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Interdisciplinary Quotes By Sarah Hall

The beauty of interdisciplinary conversation is that the mode of expression is essentially different for each practitioner, even if ideas are shared. — Sarah Hall

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Hannes Alfven

Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquiries into their own territory. In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research. — Hannes Alfven

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Hybrid Thinking is a set of interdisciplinary and integrative thinking processes we will need to solve many of today's complex problems. — Pearl Zhu

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Annette Gordon-Reed

I am enormously pleased to become a part of the Harvard community once again. I look forward to working with the students and faculty members at the Law School and in the History Department, and to experiencing the rich interdisciplinary environment at the Radcliffe Institute. — Annette Gordon-Reed

Interdisciplinary Quotes By George Stigler

The main insight learned from interdisciplinary studies is the return to specialization — George Stigler

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Thomas C. Oden

Niebuhr [Oden's Doctoral adviser at Yale and leading 20th century Christian theological ethicist] wanted all of his graduate students to have some serious interdisciplinary competence beyond theology, so I chose to be responsible for the area of psychology of religion. I hoped to correlate aspects of contemporary psychotherapies with a philosophy of universal history. The psychology that prevailed in my college years was predominately Freudian psychoanalysis, but my clinical beginning point in the late 1950's had turned to Rogerian client-centered therapy. The psychology that prevailed in my Yale years was predominantly the empirical social psychologists like Kurt Lewin and Musafer Sherif. I gradually assimilated those views in order to work on a critique of therapies and assess them all in relation to my major interest in the meaning of history. — Thomas C. Oden

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Thomas McDonell

I went to a school in N.Y. that is conceptual and interdisciplinary and modeled after Cal Arts. It is not just painting or sculpture; it was everything mixed together. — Thomas McDonell

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Rodney Brooks

Robotics is very interdisciplinary, and so, except at a very few colleges, there is not a major that is exactly fitted to robotics. — Rodney Brooks

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Rodney Brooks

Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of robotics. — Rodney Brooks

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Sylvia Libow Martinez

Knowledge does not result from receipt of information transmitted by someone else without the learner undergoing an internal process of sense making. Piaget also called for interdisciplinary learning — Sylvia Libow Martinez

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Sarah Pink

for instance, the theories and practices of art and photography with anthropological theory and practice (e.g. Edwards 1997a; da Silva and Pink 2004; Grimshaw and Ravetz 2004; Schneider and Wright 2005). The interdisciplinary focus in visual methods has also been represented in Theo van Leeuwen and Carey Jewitt's Handbook of Social Research (2000) and Chris Pole's Seeing is Believing (2004) both of which combine case studies in visual research from across disciplines. The idea that visual research as a field of interdisciplinary practice is also central to Advances in Visual Methodology (Pink 2012a) and is demonstrated by the work of the volume's contributors, as well as by the recent SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods (Margolis and Pauwels 2011). Likewise the interdisciplinary journal Visual Studies (formerly Visual Sociology) provides an excellent series of examples of visual research, practice, theory and methodology. — Sarah Pink

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Randall Kennedy

Language of the Gun shows why Bernard Harcourt has earned a reputation as one of our most provocative and informative analysts of the administration of criminal justice. Thoroughly interdisciplinary, he brings to bear on his subject a remarkably wide range of sources. Most striking are his probing interviews with at-risk youths which provide a fascinating and rare glimpse into how they think about guns and gun carrying. This book bristles with insight and information. — Randall Kennedy

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Ken Robinson

School systems should base their curriculum not on the idea of separate subjects, but on the much more fertile idea of disciplines ... which makes possible a fluid and dynamic curriculum that is interdisciplinary. — Ken Robinson

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Joan N. Berzoff

1. Define and articulate the role and functions of social work in end-of-life care in a consistent manner across all settings. 2. Address negative public and professional perceptions of social work internally and externally. 3. Identify and articulate specific and unique contributions of the social work profession in end-of-life care. 4. Facilitate and promote end-of-life social work research that demonstrates the utility and efficiency of social work in hospice. 5. Facilitate collaborative advocacy at the macro level to ensure access to quality interdisciplinary end-of-life care for all people. 6. Actively challenge shortsighted cost-saving initiatives that minimize the psychosocial and spiritual components of care for patients and families. 7. Develop standards for effective models of practice in end-of-life care. — Joan N. Berzoff

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Chris Toumazou

Medical Device technology is truly interdisciplinary. — Chris Toumazou

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Alan J. Heeger

The science of semiconducting and metallic polymers is inherently interdisciplinary; it falls at the intersection of chemistry and physics. — Alan J. Heeger

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Bernard Lonergan

It is in the measure that special methods acknowledge their common core in transcendental method, that norms common to all the sciences will be acknowledged, that a secure basis will be attained for tackling interdisciplinary problems, and that the sciences will be mobilized within a higher unity of vocabulary, thought and orientation, in which they will be able to make their quite significant contribution to the solution of fundamental problems. — Bernard Lonergan

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Peter Thiel

I had a good experience in college, but I don't think interdisciplinary education is something that's stressed very much at all. It's generally considered to be something of a bad idea. — Peter Thiel

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Paul Allen

In the computer industry, you've got an interdisciplinary team of people who can come together, attack the problem, and work in a collaborative style. You knock down one problem after another, cobble things together, and then hopefully turn the crank at some point. — Paul Allen

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Brian Eno

Well, I am a dilettante. It's only in England that dilettantism is considered a bad thing. In other countries it's called interdisciplinary research. — Brian Eno

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Todd Park

I take a lean-startup approach: creating agile, interdisciplinary teams that get the minimum viable product to market as soon as possible. It's my job to be entrepreneur-in-residence, an internal change agent. — Todd Park

Interdisciplinary Quotes By John McPhee

With their four-dimensional minds, and in their interdisciplinary ultra verbal way, geologists can wiggle out of almost anything. — John McPhee

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Dean Spade

I often notice how students can gain the capacity to use certain critical methodologies through engaging with very different texts - how a graphic novel about gentrification and an anthology about Hurricane Katrina and a journalistic account of war profiteering might all lead to very similar classroom conversations and critical engagement. I'm particularly interested in this when teaching law students who often resist reading interdisciplinary materials or materials they interpret as too theoretical. — Dean Spade

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Anonymous

Interdisciplinary Studies University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa — Anonymous

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Chris Toumazou

Bio Life Technical's strategy of providing technical due diligence by expert professors from core disciplines and world class experts working with interdisciplinary institutes, such as Imperial College's Institute of Biomedical Engineering, will enable a more thorough scientific evaluation of the technology. — Chris Toumazou

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Hasso Plattner

At Stanford, we teach 'design thinking' - that is, we put together small, interdisciplinary groups to figure out what the true needs are and then to apply the art of engineering to serve them. — Hasso Plattner

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Gyan Nagpal

Breakthrough innovation occurs when we bring down boundaries and encourage disciplines to learn from each other — Gyan Nagpal

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Richard J. Borden

Most intellectual training focuses on analytical skills. Whether in literary criticism or scientific investigation, the academic mind is best at taking things apart. The complementary arts of integration are far less well developed. This problem is at the core of human ecology. As with any interdisciplinary pursuit, it is the bridging across disparate ways of knowing that is the constant challenge. — Richard J. Borden

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Martha Boles

This world is of a single piece; yet, we invent nets to trap it for our inspection. Then we mistake our nets for the reality of the piece. In these nets we catch the fishes of the intellect but the sea of wholeness forever eludes our grasp. So, we forget our original intent and then mistake the nets for the sea.

Three of these nets we have named Nature, Mathematics, and Art. We conclude they are different because we call them by different names. Thus, they are apt to remain forever separated with nothing bonding them together. It is not the nets that are at fault but rather our misunderstanding of their function as nets. They do catch the fishes but never the sea, and it is the sea that we ultimately desire. — Martha Boles

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Alan J. Heeger

I started out as a physicist; however, I am what I have become. I have evolved, with the help of many colleagues in the international scientific community, into an interdisciplinary scientist. — Alan J. Heeger

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Gordon Gee

Founded when Abraham Lincoln believed education could lead the nation out of its darkest days, Ohio State now provides a powerful platform of interdisciplinary academic programs, world-class scholars, outstanding students, and extensive research capabilities. — Gordon Gee

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

A large majority of our respondents were inspired by a tension in their domain that became obvious when looked at from the perspective of another domain. Even though they do not think of themselves as interdisciplinary, their best work bridges realms of ideas. Their histories tend to cast doubt on the wisdom of overspecialization, where bright young people are trained to become exclusive experts in one field and shun breadth like the plague. — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Michael Smith

In 1986, I was asked by the then-Dean of Science at the University of British Columbia, Dr. R.C. Miller, Jr., to establish a new interdisciplinary institute, the Biotechnology Laboratory. I decided that it was time for me to start paying back for the thirty years of fun that I had been able to have in research. — Michael Smith

Interdisciplinary Quotes By Colin R. Nicholl

so also Biblical scholars find themselves in alien territory when they move into the astronomical aspects of the task. What is needed, then, is interdisciplinary work and cooperation between the astronomical and theological communities. — Colin R. Nicholl

Interdisciplinary Quotes By David Graeber

The explosion of paperwork, in turn, is a direct result of the introduction of corporate management techniques, which are always justified as ways of increasing efficiency, by introducing competition at every level. What these management techniques invariably end up meaning in practice is that everyone winds up spending most of their time trying to sell each other things: grant proposals; book proposals; assessments of our students' job and grant applications; assessments of our colleagues; prospectuses for new interdisciplinary majors, institutes, conference workshops, and universities themselves, which have now become brands to be marketed to prospective students or contributors. Marketing and PR thus come to engulf every aspect of university life. — David Graeber