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Interfere Quotes By Elizabeth Camden

I found a Bible in his bedroom." Her shoulders sagged. So . . . that was why he'd summoned her. He'd discovered she'd failed to slam the door on Pieter's curiosity about faith and was going to interfere. "He asked if there was a Bible in the house, and I showed him where it was," she admitted. Oddly, Quentin didn't seem angry. He tugged on his collar and seemed merely a little embarrassed. "I'm willing to admit I've been wrong about that," he said. "I studied Christianity at college and understand the basic doctrines. The principles aren't bad, and if they bring Pieter comfort, I don't mind him exploring until he is an adult and ready to make his own decisions. — Elizabeth Camden

Interfere Quotes By William S. Burroughs

Never interfere in a girl and boy fight. — William S. Burroughs

Interfere Quotes By Khloe Kardashian

A lot of adults don't think it's their place to interfere with kids. I interfere all the time. — Khloe Kardashian

Interfere Quotes By Barbara De Angelis

The obstacles in our path are not blocking us-they are redirecting us. Their purpose is not to interfere with our happiness; it is to point us toward new routes to our happiness, new possibilities, new doorways. — Barbara De Angelis

Interfere Quotes By Abigail Van Buren

I agree that marijuana laws are overdue for an overhaul. I also favor the medical use of marijuana
if it's prescribed by a physician. I cannot understand why the federal government should interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, nor why it would ignore the will of a majority of voters who have legally approved such legislation. — Abigail Van Buren

Interfere Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Have we not, indeed, loved mankind, in so humbly recognizing their impotence, in so lovingly alleviating their burden and allowing their feeble nature even to sin, with our permission? Why have you come to interfere with us now? And why are you looking at me so silently and understandingly with your meek eyes? Be angry! I do not want your love, for I do not love you. And what can I hide from you? Do I not know with whom I am speaking? What I have to tell you is all known to you already, I can read it in your eyes. And is it for me to hide our secret from you? Perhaps you precisely want to hear it from my lips. Listen, then: we are not with you, but with him, that is our secret! For a long time now - eight centuries already - we have not been with you, but with him — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Interfere Quotes By Oscar Wilde

I have no ambition to play the part of a mother, and why should I interfere with her illusions? I find it hard enough to keep my own. — Oscar Wilde

Interfere Quotes By John Stuart Mill

The strongest of all arguments against the interference of the public with purely personal conduct, is that when it does interfere, the odds are that it interferes wrongly, and in the wrong place. — John Stuart Mill

Interfere Quotes By David O. McKay

True liberty in individuals consists in the enjoying of every right that will contribute to one's peace and happiness, so long as the exercise of such a privilege does not interfere with the same privilege in others. — David O. McKay

Interfere Quotes By Erich Fromm

We forget that, although freedom of speech constitutes an important victory in the battle against old restraints, modern man is in a position where much of what "he" thinks and says are the things that everybody else thinks and says; that he has not acquired the ability to think originally - that is, for himself - which alone gives meaning to his claim that nobody can interfere with the expression of his thoughts. — Erich Fromm

Interfere Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

When you do not bother anyone at night, does anyone bother you? No one scolds you at night, do they? During the daytime, you create interferences, and that is why you suffer. Nature's law is such that not a single difficulty will affect you, provided you do not interfere. All that affects you is your own interferences. — Dada Bhagwan

Interfere Quotes By Marie Zhuikov

The professor is stumped about why the decline is happening with the wolves and what, if anything, we can do to help them. You see, the problem is we've let nature take its course here. We observe but don't interfere. Kind of like the Prime Directive in Star Trek. — Marie Zhuikov

Interfere Quotes By Sameh Elsayed

Never interfere with events of nature. — Sameh Elsayed

Interfere Quotes By Suzanne Brogger

Femininity is wearing shoes that make it difficult to run, skirts that inhibit movement, and underclothes that interfere with blood circulation. It can hardly be coincidental that the clothes men find most flattering on a woman are precisely those that make it most difficult for her to defend herself against aggression. — Suzanne Brogger

Interfere Quotes By Ben Bernanke

To the extent that bank panics interfere with normal flows of credit, they may affect the performance of the real economy. — Ben Bernanke

Interfere Quotes By Giorgio De Chirico

To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams. — Giorgio De Chirico

Interfere Quotes By Albert Einstein

Don't let your brain interfere with your heart. — Albert Einstein

Interfere Quotes By Frank McCourt

Your mind is a treasure house that you should stock well and it's the one part of you the world can't interfere with. — Frank McCourt

Interfere Quotes By Sheri S. Tepper

Do you know of the uncertainty principle, Marjorie?" "I am educated," she snorted, very much annoyed with him. "Then you know that with very small things, we cannot both know where they are and what they are doing. The act of observing them always changes what they are doing. Perhaps God does not look at us individually because to do so would interrupt our work, interfere with our free will ... . — Sheri S. Tepper

Interfere Quotes By Sherwood Smith

After a time Ara had to do her chores, leaving me on the porch with a fresh infusion of tea to drink, her garden to look at, and her words to consider.
Not that I got very far. There were too many questions. Like: Where did those guards go? Azmus had overcome one, but I didn't remember having seen any more. Then there were the unlocked doors. The one to my cell could be explained away, but not the outside one. If there was a conspiracy, was Azmus behind it? Or someone else--and if so, who; and more importantly, to what end?
It was just possible that those dashing aristos had contrived my escape for a game, just as a cruel cat will play with a mouse before the kill. Their well-publicized bet could certainly account for that. The wager would also serve very nicely as a warning to ordinary people not to interfere with their prey, I thought narrowly.
Which meant that if I'd left any clue to my trail, I had better move on. Soon. — Sherwood Smith

Interfere Quotes By Douglas Dunn

A poet's cultural baggage and erudition can interfere with a poem. — Douglas Dunn

Interfere Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

It'll probably be brutal, too. They might even feed you to the dog.
He doesn't have a dog.
Yeah, well, he might get one just to feed you to it.
She'd never been the kind of person to let something as ridiculous as rational logic interfere with her fear.' (Alix) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Interfere Quotes By Aldous Huxley

The greater part of the population is not very intelligent, dreads responsibility, and desires nothing better than to be told what to do. Provided the rulers do not interfere with its material comforts and its cherished beliefs, it is perfectly happy to let itself be ruled. — Aldous Huxley

Interfere Quotes By Tom Stoppard

What freedom means, is being allowed to sing in my bath as loudly as will not interfere with my neighbour's freedom to sing a different tune in his. — Tom Stoppard

Interfere Quotes By Anthony Burgess

They don't go into what is the cause of goodness, so why of the other shop? If lewdies are good that's because they like it, and I wouldn't ever interfere with their pleasures, and so of the other shop. And I was patronizing the other shop. More, badness is of the self, the one, the you or me on our oddy knockies, and that self is made by old Bog or God and is his great pride and radosty. But the not-self cannot have the bad, meaning they of the government and the judges and the schools cannot allow the bad because they cannot allow the self. And is not our modern history, my brothers, the story of the brave malenky selves fighting these big machines? — Anthony Burgess

Interfere Quotes By Matt Haig

It is another unsolved mystery in a world full of unsolved mysteries.Now stand up and walk out the way you came, and the moment that fresh air caresses your face, you will realize that that is what makes the world so beautiful. All those unsolved mysteries. And you won't ever want to interfere with that beauty again. — Matt Haig

Interfere Quotes By Nong Duc Manh

The war against terrorism should not be used to interfere with an independent, sovereign state. We need to identify concrete terrorist targets and do no harm to civilians. — Nong Duc Manh

Interfere Quotes By Josef Steiff

while there is nothing wrong with human emotions as such, they can interfere with higher forms of cognitive processes. When — Josef Steiff

Interfere Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Don't let people interfere with you. Boot 'em out, turn off the phone, hide away, get it done. If you carry a short story over to the next day you may overnight intellectualize something about it and try to make it too fancy, try to please someone. — Ray Bradbury

Interfere Quotes By Finn Brunton

Obfuscation is the deliberate addition of ambiguous, confusing, or misleading information to interfere with surveillance and data collection. — Finn Brunton

Interfere Quotes By Mother Teresa

We interfere with God's plans when we push in someone or something else not suitable for us. Be strict with yourself, and then be very strict with what you are receiving from the outside. — Mother Teresa

Interfere Quotes By Henry James

I have never allowed a gentleman to dictate to me, or to interfere with anything I do. — Henry James

Interfere Quotes By John Zande

To possess and exercise omniscience is to never have sensed temperature, experienced a single emotion, or practiced a single vice. It is to have never been amazed, concerned, analytical, or sympathetic. By exercising omniscience, an Omni-maximum being could not move, be moved, or inspired. Such a being could not interfere, empathise, interject, alter, adjust, or give advice. Ever. Such a being could not devise a plan, hear music, imagine a story, or recognise art or deviancy in any guise, for it could never differentiate creativity from cold reality. Such a being could not know doubt, desire, success, or failure. It could not, therefore, know itself, and if it is incapable of that, then it is incapable of experiencing pleasure. — John Zande

Interfere Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

It was not in Raj Lyubov's nature to think, "What can I do?" Character and training disposed him not to interfere in other men's business. His job was to find out what they did, and his inclination was to let them go on doing it. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Interfere Quotes By Bey Deckard

Jon had seen the lie immediately for what it was: diplomacy. He had a feeling that, given the chance, Tom would hold him close every night. Instead, the first mate chose to distance himself so as not to interfere with the captain's affection for Jon. A sacrifice. — Bey Deckard

Interfere Quotes By Ilchi Lee

The things we are attached to are no more than shadows of the past. However, we do not recognize that, and, as long as we hold on to them, they become part of the present and follow us around. Let's say there's a wound you suffered long ago. The wound closed and left a large or small scar. It's only a scar, and it doesn't interfere at all with you living a healthy life. But for a person who believes the wound is still open, even pain that has since left will return and the closed wound will become infected. — Ilchi Lee

Interfere Quotes By Ezra Taft Benson

A missionary should never permit himself to see a movie or (read) cheap literature, or hear music that tends to interfere with or which dampens the spirit of missionary work. There is ample evidence that rock music is offensive to the Spirit and affects adversely the spirituality of the missionaries and thus the success of the proselyting work. — Ezra Taft Benson

Interfere Quotes By Osho

If you are a parent, you will need enough courage not to interfere. Open doors of unknown directions to the child, so he can explore. He does not know what he has in him, nobody knows. He has to grope in the dark. Don't make him afraid of darkness, don't make him afraid of failure, don't make him afraid of the unknown. Give him support. When he is going on an unknown journey, send him on with all your support, with all your love, with all your blessings. Don't let him be affected by your fears. You may have fears, but keep them to yourself. Don't unload those fears on the child because that will be interfering. — Osho

Interfere Quotes By Yishan Wong

Reddit strives to be a community-oriented link-sharing and news site, which means that all our content is submitted and voted on by members of our community. We don't interfere with that process at all, either in an editorial or curation capacity. — Yishan Wong

Interfere Quotes By Groucho Marx

Some people claim that marriage interferes with romance. There's no doubt about it. Anytime you have a romance, your wife is bound to interfere. — Groucho Marx

Interfere Quotes By Carl Rollyson

By making no demands (for example, "You must give up your career"), by seeming not to interfere in crucial decisions (should she abort the child she had conceived by him before they were married?) he effectively placed the burden of all decisions on her. She was the one who had to choose - over and over again. Michael could just be himself. This is the free ride men so often enjoy in their marriages. — Carl Rollyson

Interfere Quotes By Carolina Herrera

Work doesn't seem to interfere with my life. I have time for everything, even time to be alone. — Carolina Herrera

Interfere Quotes By Arthur Capper

Several amendments should be made to the primary and general election laws to improve them, but such changes must in no way interfere with a full and free expression of the people's choice in naming the candidates to be voted on at general elections. — Arthur Capper

Interfere Quotes By Rupert Murdoch

I try to keep in touch with the details ... I also look at the product daily. That doesn't mean you interfere, but it's important occasionally to show the ability to be involved. It shows you understand what's happening. — Rupert Murdoch

Interfere Quotes By John Cowper Powys

The love that interferes and knows not how to leave alone is a love alien to Nature's ways. — John Cowper Powys

Interfere Quotes By Jiang Zemin

No department or locality may, or will be allowed to, interfere in the affairs which should be administered by [the SAR] on its own, — Jiang Zemin

Interfere Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Expect forces to interfere with you and expect to conquer them all, if you are serious about the study. Just as there are powers that interfere with those who seek enlightenment, there are forces that will help. — Frederick Lenz

Interfere Quotes By Erica Jong

I tried to keep myself away from him by using con words like "fidelity" and "adultery", by telling myself that he would interfere with my work, that I had him I'd be too happy to write. I tried to tell myself I was hurting Bennett, hurting myself, making a spectacle of myself. I was. But nothing helped. I was possessed. The minute he walked into a room and smiled at me, I was a goner. — Erica Jong

Interfere Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

I want to interfere horribly in my friends' love lives and keep my own embarrassing and pathetic one private, is that so much to ask? — Sarah Rees Brennan

Interfere Quotes By Aiden Wilson Tozer

In the conduct of our public worship where is the authority of Christ to be found? The truth is that today the Lord rarely controls a service, and the influence He exerts is very small. We sing of Him and preach about Him, but He must not interfere; we worship our way, and it must be right because we have always done it that way, as have the other churches in our group. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

Interfere Quotes By Dan Brown

So as this child's father, you would give him some basic, good advice and then let him go off and make his own mistakes?"
"I wouldn't run behind him and mollycoddle him if that's what you mean."
"But what if he fell and skinned his knee?"
"He would learn to be more careful."
"So although you have the power to interfere and prevent your child's pain, you would choose to show your love by letting him learn his own lessons?"
"Of course. Pain is part of growing up. It's how we learn."
The camerlengo nodded. "Exactly. — Dan Brown

Interfere Quotes By E.L. James

I don't want anything to happen to you. You being hurt ... that thought fills me with dread. I can't promise not to interfere, not if I think you'll come to harm." He pauses and takes a deep breath. "I love you, Anastasia. I will do everything in my power to protect you. I cann't imagine my life without you. — E.L. James

Interfere Quotes By Phyllis Bottome

The only creative power I know is that of what might roughly be called 'love'; not of course a sentimental love: a far more impersonal and less individual emotion. I sometimes think that migratory birds may have it for each other. They fly in the same direction, and have never been seen to interfere with each other's flights. — Phyllis Bottome

Interfere Quotes By David Knopfler

Now that I'm staring down the barrel of the last act of my life, I'm less excited about control and solo effort, and I resent the way the business aspects interfere with my space for creative writing. — David Knopfler

Interfere Quotes By Ben Carson

Is commonplace today to find large groups of people who believe the government has a responsibility to take care of all the basic necessities of its citizens. Benjamin Franklin, however, wrote: To relieve the misfortunes of our fellow creatures is concurring with the Deity; it is godlike; but, if we provide encouragement for laziness, and supports for folly, may we not be found fighting against the order of God and nature, which perhaps has appointed want and misery as the proper punishments for, and cautions against, as well as necessary consequences of, idleness and extravagance? Whenever we attempt to amend the scheme of Providence, and to interfere with the government of the world, we had need be very circumspect, lest we do more harm than good.3 — Ben Carson

Interfere Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

We wish to control big business so as to secure among other things good wages for the wage-workers and reasonable prices for the consumers. Wherever in any business the prosperity of the business man is obtained by lowering the wages of his workmen and charging an excessive price to the consumers we wish to interfere and stop such practices. We will not submit to that kind of prosperity any more than we will submit to prosperity obtained by swindling investors or getting unfair advantages over business rivals. — Theodore Roosevelt

Interfere Quotes By Kartik Mehta

People now a days are in business of minding other's business. — Kartik Mehta

Interfere Quotes By Russell Anthony Gibbs

If you hate yourself, you will hate others. If you love yourself, you will love others. If you are hard on yourself, you will be hard on others. If you are compassionate with yourself, you will be compassionate with others. Love, respect, unconditionally accept, and encourage yourself to the greatest of your abilities. Either love who you are and where you are - relishing this moment - or love where you are going and who you will become, delighting in your path. Allow nothing to interfere with your sacred relationship with yourself and strive to maintain an unshakeable sense of self-confidence. — Russell Anthony Gibbs

Interfere Quotes By Jeanne Moreau

People's opinions don't interfere with me. Ageing gracefully is supposed to mean trying not to hide time passing and just looking a wreck. That's what they call ageing gracefully. You know? — Jeanne Moreau

Interfere Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Other networks seek to interfere with the natural process of chaos. Enlightenment is chaos, complete beyond conception — Frederick Lenz

Interfere Quotes By Joseph Brodsky

As long as the state permits itself to interfere in the affairs of literature, literature has the right to interfere with the affairs of state. — Joseph Brodsky

Interfere Quotes By Katie Reus

I will not interfere with a male dragon while he is rutting. — Katie Reus

Interfere Quotes By John Irving

And the thing about love," Wally said to Angel, "is that you can't force anyone. It's natural to want someone you love to do what you want, or what you think would be good for them, but you have to let everything happen to them. You can't interfere with people you love any more than you're supposed interfere with people you don't even know. And that's hard," he added, "because you often feel like interfering - you want to be the one who makes the plans.
"It's hard to want to protect someone else, and not be able to," Angel pointed out.
"You can't protect people, kiddo," Wally said. "All you can do is love them. — John Irving

Interfere Quotes By Susanna Clarke

In short they felt that they should like to have the pleasure of looking at Lady Pole again, and so they told Sir Walter - rather than asked him - that he missed his wife. He replied that he did not. But this was not allowed to be possible; it was well known that newly married gentlemen were never happy apart from their wives; the briefest of absences could depress a new husband's spirits and interfere with his digestion. — Susanna Clarke

Interfere Quotes By Mark Twain

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. — Mark Twain

Interfere Quotes By Arthur Stanley Eddington

To leave the atom constituted as it was but to interfere with the probability of its undetermined behaviour, does not seem quite so drastic an interference with natural law as other modes of mental interference that have been suggested. (Perhaps that is only because we do not understand enough about these probabilities to realize the heinousness of our suggestion.) Unless it belies its name, probability can be modified in ways which ordinary physical entities would not admit of. There can be no unique probability attached to any event or behaviour; we can only speak of 'probability in the light of certain given information,' and the probability alters according to the extent of the information. It is, I think, one of the most unsatisfactory features of the new quantum theory in its present stage that it scarcely seems to recognize this fact, and leaves us to guess at the basis of information to which its probability theorems are supposed to refer. — Arthur Stanley Eddington

Interfere Quotes By George MacDonald

The more people trust in God, the less will they trust their own judgments, or interfere with the ordering of events. — George MacDonald

Interfere Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Liberty demands self-government, but not the right to interfere with others. — Bertrand Russell

Interfere Quotes By Wilbur Smith

Sometimes it is best for men not to attempt to interfere with destiny. Our prayers can be answered in ways which we do not expect and do not welcome. — Wilbur Smith

Interfere Quotes By NoViolet Bulawayo

In America, the fatness is not the fatness I was used to at home. Over there, the fatness was of bigness, just ordinary fatness you could understand because it meant the person ate well, fatness you could even envy. It was fatness that did not interfere with the body; a neck was still a neck, a stomach a stomach, an arm an arm, a buttock a buttock. But this American fatness takes it to a whole 'nother level: the body is turned into something else - the neck becomes a thigh, the stomach becomes an anthill, an arm a thing, a buttock a I don't even know what. — NoViolet Bulawayo

Interfere Quotes By Bonar Law

We have not been men of prayer. The spirit of prayer has slumbered among us. The closet has been too little frequented and delighted in. We have allowed business, study or active labor to interfere with our closet-hours. And the feverish atmosphere in which both the church and the nation are enveloped has found its way into our prayer closets ... — Bonar Law

Interfere Quotes By Olga Goa

I'm giving pleasure to you. Don't interfere. — Olga Goa

Interfere Quotes By Raymond Chandler

He explained civilization to me. I mean how it looks to him. He's going to let it go on a little while longer. But it better be careful and not interfere with his private life. If it does, he's apt to make a phone call to God and cancel the order. — Raymond Chandler

Interfere Quotes By Mark Twain

Don't let schooling interfere with your education. — Mark Twain

Interfere Quotes By Lewis H. Lapham

Let the corporations do as they please
pillage the environment, falsify their advertising, rig the securities markets
and it is none of the federal government's business to interfere with the will of heaven. — Lewis H. Lapham

Interfere Quotes By Anthony Stafford Beer

Too close a view may interfere with one's grasp of an overall problem or concept — Anthony Stafford Beer

Interfere Quotes By Barbara Ehrenreich

What these [personality] tests tell employers about potential employees is hard to imagine since the 'right' answer should be obvious to anyone who has ever encountered the principle of hierarchy and subordination. Do I work well with others? You bet, but never to the point where I would hesitate to inform on them for the slightest infraction. Am I capable of independent decision making? Oh yes, but I know better than to let this capacity interfere with a slavish obedience to orders ... The real function of these tests, I decide, is to convey information not to the employer but to the potential employee, and the information being conveyed is always: You will have no secrets from us. We don't just want your muscles and that portion of your brain that is directly connected to them; we want your innermost self. — Barbara Ehrenreich

Interfere Quotes By Sarah Kane

- I won't be able to think. I won't be able to work.
- Nothing will interfere with your work like suicide.
- I dreamt that I went to the doctor's and she gave me eight minutes to live. I'd been sitting in the fucking waiting room for half an hour.
(A long silence)
- Okay, let's do it, let's do the drugs, let's do the chemical lobotomy, let's shut down the higher functions of my brain and perhaps I'll be a bit more fucking capable of living.
Let's do it. — Sarah Kane

Interfere Quotes By Ken Yeang

I think buildings should imitate ecological systems. Ecological systems in nature before we had human beings interfere with them exist in a state of stasis - they are self-supporting, self-sustaining. — Ken Yeang

Interfere Quotes By Lawrence Martin

Earlier in [2007] the [Prime Minister's Office] had also drawn criticism for trying to muzzle the judiciary. The reproach came from Antonio Lamer, the former chief justice of the Supreme Court ... 'I must say I was taken aback,' said Lamer, who sat on the Supreme Court for twenty years. 'The prime minister is going the wrong route as regards the independence of the judiciary. He's trying to interfere with the sentencing process. — Lawrence Martin

Interfere Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

As for the tank, not only is it unAmerican and probably subversive to eat without watching stereo but also the racket from it would interfere even with a directional mike aimed at us from a distance . . . — Robert A. Heinlein

Interfere Quotes By Narendra Modi

India's role is not to interfere in what Nepal does but to support Nepal in their development. Nepal should scale new heights of progress. — Narendra Modi

Interfere Quotes By George Lakoff

Mature citizens have to sink or swim by themselves. Citizens are on their own and have to prove their responsibility and self-reliance. They have become the leaders in their own family units (or local communities). They have to, and are competent to, make their own decisions. They have to protect themselves and their families (or communities). They know what is good for them better than their government, which is distant from them. A good government does not meddle or interfere in their lives. Any governmental meddling or interfering is strongly resented. Here — George Lakoff

Interfere Quotes By R.A. Salvatore

Do you love her" Wulfgar asked suddenly, and the drow was off his guard.
"Of course I do," Drizzt responded truthfully. "As I love you, and Bruenor, and Regis."
"I would not interfere-" Wulfgar started to say, but he was stopped by Drizzt's chuckle.
"The choice is neither mine nor yours," the drow explained, "but Catti-brie's. Remember, what you had, my friend, and remember what you, in your foolishness, nearly lost."
Wulfgar looked long and hard at his dear friend, determined to heed that wise advice. Catti-brie's life was Catti-brie's to decide and whatever, or whomever, she chose, Wulfgar would always be among friends.
The winter would be long and cold, thick with snow and mercifully uneventful. Things would not be the same between the friends, could never be after all they had experienced, but they would be together again, in heart and in soul. Let no man, and no fiend, ever try to separate them again! — R.A. Salvatore

Interfere Quotes By Ryan Robbins

Don't allow missed opportunities of the past interfere with the opportunities that are right before you. — Ryan Robbins

Interfere Quotes By Aldous Huxley

The first question to be asked and answered in every contingency of life being: How will this thought or action contribute to, or interfere with, the achievement, by me and the greatest possible number of other individuals, of man's Final End? — Aldous Huxley

Interfere Quotes By Patricia Highsmith

I don't want to know movie directors. I don't want to be close to them. I don't want to interfere with their work. I don't want them to interfere with mine. — Patricia Highsmith

Interfere Quotes By Suzanne Brockmann

Ah, God, Lys he breathed, and she opened her eyes to look up at him. She was the love of his heart, his true partner in both work and life, and the idea of losing her to the violence of the world they lived in scared the living shit out of him.
But her smile lit her eyes, her face, and he pushed the darkness away and let himself grin back at her like the damn fool that he was. This moment-now-was perfect, and he wasn't going to let his fears interfere. — Suzanne Brockmann

Interfere Quotes By Neal Shusterman

His existence had always been comfortable, he had always held a clear picture of himself, his duties, and his place in a world. He saw that world as a place so full of turning gears he had no hope of comprehending how things fit together, so why even try?
Now things were different, however. Now he wasn't just looking out from inside of the clockwork. Instead, he was actually seeing the final motion of the escapement - the ticking hands of the clock itself.
And it was a doomsday clock.
Both his feline and human instincts told him to let it be. It was not his problem, or his place to interfere. If the living world was destined to fall, let it happen, let it pass into history once and for all. Who was he to try to save it?
But on the other hand, if the living world were lost, then there would never again be great cats to furjack ... and couldn't it be that hearing the actual ticking of the clock gave one the responsibility to stop it? — Neal Shusterman

Interfere Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

They are regular brigands, especially Dolokhov," replied the visitor. "He is a son of Marya Ivanovna Dolokhova, such a worthy woman, but there, just fancy! Those three got hold of a bear somewhere, put it in a carriage, and set off with it to visit some actresses! The police tried to interfere, and what did the young men do? They tied a policeman and the bear back to back and put the bear into the Moyka Canal. And there was the bear swimming about with the policeman on his back! — Leo Tolstoy

Interfere Quotes By Jane Austen

Any difficulties posed by lack of rooms, space or even beds should never be permitted to interfere with the demands of hospitality to family or friends. Something can always be contrived. — Jane Austen

Interfere Quotes By Mark Twain

Never let your education interfere with your learning. — Mark Twain

Interfere Quotes By Angel Olsen

You want to create things as purely as possible without allowing the universe to interfere so much that it's manipulating it and making things unreal to you. — Angel Olsen

Interfere Quotes By B.H. Liddell Hart

The blurring of the line between policy and strategy] encouraged soldiers to make the preposterous claim that policy should be subservient to their conduct of operations, and (especially in democratic countries) it drew the statesman on to overstep the definite border of his sphere and interfere with his military employees in the actual use of their tools. — B.H. Liddell Hart

Interfere Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

What gave it away? When she loaded me bound and gagged into the back of her truck? Or when she actually said. "I'm ready to kill you and throw your body inn the swamp?
"Hey for a while there, it looked like you were going to talk your way out of it. I didn't want to interfere. — Kelley Armstrong

Interfere Quotes By Felix Frankfurter

Certainly the affirmative pursuit of one's convictions about the ultimate mystery of the universe and man's relation to it is placed beyond the reach of law. Government may not interfere with organized or individual expressions of belief or disbelief. Propagation of belief - or even of disbelief - in the supernatural is protected, whether in church or chapel, mosque or synagogue, tabernacle or meeting-house. — Felix Frankfurter

Interfere Quotes By John Steinbeck

We must remember three things," he said to them. "I will tell them to you in the order of their importance. Number one and first in importance, we must have as much fun as we can with what we have. Number two, we must eat as well as we can, because if we don't we won't have the health and strength to have as much fun as we might. And number three and third and last in importance, we must keep the house reasonably in order, wash the dishes, and such things. But we will not let the last interfere with the other two. — John Steinbeck

Interfere Quotes By Wilhelm II

I look upon the People and the Nation as handed on to me as an responsibility conferred upon me by God, and I believe, as it is written in the Bible, that it is my duty to increase this heritage for which one day I shall be called upon to give an account. Whoever tries to interfere with my task I shall crush. — Wilhelm II

Interfere Quotes By Raymond Chandler

Very methodical guy, Marlowe. Nothing must interfere with his coffee technique. Not even a gun in the hand of a desperate character. — Raymond Chandler

Interfere Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

I stay neutral with homosexuality; I neither support nor condemn it. But if people are happy with it we must not interfere. — M.F. Moonzajer