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Ippei Shinozuka Quotes & Sayings

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Top Ippei Shinozuka Quotes

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Whenever I write a novel, I have a strong sense that I am doing something I was unable to do before. With each new work, I move up a step and discover something new inside me. — Haruki Murakami

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Rumi

Throw off your tiredness. Let me show you one tiny spot of the beauty that can't be spoken. — Rumi

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Leah Bobet

Keeping histories is as much about knowing what needs forgetting as what ought to be remembered. — Leah Bobet

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By David Levithan

I am stronger than words and I am bigger than the box I'm in, and then I see her in the crowd and I fall apart. — David Levithan

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By J.M. Darhower

Mr. Vitale?"
"Yes," I say. "Who the fuck is this?"
"Detective Jameson," he says.I just want to ... "I just want to notify you that there was an incident this evening - "
"Don't do it," I say, my voice cracking, interrupting him.
Don't you do it.
Don't you say it.
Don't make a notification over the phone ... — J.M. Darhower

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Martin Amis

Poverty said the same thing, century after century, but in different kinds of sentences. — Martin Amis

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Dan Chaon

I know a lot of people don't listen to music when they're writing because it distracts them, but for me it's almost a way to get into the self-hypnotic state that I need to be in to write. — Dan Chaon

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Isaac D'Israeli

There is such a thing as literary fashion, and prose and verse have been regulated by the same caprice that cuts our coats and cocks our hats. — Isaac D'Israeli

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By David Letterman

I was once involved in a same-sex marriage. There was the same sex over and over and over. — David Letterman

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Julie Kagawa

My soul cried out for Ash, for his courage and determination; for the way his eyes thawed when he looked at me, as if I were the only person in the world; for that beautiful, wounded spirit I saw beneath the cold exterior he showed the world. — Julie Kagawa

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Jim Pascoe

Psychics. I love to prove you wrong. — Jim Pascoe

Ippei Shinozuka Quotes By Harriet Ann Jacobs

Death is better than slavery. — Harriet Ann Jacobs