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Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes & Sayings

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Top Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes

Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes By Barack Obama

As I said in my State of the Union address ensuring the security of the United States and the safety of our people demands a smart, patient and disciplined approach to the world. — Barack Obama

Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes By Michelle Geaney

Grab me, kiss me, waltz me, and love me,
I adore thee cherish thee absolutely love thee,
Come let's take to the floor 'Neath a chandelier of stars from above,
And dance me slowly to the edge of love. — Michelle Geaney

Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes By Beatrice Sparks

I wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone in this whole world. I wouldn't hurt them physically or emotionally, how then can people so consistently do it to me? Even my parents treat me like I'm stupid and inferior and ever short. I guess I'll never measure up to anyone's expectations. I surely don't measure up to what I'd like to be. — Beatrice Sparks

Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes By Jamie Foxx

But don't get caught out there looking goofy. It's weird. When you do something that stinks, it's going to last forever on the Internet. There's always someone in the audience with a camera phone and if you're not 100%, you're going to be watching yourself on YouTube. — Jamie Foxx

Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes By Cassandra Clare

You cannot hide your true self forever. — Cassandra Clare

Inspirational Green Lantern Quotes By Mev Puleo

The church lives in a regime of ecclesial authoritarian security and the military elites live in a regime of national authoritarian security. These structures produce the same kind of authoritarian people, with a super defensive stance in their strategies and argumentation.
This is why they understand each other! (Leonardo Boff, p. 178) — Mev Puleo