promotion, doing our job in a certain way, pushing an elected official to vote for a bill we favor, planning a vacation with a spouse, or getting a child to eat right, we are always, consciously or not, gauging our power: assessing our capacity to get others to behave as we want. We bridle at the power of others and its irritating and inconveniencing effects: how our boss, the government, the police, the bank, or our telephone or cable provider induces us to behave in a certain way, to do certain things, or to quit doing others. And yet we often seek power, sometimes in very self-conscious ways. — Moises Naim

Irritating Others Quotes By David Gemmell

The abbot had called her a sweet soul. This was true, but she was also massively irritating. She fussed over Rabalyn as if he was still three years old, and her conversation was absurdly repetitive. Every time he left the little cottage she would ask: 'Are you going to be warm enough?' If he voiced any concerns about life, schooling or future plans, she would say: 'I don't know about that. It's enough to have food on the table today.' Her days were spent cleaning other people's sheets and clothes. In the evenings she would unravel discarded woollen garments and create balls of faded wool. Then she would knit scores of squares, which would later be fashioned into blankets. Some she sold. Others she gave away to the poorhouse. Aunt Athyla was never idle. — David Gemmell

Irritating Others Quotes By Madame Roland

A fondness for satire indicates a mind pleased with irritating others; for myself, I never could find amusement in killing flies. — Madame Roland

Irritating Others Quotes By Kate Atkinson

Normally she restricts herself to a very narrow spectrum of emotions (irritable, irritated, irritating). — Kate Atkinson

Irritating Others Quotes By Abraham Maslow

There are no perfect human beings! Persons can be found who are good, very good indeed, in fact, great. There do in fact exist creators, seers, sages, saints, shakers, and movers ... even if they are uncommon and do not come by the dozen. And yet these very same people can at times be boring, irritating, petulant, selfish, angry, or depressed. To avoid disillusionment with human nature, we must first give up our illusions about it. — Abraham Maslow

Irritating Others Quotes By Daniel Radcliffe

How irritating it must be for people, to be bombarded with me! — Daniel Radcliffe

Irritating Others Quotes By Charlie Brooker

Whenever I tell people I'm a misanthrope they react as though that's a bad thing, the idiots. I live in London, for God's sake. Have you walked down Oxford Street recently? Misanthropy's the only thing that gets you through it. It's not a personality flaw, it's a skill.
It's nothing to do with sheer numbers. Move me to a remote cottage in the Hebrides and I'd learn to despise the postman, even if he only visited once a year. I can't abide other people, with their stink and their noise and their irritating ringtones. Bill Hicks called the human race 'a virus with shoes', and if you ask me he was being unduly hard on viruses; I'd consider a career in serial killing if the pay wasn't so bad. — Charlie Brooker

Irritating Others Quotes By Francois Fenelon

On this earth all is temptation. Crosses tempt us by irritating our pride, and prosperity by flattering it. Our life is a continual combat, but one in which Jesus Christ fights for us. We must pass on unmoved, while temptations rage around us, as the traveler, overtaken by a storm, simply wraps his cloak more closely about him, and pushes on more vigorously toward his destined home. — Francois Fenelon

Irritating Others Quotes By Dana Stabenow

Why was it that the instant you sent someone a check, no matter how worthy the organization, the first thing they did was ask you for more? Irritating, and a waste of the money she had just sent them. — Dana Stabenow

Irritating Others Quotes By Sheherazade Goldsmith

There are a lot of irritating aspects about large supermarkets for the wannabe eco-warrior, but the one that gets most of us hottest under the collar is packaging. — Sheherazade Goldsmith

Irritating Others Quotes By Ricky Williams

It used to be irritating just because someone can meet you and before they would get a chance to get to know you, they'll go find someone else's story about who I am. For me personally, I just always think it's more interesting to get to know the person myself. — Ricky Williams

Irritating Others Quotes By Ian Anderson

I'm really terrible with small children; they're small, noisy, irritating, damp and soggy. — Ian Anderson

Irritating Others Quotes By David Foster Wallace

But and so things are slow, and like you they have this irritating suspicion that any real satisfaction is still way, way off, and it's frustrating; but like basically decent kids they suck it up, bite the foil, because what's going on is just plain real; and no matter what we want, the real world is pretty slow, at present, for kids our age. It probably gets less slow as you get older and more of the world is behind you, and less ahead, but very few people of our generation are going to find this exchange attractive, I'll bet. — David Foster Wallace

Irritating Others Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

What if I pulled through and the pious faction contentedly claimed that their prayers had been answered? That would somehow be irritating, — Christopher Hitchens

Irritating Others Quotes By Paulo Coelho

When we're with other people and they say nothing, the situation becomes irritating, tense, unbearable. — Paulo Coelho

Irritating Others Quotes By Catherine Doyle

And you're kind of like a snowflake.'
Oh, Jesus Christ.
He masked his fleeting surprise with a quirked eyebrow. 'Excuse me?'
'Nothing,' I said quickly. 'I didn't say anything.'
'No, no,' he said, rounding on me so his face was too close, his eyes too searing, his smile too irritating. 'I'm a snowflake, am I? — Catherine Doyle

Irritating Others Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

Well, it's nice to get something right for a change. You don't know how irritating it is - missing things the way I have been. I feel so useless. So ... normal." She cringed in horror of the word.
"I can't imagine how awful that must feel. Being normal? Ugh. — Stephenie Meyer

Irritating Others Quotes By Charlotte Church

I love singing - singing is what I'm famous for doing. Now it's turned into things I am famous for doing - like having rows with my mum or about my boyfriend, so it does get irritating. — Charlotte Church

Irritating Others Quotes By Jennifer Hotes

A steady spray of mist silently soaks my fooyball jersey, an irritating rain we locals call spit. Not worth the trouble of opening an umbrella. Not worth spit. Kind of like me. — Jennifer Hotes

Irritating Others Quotes By George Orwell

Nothing in the world is quite so irritating as dealing with mutinous children. — George Orwell

Irritating Others Quotes By Gail Carriger

Who the devil are you?" Alexia asked, the man's cavalier interference irritating her into using actual profanity. "Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings." Alexia gawked. No wonder he was so very full of himself. One would have to be, laboring all one's life under a name like that. "Well, — Gail Carriger