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Iraq War Soldier Quotes & Sayings

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Iraq War Soldier Quotes By George W. Bush

Should any Iraqi officer or soldier receive an order from Saddam Hussein ... don't follow that order. Because if you choose to do so, when Iraq is liberated, you will be treated, tried and persecuted as a war criminal. — George W. Bush

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Luke Taylor

He took a deep breath in, still managing himself as if he were resisting temptation. He was a soldier, his father was in the service, too. Crying wasn't something Morell men did. They just didn't.

He hadn't cried at Robbie Morell's funeral.

So he wasn't going to now. — Luke Taylor

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By David Finkel

I start thinking about what happened and then I start thinking about why I'm still here. It's pointless. They say on TV that the soldiers want to be there? I can't speak for every soldier, but I think if people went around and made a list of names of who fucking thinks we should actually be here and who wants to be here, ain't nobody that wants to be here, because there's no point. What are we getting out of fucking being here? Nothing. — David Finkel

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Melissa Seligman

Afghanistan changed him, but Iraq sculpted him. — Melissa Seligman

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Andrew Himes

Brian Turner writes as only a soldier can, of terror and compassion, hurt and horror, sympathy and desire. He takes us into the truth and trauma of the Iraq war in language that is precise, delicate and beautiful, even as it tells of a suicide bomber, a skull shattered by a bullet, a blade in a bloodgroove. — Andrew Himes

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Eve Ensler

It is hard to determine what is most disturbing about this book - the devious and immoral tactics used by leaders and recruiters to get women to join the military, the terrible poverty and personal violence women were escaping that lead them to be vulnerable to such manipulation, the raping and harassing of women soldiers by their superiors and comrades once they got to Iraq, or the untreated homelessness, illnesses and madness that have haunted women since they came home. The Lonely Soldier is an important book, a crucial accounting of the shameful war on women who gave their bodies, lives and souls for their country. — Eve Ensler

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Matthew J. Hefti

Worry only about what you control. The rest is war. — Matthew J. Hefti

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Jason Christopher Hartley

I feel like so much has been left undone. There are friends I won't see before I leave, there are bills I still need to pay. I haven't written as much as I've wanted, and there are countless things I've said that I wish I could correct, but this is a process that will never end. When my grandmother died she left a library full of books she never finished reading. This is how I feel now. — Jason Christopher Hartley

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Ben Fountain

No it was my choice. It's what I wanted to do. And I knew they'd probably send me to Iraq. It's not like anybody lied to me."
She groans. "Billy, all these mofos ever do is lie. You think if they halfway told the truth we'd even be in a fucking war? You know what I think, I think we don't deserve to have you guys die for us. No country that lets It's leaders lie like that deserves a single soldier to die for it. — Ben Fountain

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By William Odom

In World War II in Germany, we had a ration for one U.S. soldier, or one allied soldier for every twenty inhabitants. The ratio in Iraq is about one for a hundred and sixty. — William Odom

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By Jim Sheeler

I've had people tell me to get over it. I politely tell them, 'How about if I chop off your finger and see if it grows back? — Jim Sheeler

Iraq War Soldier Quotes By David Bellavia

Maybe it's time to stop being a soldier and go home to be a father. And a husband for Deanna. I'm not sure how. — David Bellavia