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Top Insanity And Brilliance Quotes

Insanity And Brilliance Quotes By R.K. Lilley

I loved your eyes first," I told him , repeating his words from a few weeks ago back to him, because it was true, and because we were two halves of a whole - we had been all along, and he'd been so clever to know it right away. I used to think it was insanity, but now I was beginning to think that it was pure brilliance. "I see it, too, James. I see the other half of my soul in you. — R.K. Lilley

Insanity And Brilliance Quotes By Skyla Madi

Brilliance is impossible without a touch of insanity. — Skyla Madi

Insanity And Brilliance Quotes By Christopher Titus

My mum is in a mental hospital. There's a fine line between genius and insanity. Winston Churchill, Mozart, John Lennon. These people all had a touch of crazy that fuelled their brilliance. They were not locked up for it like my mum. Pft. Then again, Winston Churchill never tried to kill my dad. — Christopher Titus

Insanity And Brilliance Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

I neither knew nor cared whether my experience was insanity, dreaming, or magic; but was determined to gaze on brilliance and gaiety at any cost. — H.P. Lovecraft

Insanity And Brilliance Quotes By Evan Currie

The fun thing about insanity is that it is often so very hard to tell it apart from brilliance. — Evan Currie