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Top Irony And Characters Quotes

Irony And Characters Quotes By Jonathan Stroud

I like to have my characters talking in an up-to-date way, and I like their essentially modern self-awareness, which means we can have lots of irony and jokes. — Jonathan Stroud

Irony And Characters Quotes By Colin Firth

I don't think it's aiming at gags, I think the humour is woven into it. It's part of how the characters operate and how they deal with disaster because they're worldly enough to have a bit of irony and wryness about their own circumstances. So, I think the humour comes out of that. — Colin Firth

Irony And Characters Quotes By Ralph Steadman

At first, I thought 'this series is going to be all about death and desecration,' but instead became a more complex landscape of human relationships. I hope I put something of these feelings into the portraits that I made of the characters, which were landscapes in themselves. An irony in the subject of crystal meth is how beautifully it resembles the desert sky. — Ralph Steadman

Irony And Characters Quotes By Henry James

The truth is that circumstances had done much to cultivate in Mrs. Tristram a marked tendency to irony. Her taste on many points differed from that of her husband, and though she made frequent concessions it must be confessed that her concessions were not always graceful. They were founded upon a vague project she had of some day doing something very positive, something a trifle passionate. What she meant to do she could by no means have told you; but meanwhile, nevertheless, she was buying a good conscience, by installments. — Henry James

Irony And Characters Quotes By Mabel Osgood Wright

Mother love is invariably held sacred, as it should be, but why has father love never had its due? — Mabel Osgood Wright

Irony And Characters Quotes By Hirokazu Koreeda

In order to avoid sentimentality and to be able to write the screenplay with the kind of humor and irony necessary to keep the story moving, I needed to distance myself as much as I could from the characters, to try to get to a point where I could view them objectively. — Hirokazu Koreeda

Irony And Characters Quotes By Michael Chabon

There was a sort of irony in the fact that these [superhero] characters - many of whom in that period, the Golden Age, had been evolved to fight the Nazis - were themselves very much in the Nazi ideal. The idea that you can solve problems through physical strength, by being stronger and more dominant and more powerful - that is fascism. I mean, that's it, that's the essence of fascism. I don't think the creators of the superheroes or the kids who were reading them at the time were the slightest bit aware of it. — Michael Chabon

Irony And Characters Quotes By Anthony Marra

In my own work, humor is necessary, for the reasons stated above, but also because forbidding your characters silliness, absurdity, irony, and vulgarity forbids them aspects of the human experience every bit as universal as sorrow. — Anthony Marra

Irony And Characters Quotes By Peter Carey

The most puzzling thing in the entire encounter occurred at a certain stage very late in the conversation, when she discovered she had been talking to a man. She had the feeling of a dream where things and people transmogrify, characters dissolve from one to the other like tricks in a film, monsters in a bottle. She had the sense, the very distinct sense, of her companion's female gender; she had been pleased to find it, had relaxed into it, had been even more delighted to find it coupled with an elegant wit and a sense of both joy and irony. The forces of life, she thought to herself, are flying high tonight. — Peter Carey

Irony And Characters Quotes By Thubten Yeshe

Your mind is your religion. — Thubten Yeshe

Irony And Characters Quotes By Alessandra Torre

Sole Alessandra Torre I've had a lot of firsts in the last three years. Today is a new one. First time throwing a three-year-old Birthday party, Hollywood Style. Too bad my sexier-than-sin husband is absolutely no help. And Cocky is in the pool. And Ben is having a panic attack. And Justin is feeding my child sugar at every opportunity. This is past the dirt, and more than just Hollywood. This is our life as Sole. — Alessandra Torre

Irony And Characters Quotes By Richard Ayoade

The act of seeing any film generally is you knowing more than the characters, even if it's the classic Hitchcock shot of two people talking and a bomb being under the table. Part of the pleasure of it is seeing where people go wrong, and the irony of situations. — Richard Ayoade

Irony And Characters Quotes By Shawn Hatosy

John Wells and Christopher Chulack were pretty honest from the get-go in our first meeting about 'Southland.' They were looking to create characters that were believable in the environment of the LAPD - multi-dimensional, layered characters with real flaws; good-hearted cops mixed with the perfect amount of heroism and irony. — Shawn Hatosy

Irony And Characters Quotes By Mark Twain

We saw rude piles of stones standing near the roadside, at intervals, and recognized the custom of marking boundaries which obtained in Jacob's time. There were no walls, no fences, no hedges - nothing to secure a man's possessions but these random heaps of stones. The Israelites held them sacred in the old patriarchal times, and these other Arabs, their lineal descendants, do so likewise. An American, of ordinary intelligence, would soon widely extend his property, at an outlay of mere manual labor, performed at night, under so loose a system of fencing as this. — Mark Twain

Irony And Characters Quotes By Charlie Munger

The laws of thermodynamic s are such that if the water is getting warmer - and I believe it is - the energy of the weather is going to go up. — Charlie Munger

Irony And Characters Quotes By Shawn Levy

You don't service a big, fun premise comedy and then shoot yourself in the foot with too much irony. You need the audience to invest in the fun and the warmth and generally care about the characters. — Shawn Levy

Irony And Characters Quotes By Nikephoros Of Chios

Men will become poor because they will not have a love for trees ... If you don't love trees, you don't love God. — Nikephoros Of Chios

Irony And Characters Quotes By Diane Vallere

People who weren't fans of the actress didn't understand that through much of the sixties, Doris Day played independent women, characters who owned their own businesses, ran households, and often didn't need a man. The irony was, she usually ended up with a pretty good one: Rock Hudson, James Garner, and Cary Grant, to name a few. — Diane Vallere