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Top Inspirational One Line Quotes

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Jack Gantos

These folks zigged when the rest of the world zagged. And once you cross the line, there's no coming back. Mark my words. — Jack Gantos

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Apolo Ohno

Who else, when we stepped to the line in Torino, was going to be so mentally tough? Who else would have proven to himself that he could do anything he set out to do? In a sport that was always one tick away from being entirely out of control, who else would have done everything he could to take charge of the things he could-and should- control to put himself in position to excel? — Apolo Ohno

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Hal Elrod

There is a fine line between optimism and delusion. I cross it often. — Hal Elrod

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Gina Barreca

Boys are rewarded for playing games where they line up by height and then run into walls. Perhaps I'm making that up
or perhaps you should do a Google search for "Guy Runs into Wall for Fun."
Not only do women hold up half the sky; we do it while carrying a 500-pound purse.
From age sixteen to age twenty, a woman's body is a temple. From twenty-one to forty-five, it's an amusement park. From forty-five on, it's a terrarium.
Bring your sense of humor with you at all times. Bring your friends with a sense of humor. If their friends have a sense of humor, invite them, too — Gina Barreca

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Joss Whedon

Bottom line is, even if you see 'em coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are. — Joss Whedon

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Kresley Cole

The bottom line is, insults only hurt when they come from someone I respect. — Kresley Cole

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Frederica Mathewes-Green

In communities, at work, but particularly in families, people are put together in something like a three-legged race. God means us to cross the finish line together, and all the other people tied together with us play some part in our progress. They are oftentimes to rouse our stubborn sins to the surface, where we can deal with them and overcome them. Bundled together in families, a giant seven or nine or fifteen legged pack, we seem to make very poor progress indeed and fall to the ground in bickering heaps with some regularity. But God has put us together - has appointed each person in your bundle specifically for you, and you for them. And so, 'little children, let us love one another' with might and main, and keep hopping together toward the finish line. — Frederica Mathewes-Green

Inspirational One Line Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

At what point did men decide that women are "on the market" to "be picked?" "Pick me! Pick me!" Oh really? Is it really like that? I shall be the one to do the picking, thank you. No one will in any way line me up against the wall and take a pick. Men do not do the picking. Women do the picking. Only stupid women wish to be "picked out." This is the ancient way, this is the way of gods and angels. Women are not "on the market;" women are seated on thrones. — C. JoyBell C.

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Apolo Ohno

Passion is the spark for everything. By itself, passion is never enough. Just like talent is never enough. But it's your fire starter.
Without passion, you won't do something 100 percent. That's the bottom line.
And what's the point of doing something if you're not doing it 100 percent? — Apolo Ohno

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Christy Hall

Be what you are, all that you are. Wear yourself proudly. It will require that you draw a line, but that line in the sand is your courage. — Christy Hall

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Antonia Montoya

Gratitude is not something idyllic that comes when all good things line up to be counted. Gratitude is there all the time waiting to be focused on. — Antonia Montoya

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

Move on. Walk forward into the light. — Barbara Kingsolver

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Barbara Morrison

The woman next to you that looks really bad might be going through the toughest challenge ever with her teenage daughter; think about if it were you in her shoes before gossiping about her. The man at the checkout line using change may have lost his job and is buying diapers for his baby at home because its all the money he has left; think about it before you snicker to your friends because he could've bought beer or cigarettes. The child with holes in his shoes could be homeless but he's still going to school because he feels safe there even though others laugh at him; think about it before you judge the innocent. You never know what challenges you're going to face from day to day! — Barbara Morrison

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Deborah L. McCarragher

Hope is putting Faith "on the line" and expecting results!
(from Mission Possible - Spiritual Covering) — Deborah L. McCarragher

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Bill Jensen

Reliance is the ultimate measure of a team's or organization's culture. It's not 'Would I recommend a friend to work here?' It's 'Would this group of people put their ass on the line for me?' And 'Would I do the same for them? — Bill Jensen

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Frank Herbert

Whether a thought is spoken or not it is a real thing and it has power," Tuek said. "You might find the line between life and death among the Fremen to be too sharp and quick. — Frank Herbert

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sower may mistake and sow his peas crookedly; the peas make no mistake, but come up and show his line. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Brandy Nacole

Everyone needs a place to let go and unwind from life, mine happens to be where pencil meets paper. — Brandy Nacole

Inspirational One Line Quotes By John Bingham

Long Distance training can be a positive & constructive form of selfishness. After all, once you're at the starting line, you're there by yourself. No one can run a single step for you. No one can jump in & help you. No one but you can make the decisions about what to do to keep going. It's all up to you. — John Bingham

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Butch Bellah

Winners run through the finish line. End your day with passion and enthusiasm. — Butch Bellah

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Ogwo David Emenike

There is a thin line between the impossible and the possible - that is determination. — Ogwo David Emenike

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Roland Merullo

If Christ's message could be distilled down to one line, that line would have to do with kindness and inclusiveness, not rules and divisiveness. — Roland Merullo

Inspirational One Line Quotes By James Hillman

My war - and I have yet to win a decisive battle - is with the modes of thought and conditioned feelings that prevail in psychology and therefore also in the way we think and feel about our being. Of these conditions none are more tyrannical than the convictions that clamp the mind and heart into positivistic science (geneticism and computerism), economics (bottom-line capitalism), and single-minded faith (fundamentalism). — James Hillman

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Edmond Rostand

But ... to sing,
to dream, to smile, to walk, to be alone, be free,
with a voice that stirs and an eye that still can see!
To cock your hat to one side, when you please
at a yes, a no, to fight, or- make poetry!
To work without a thought of fame or fortune,
on that journey, that you dream of, to the moon!
Never to write a line that's not your own ... — Edmond Rostand

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Christy Hall

As you near a finish line, do not slow down. Instead, run faster. Give all you have left until it is done. It is then that you may collapse. — Christy Hall

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Are you conscious of the scent or odour emanating from your mouth, arm pits, stockings or elsewhere? Are you friendly to your environment? Is your dressing, hair style and make up in line with your defined mission and values? How can you start managing your image and brand for a consistently good impression all the time? Does your image reflect your aspirations? — Archibald Marwizi

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Gordon Parks

The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed. — Gordon Parks

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Tony Hsieh

Every employee can affect your company's brand, not just the front-line employees that are paid to talk to your customers. — Tony Hsieh

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Bo Burnham

Read this to yourself. Read it silently.
Don't move your lips. Don't make a sound.
Listen to yourself. Listen without hearing anything.
What a wonderfully weird thing, huh?
Now, hear a whisper. A tiny whisper.
Now, read this next line in your best crotchety-
old man voice:
"Hello there, sonny. Does your town have a post office?"
Awesome! Who was that? Whose voice was that?
It sure wasn't yours!
How do you do that?
It must've been magic. — Bo Burnham

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Amy Harmon

What do you want from me, Ambrose?" Fern cried from behind her hands. He pulled at her wrists, wanting to see her face as he laid it all on the line.
"I want your body. I want your mouth. I want your red hair in my hands. I want your laugh and your funny faces. I want your friendship and your inspirational thoughts. I want Shakespeare and Amber Rose novels and your memories of Bailey. And I want you to come with me when I go. — Amy Harmon

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Marianne Williamson

Harry Potter is one boy in a long line of mythical heroes who have reminded the human race that we are so much more than we think we are, so much more powerful than we seem to know. Jesus said that we would someday do even greater works than He; should we not take Him at His word? And should not 'someday' be today? It's time for us to start working miracles, if indeed we have the capacity within us to do so. — Marianne Williamson

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

To take one step forward is the way to the finishing line, it doesn't matter how long it takes as long you'll get there eventually. — Euginia Herlihy

Inspirational One Line Quotes By William James

Let no youth have any anxiety about the upshot of his education, whatever the line of it may be. If he keep faithfully busy each hour of the working-day, he may safely leave the result to itself. He can with perfect certainty count on waking up some fine morning to find himself one of the competent ones of his generation. — William James

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Michael Jordan

But my drive to win is so great ... I just step over that line ... It's very embarrassing, ... one of the things you totally regret. So you look at yourself in the mirror and say, 'I was stupid.' — Michael Jordan

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Lisa Abu-Bakr

Beauty is merely defined by the very core of one's soul, which then and only then outlines one's outside features, reflecting beyond the body. With every line representing who you are.
The wrinkles around the eyes from laughing so hard, the callus on ones hands from giving, the scars on one body from "living", the curve of ones mouth from the words their speaking, the lines on one's for curiosity their building.
Truth is we all hold our own definition of beauty, it's that simple. — Lisa Abu-Bakr

Inspirational One Line Quotes By N.N. Porchezhiyan

Life is made of two parts, the good and the bad, but you can only look at it in one piece where everything is mixed together because life is never a straight line; to succeed in life you have to climb the mountain and jump the pit earlier to have hills and holes to climb and jump over later, whereas climbing the mountain and jumping the pit later will lead up to peaks and abysses. — N.N. Porchezhiyan

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Sharad Vivek Sagar

I know I could've been on the other side of the line too. I refuse to accept injustice and inequality because I know it can be against any one of us, our brothers and sisters and friends and family. I know it's personal. I know this is our only chance, our only planet, our only shot. And, I know this is my brick. — Sharad Vivek Sagar

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Paul Martin

Since one never knows what will be the line of advance, it is always most rash to condemn what is not quite in the fashion of the moment. — Paul Martin

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Sam Zell

The reality is that I need to be challenged and interested, as long as the risk and reward is in line. — Sam Zell

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Clive Barker

I dreamed a limitless book,
A book unbound,
Its leaves scattered in fantastic abundance.
On every line there was a new horizon drawn,
New heavens supposed;
New states, new souls.
One of those souls,
Dozing through some imagined afternoon,
Dreamed these words.
And needing a hand to set them down,
Made mine. — Clive Barker

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Dan Brown

Faith is a continuum, and we each fall on that line where we may. By attempting to rigidly classify ethereal concepts like faith, we end up debating semantics to the point where we entirely miss the obvious-that is, that we are all trying to decipher life's big mysteries, and we're each following our own paths of enlightenment. — Dan Brown

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Deb Caletti

I didn't know what I wanted to Be ... A sense that I had permanently botched things already, embarked on the trip without the map. and it scared me too, that I might end up as a mother of 3 working in a psychiatrist's office, or renting surfboards ... I guess I saw their lives as failed somehow, absent of the Big Win ... What is fate was an inherited trait? What if luck came through the genetic line, and the ability to "succeed" at your chosen "direction" was handed down, just like the family china? Maybe I was destined to be a weed too. — Deb Caletti

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Susan May Warren

And maybe that was the reason God sent him up there-to take a good look at himself, at the raw, brutal facts, and remind him that whatever line he cut behind him, grace always lay before him. A pristine, white, unblemished future. — Susan May Warren

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Sara Secora

I walk along an ever fading line between jaded and wishful thinking. — Sara Secora

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Ben Saunders

The closer I got to my finish line, that rubbley (ph) rocky coast of Ross Island, the more I started to realize that the biggest lesson that this very long, very-hard walk might be teaching me is that happiness is not a finish line and that if we can't feel content on our journeys amidst the mess and the striving that we all inhabit - the open loops, the half-finished to-do lists, the could-do-better-next-times - then we might never feel it. — Ben Saunders

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Cynthia Heimel

There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. — Cynthia Heimel

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Michael Barbarulo

God wants you to face the reasons why you separate yourself from Him. He will show you what you fear, what you need, and what you desire. He will inventory your beliefs and values, and help you line them up with His truth. — Michael Barbarulo

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Gary L. Francione

Veganism is about nonviolence. It is about not engaging in harm to other sentient beings; to oneself; and to the environment upon which all beings depend for life. In my view, the animal rights movement is, at its core, a movement about ending violence to all sentient beings. It is a movement that seeks fundamental justice for all. It is an emerging peace movement that does not stop at the arbitrary line that separates humans from nonhumans. — Gary L. Francione

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Jeffrey Lang

You cannot simply read the Quran,not if you take it seriously.You either have surrendered to it already or you fight it.
It attacks tenaciously,directly,personally; it debates,criticizes,shames and challenges.
From the outset it draws the line of battle, and I was on other side. — Jeffrey Lang

Inspirational One Line Quotes By R.v.m.

Don't just follow the line ... To be a Star - Shine!-RVM — R.v.m.

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Kale Lawrence

Don't let anyone set restrictions on your life ... You chart the course of your own future, not anyone else. Don't let people have such a power over you. Because if you're always racing against their standards, then what's the point of reaching a useless finish line? — Kale Lawrence

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Andrew-Knox B Kaniki

Keep your head up, and know that the sun breaks through the skies each day so you can experience God's will and purpose for your life. If you can see the sun or even the moon, then you are already in line with His plans. — Andrew-Knox B Kaniki

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Andrew Carnegie

Here is the prime condition of success: Concentrate your energy, thought and capital exclusively upon the business in which you are engaged. Having begun on one line, resolve to fight it out on that line, to lead in it, adopt every improvement, have the best machinery, and know the most about it. — Andrew Carnegie

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Anne Lamott

I believe that when all si said and done, all you can do is to show up for someone in crisis, which seems so inadequate. But then when you do, it can radically change everything. Your there-ness, your stepping into a scared [person's] line of vision, can be life giving, because often everyone else is in hiding ... — Anne Lamott

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Alyscia Cunningham

Beauty lies not in a flawless complexion, but in the stories that are told by each transitioning line on a woman's face. — Alyscia Cunningham

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Giuseppe Bianco

A drawing begins with 1 line; a story begins with 1 word; a dream begins with 1 idea, and they all die with 1 doubt. Believe in yourself. — Giuseppe Bianco

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Lucille Ball

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. Your really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. — Lucille Ball

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Andrew Carnegie

I believe that the road to pre-eminent success in any line of work is to make yourself master of that line of work. — Andrew Carnegie

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Gina Greenlee

As your training integrates Mind, Body and Spirit, enjoy the process. Your journey to the marathon finish will last a few hours. Your journey to the start will influence a lifetime. — Gina Greenlee

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Misty Coplen

Don't fall into line- you'll never be noticed then! — Misty Coplen

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Our ultimate finishing line in life is death! Whilst you have life, work hard and trust God! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Mitch Albom

If we tend to the things that are important in life, if we are right with those we love, and behave in line with our faith, our lives will not be cursed with the aching throb of unfulfilled business. Our words will always be sincere, our embraces will be tight. We will never wallow in the agony of 'I could have, I should have'. We can sleep in a storm. And when its time, our goodbyes will be complete. — Mitch Albom

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Siren Waroe

I want constructive energy generated by every brushstroke and between every line. — Siren Waroe

Inspirational One Line Quotes By V.L. Thompson

Reading this book, you will probably get motivated to take a major faith step, but life can stare you back in the face and tell you that you are stupid to believe that God will answer your prayer. The bottom line is, GOD CAN DO IT, and He will do it if you let Him. Numbers, 23:19 states, "God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?" Your entrepreneurial dream may seem impossible, but God can do it. Your finances might be in the worst shape that you have ever experienced in your life, but God can fix it. You might not have the education or the skill that you know is required to follow through on your dream, but God can supplement it. Will you trust Him to do it? — V.L. Thompson

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Mads

Length of a straight line is determined by the two tiny dots on both ends — Mads

Inspirational One Line Quotes By Sadiqua Hamdan

For a moment I think to myself, which connection is quicker to God? Telepathically or by email? Maybe there's a quicker turnaround time if I email my problems. I should probably start by apologizing and doing something spiritual to make up for my long absence. Would an Angel with poor customer service etiquette respond to my email? Is there an 800 holy number to dial? If so, which manual would the Angel be reading from? The Bible or the Qur'an? Does it matter? Would the Angel have Sister Mary sitting next to her, watching and coaching her on how to talk to people with issues? And how do you handle four billion calls a day? I suppose I would have to wait my turn in line, just like everyone else. — Sadiqua Hamdan