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Top Integrity And Leadership Quotes

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Though sometimes you must have an unstoppable courage, it must be with a well defined humility for purposeful living! Humility is not just good for our lives; it also greatly saves our lives, integrity and true purpose! Don't just think you are on top of the world just because you stand on the tallest building. When the building collapses, you may be far worse than they that walk besides the building who can run away upon seeing it collapsing! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Arleigh Burke

Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. That takes all of the good characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure. — Arleigh Burke

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Bo Schembechler

Every coach, every executive, every leader: They all know right from wrong. Even those Enron guys. When someone uncovers a scandal in their company, I don't think they can say, "I didn't know that was going on." They're just saying they're too dumb to do their job! And if they really are too dumb, then why are they getting paid millions of dollars to do it? They know what's going on. — Bo Schembechler

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By George Gilder

Spontaneous order is self-contradictory. Spontaneity connotes the ebullition of surprises. It is highly entropic and disorderly. It is entrepreneurial and complex. Order connotes predictability and equilibrium. It is what is not spontaneous. It includes moral codes, constitutional restraints, personal disciplines, educational integrity, predictable laws, reliable courts, stable money, trustworthy finance, strong families, dependable defense, and police powers. Order requires political guidance, sovereignty, and leadership. It normally entails religious beliefs. The entire saga of the history of the West conveys the courage and sacrifice necessary to enforce and defend these values against their enemies. — George Gilder

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

As a leader, you have to not only do the right thing, but be perceived to be doing the right thing. A consequence of seeking a leadership position is being put under intense public scrutiny, being held to high standards, and enhancing a reputation that is constantly under threat. — Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Nigel Cumberland

Being a person that others can trust is one of the most sought after qualities in the workplace today. So many leaders and their staff have shown in the recent global financial crisis a lack of trust and integrity amongst themselves and with their clients and other stakeholders. — Nigel Cumberland

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Michael D. Higgins

Through the inspiration of Vaclav's words, the courage of his dissidence and the integrity of his leadership, Czechoslovakia successfully transitioned from an authoritarian state to a free democracy at the heart of Europe. — Michael D. Higgins

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Luther Standing Bear

Hollow Horn Bear knew that to be leader and adviser of his people he must be honest and reliable, and that his word once given in promise must never be taken back. He knew that he must be a man of will-power, standing for the right no matter what happened to him personally; that he must have strength of purpose, allowing no influence to turn him from doing what was best for the tribe. He must be willing to serve his people without thought of pay. He must be utterly unselfish and kind-hearted to the old and poor and stand ready to give to those in need. Above all, he must be unafraid to deal equal justice to all. — Luther Standing Bear

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Erica Tazel

I am inspired by my mother's faith and the teaching I receive under the leadership of Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer. I am also inspired by hard work and powerful people who have maintained a sense of integrity, decency, and kindness. Love really inspires me. — Erica Tazel

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Mimi Wolverton

Deified and demonized. Prized and pummeled. Loved and loathed. Mostly, she's still standing. — Mimi Wolverton

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Amit Ray

Leadership is not just some empty formulas but establishing deep connection at soul levels through service, integrity, passion, perseverance and equanimity. — Amit Ray

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

The greatest men stand on their values and pray on their knees. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Mark Udall

President Ford was a devoted, decent man of impeccable integrity who put service to his country before his own self interest. He helped heal our nation during a time of crisis, provided steady leadership and restored people's faith in the presidency and in government. — Mark Udall

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Steve Largent

I think leadership is more than just being able to cross the t's and dot the i's. It's about character and integrity and work ethic. — Steve Largent

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Kenneth H. Blanchard

When you touch, don't take. Touch the people you manage only when you are giving them something - reassurance, support, encouragement, whatever. Manipulation is getting people to do something they are either not aware of or don't agree to. That is why it is so important to let each person know up front what you are doing and why. — Kenneth H. Blanchard

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Bradford Winters

Our greatest individual challenge in life is self-discipline. The self-discipline of a healthy diet, daily exercise, controlling our thoughts, selflessly serving others, and living a life of integrity. — Bradford Winters

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Bryant McGill

Lead with honesty, total integrity, compassion, patience and tolerance - toward yourself! — Bryant McGill

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Dale Comstock

An American Badass doesn't start fights, but knows if he must fight, he can with courage and conviction. An American Badass doesn't steal, lie, or subvert the society that he lives in. He lives by a code of unwavering morality, and ethics that are tempered with honor, honesty, integrity, leadership, and loyalty to family, friends, and America. — Dale Comstock

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Simon Sinek

Leadership is about integrity, honesty and accountability. All components of trust. — Simon Sinek

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Frances Hesselbein

Leadership is much less about what you do, and much more about who you are. If you view leadership as a bag of manipulative tricks or charismatic behaviors to advance your own personal interest, then people have every right to be cynical. But if your leadership flows first and foremost from inner character and integrity of ambition, then you can justly ask people to lend themselves to your organization and its mission. — Frances Hesselbein

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Lawrence M. Miller

Leadership requires followership and following is an act of trust, faith in the course of the leader, and that faith can be generated only if leaders act with integrity. — Lawrence M. Miller

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Lindsey Rietzsch

The world has enough deceit, decay, and despair; be different. — Lindsey Rietzsch

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Jeffrey R. Immelt

I'm out talking about this company (General Electric) seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with nothing to hide. We're a 130-year-old company that has a great record of high-quality leadership and a culture of integrity. — Jeffrey R. Immelt

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Eric Shinseki

I can't explain the lack of integrity among some of the leaders of our health care facilities. This is something I rarely encountered during 38 years in uniform. And so I will not defend it because it is indefensible. But I can take responsibility for it and I do. — Eric Shinseki

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By John C. Bogle

As I have earlier noted, the most important things in life and in business can't be measured. The trite bromide 'If you can measure it, you can manage it' has been a hindrance in the building a great real-world organization, just as it has been a hindrance in evaluating the real-world economy. It is character, not numbers, that make the world go 'round. How can we possibly measure the qualities of human existence that give our lives and careers meaning? How about grace, kindness, and integrity? What value do we put on passion, devotion, and trust? How much do cheerfulness, the lilt of a human voice, and a touch of pride add to our lives? Tell me, please, if you can, how to value friendship, cooperation, dedication, and spirit. Categorically, the firm that ignores the intangible qualities that the human beings who are our colleagues bring to their careers will never build a great workforce or a great organization. — John C. Bogle

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Peter Cosgrove

We all of us have a reputation, something we are known for, and sometimes it may be different from what we would like to be known for. At the core of this is the simple but fragile heart - our integrity - which is always under challenge, under tests both trivial and profound every day of our lives. — Peter Cosgrove

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Glen E. Morrell

Soldiers must possess integrity in order to build trust and confidence in themselves, our leadership, and the American public. Among the things I've learned during my career is that you must be honest with everyone about everything. — Glen E. Morrell

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Scott K. Edinger

Integrity is the source of new solutions and innovations; courage is a means of halting progress down a wrong road. — Scott K. Edinger

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Angie Morgan

Any goal, no matter what size, can be achieved if it is tackled with courage, initiative, perseverance, and integrity. — Angie Morgan

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By R. Buckminster Fuller

When I was born, humanity was 95 per cent illiterate. Since I've been born, the population has doubled and that total population is now 65 per cent literate. That's a gain of 130-fold of the literacy. When humanity is primarily illiterate, it needs leaders to understand and get the information and deal with it. When we are at the point where the majority of humans them-selves are literate, able to get the information, we're in an entirely new relationship to Universe. We are at the point where the integrity of the individual counts and not what the political leadership or the religious leadership says to do. — R. Buckminster Fuller

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Brian Tracy

Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. Always keep your word. — Brian Tracy

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Graeme Samuel

You can't feel the need to be liked in public life, because if you do you will compromise the principles that are so important to the public having confidence in your ethics and integrity. — Graeme Samuel

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

You may gain a position, but that does not mean you've gained leadership. You may lose position, but that does not mean you've lost leadership! When you gain true character, you can leadership and when you lose it, you cease to be a leader! — Israelmore Ayivor

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Scott S. Haraburda

Christian leadership should include integrity, honesty, compassion, diplomacy, perception, common sense, and forgiveness. Serving as a Christian leader involves servant leadership, which is a radical commitment to their follower's life that requires acting in love no matter what it costs that leader. — Scott S. Haraburda

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

May I stress the need for courageous, intelligent, and dedicated leadership ... Leaders of sound integrity. Leaders not in love with publicity, but in love with justice. Leaders not in love with money, but in love with humanity. Leaders who can subject their particular egos to the greatness of the cause. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

In order to sustain the integrity of the organization, a business must dedicate time and resources to education, leadership development, and personnel development. Don't focus on the product. Focus on the team. — Robert Kiyosaki

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Sylvia Ann Hewlett

There are six elements of gravitas critical to leadership: grace under fire, decisiveness, emotional intelligence and the ability to read a room, integrity and authenticity (people don't like fakes), a vision that inspires others, and a stellar reputation. — Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Tony Dovale

What the present day greeders don't understand ... is that your character, lack of integrity, low morals, no ethics and devious actions are being RECORED indelibly for the global public to view for next few hundred years ... on the internet TATOO!.
Your childrens', childrens', childrens' childrens' childrens' childrens' childrens - will read on the web of your low-intelligence, devious thievery, corruption, and inept leadership.. And they will cry with shame ... because their ancestors seemed to behave no better than greedy Graboons.
We need to Rethink leadership — Tony Dovale

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Michael Burgess

The Leadership Training Institute of America trains and equips young men and women to be leaders with high standards of personal morality and integrity. — Michael Burgess

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Mollie Marti

Freedom flourishes upon the bedrock of ethics and integrity. — Mollie Marti

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Roy Bennett

We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone. — Roy Bennett

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Steve Maraboli

Leadership is the bridge of integrity that connects goals, desires, and actions. — Steve Maraboli

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By David Pietrusza

JFK apparently felt genuine sympathy for his 1960 presidential opponent Richard Nixon. He felt that, with Nixon's frequent shifts in political philosophy and reinventions, he must have to decide which Nixon he will be at each stop. This, Kennedy reasoned, must be exhausting. — David Pietrusza

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Michael Harris

Leaderships about transforming lives and making a difference through innovation and purpose, grounded in values and integrity — Michael Harris

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By J. Oswald Sanders

These two qualities of leadership [Integrity and Sincerity] were part of God's law's for the Israelites (Deuteronomy 18:13). God wants His people to show a transparent character, open and innocent of guile.
A prominent businessman once replied to a question: "If I had to name the one most important quality of a top manager, I would say personal integrity." Surely the spiritual leader must be sincere in promise, faithful in discharge of duty, upright in finances, loyal in service, and honest in speech. — J. Oswald Sanders

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Denis Waitley

Integrity, a standard of personal morality and ethics, is not relative to the situation you happen to find yourself in and doesn't sell out to expediency. Its short supply is getting shorter - but without it, leadership is a facade. — Denis Waitley

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Peter Cosgrove

In business, integrity is just as important as in any of the great public offices ... but I believe one of the first and fundamental obligations of competent business leadership is above all to protect the reputation and integrity of the business - to that degree the integrity of the business is the integrity of the leader. — Peter Cosgrove

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Pearl S. Buck

Integrity is honesty carried through the fibres of the being and the whole mind, into thought as well as action so that the person is complete in honesty. That kind of integrity I put above all else as an essential to leadership. — Pearl S. Buck

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Philip Zimbardo

A good cult delivers on its promises. A good cult nourishes the needs of its members, has transparency and integrity, and creates provisions for challenging its leadership openly. A good cult expands the freedoms and well-being of its members rather than limits them. — Philip Zimbardo

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By William Clay Ford Jr.

Lewis Booth and Derrick Kuzak represent the very best of Ford and our culture and built a legacy of leadership, integrity and commitment to excellence that will benefit us for years to come. — William Clay Ford Jr.

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Silas L. Copeland

A code of ethics cannot be developed overnight by edict or official pronouncement. It is developed by years of practice and performance of duty according to high ethical standards. It must be self-policing. Without such a code, a professional soldier or a group soon loses identity and effectiveness. Once we know our job, have a genuine code of ethics, and maintain unquestioned personal integrity, we have met the first and most demanding challenge of leadership. — Silas L. Copeland

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By James Fisher

The main characteristics of effective leadership are intelligence, integrity or loyalty, mystique, humor, discipline, courage, self sufficieny and confidence. — James Fisher

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Allan Houston

The more consistent a father can be or a mentor can be in the person's life and teach them principles of real solid manhood, character, integrity and leadership, the more consistent you can be in the person's life and teach them those things at a younger age, and then the better off they'll be. — Allan Houston

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Peter Cosgrove

It's instructive to consider the more spectacular and well-known falls from grace of leaders in the public eye ... In the main, the issues behind these falls could be grouped under a lack of competence, a lack of support or loyalty from those they sought to lead, and a lack of failure of integrity. Of all these the last is the most egregious, the most fatal. We so much want our leaders to be unfailingly decent that an obvious or perceived flaw in integrity can be the toxin which kills them off. — Peter Cosgrove

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Farshad Asl

Legacy is more than leaving possessions behind. It's about investing in people with passion and integrity through leadership and love. — Farshad Asl

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Not every gift must you stretch your hands to take! Sometimes, just put your hands by your side and humbly and courageously say thank you! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Brendon Burchard

Why do we universally admire and respect a Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Lincoln, or any other leader or legend from history's pantheon? It is because they were guided by integrity-based practices. They stood for something. They didn't break with the values they believed in just because they faced struggle. — Brendon Burchard

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Michael Ray

Executives run organizations. In business, we need executives who have clarity, people who are in touch with themselves. Then, in leadership and management positions, they can be good role models and leaders. The people I know who have really moved their organizations are scrupulous role models. They are so clear about honesty, integrity, openness, mutual self-respect, dignity for the individual, and creativity, that they don't deviate from these principles at all in their behavior. — Michael Ray

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Roy Bennett

Honesty is doing what you know or believe is right. Integrity is doing what is right and truthful. — Roy Bennett

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Delma Pryce

Keeping or holding on to a concept shows belief but building or adding to it shows confidence and depth of character. — Delma Pryce

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Brendon Burchard

Too often we don't call out a wrong or expect ourselves or others to act with routine integrity, excellence, or love. There has been a worldwide failure in leadership, birthing an apathetic populace, unjustifiable poverty, unconscionable greed, and a globe ravaged and booby-trapped by war. — Brendon Burchard

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Pat Williams

Now more than ever, we need people with the qualities Walt had: optimism, imagination, creativity, leadership, integrity, courage, boldness, perseverance, commitment to excellence, reverence for the past, hope for tomorrow and faith in God. How — Pat Williams

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Andy Stanley

As a leader it is your job to protect the missional integrity of the Jesus gathering to which you have been called. It is your responsibility to see to it that the church under your care continues as a gathering of people in process; a place where the curious,the unconvinced, the sceptical, the used-to-believe and the broken, as well as the committed, informed and sold-out come together around Peter's declaration that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. — Andy Stanley

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Tony Dovale

ReThink Real Success: Keeping your word to others and never lying to yourself — Tony Dovale

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By John McCain

Courage is the enforcing virtue, the one that makes possible all the other virtues common
to exceptional leaders: honesty, integrity, confidence, compassion and humility — John McCain

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Preet Bharara

History has shown that one cannot legislate a culture of integrity. And yet, one of the paramount responsibilities and challenges of corporate leadership is to ensure such a culture. — Preet Bharara

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Michael Short

Some things transcend politics and policy and the lust for power. Truth, honesty, integrity, decency and fairness are immutable values. They are the ethical substance of life. They ought to be cherished. To sell them out is to sell one's soul. — Michael Short

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Craig Groeschel

If you want your ministry to have 'it', more important than anything else we've discussed, you must have 'it'. When it has filtered through your heart - the rare combination of passion, integrity, focus, faith, expectation, drive, hunger, and God's anointing - God tends to infuse your ministry with 'it'. He blesses your work. People are changed. Leaders grow. Resources flow. The ministry seems to take on a life of its own. — Craig Groeschel

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Konosuke Matsushita

A person who sins neither in thought nor deed, and is fair and just, gains enormous courage and strength. As a leader, you need courage born of integrity in order to be capable of powerful leadership. To achieve this courage, you must search your heart, and make sure your conscience is clear and your behavior is beyond reproach. — Konosuke Matsushita

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Orly Wahba

Honesty and integrity are the yardsticks by which we measure our intrinsic value. — Orly Wahba

Integrity And Leadership Quotes By Farshad Asl

Decisiveness is the number one quality of a dynamic leader; his ability to communicate a decision with passion and integrity is an art form. — Farshad Asl