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Top Infidelity In Love Quotes

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Elvin Bishop

I fooled around and fell in love. — Elvin Bishop

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Women in love sooner forgive great indiscretions than small infidelities. — Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Infidelity In Love Quotes By David Levithan

Livid, adj.
Fuck You for cheating on me. Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating. As if this were a card game, and you sneaked a look at my hand. Who came up with the term cheating, anyway? A cheater, I imagine. Someone who thought liar was too harsh. Someone who thought devastator was too emotional. The same person who thought, oops, he'd gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Fuck you. This isn't about slipping yourself an extra twenty dollars of Monopoly money. These are our lives. You went and broke our lives. You are so much worse than a cheater. You killed something. And you killed it when its back was turned. — David Levithan

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Haruki Murakami

I think you still love me, but we can't escape the fact that I'm not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I'm not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I'm not angry, either. I should be, but I'm not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong. — Haruki Murakami

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Alessandra Torre

I thought women enjoyed affairs. I thought they got sparks of pleasure at the buzz of their phone, thought they ran around with a glow, their world suddenly on fire with new love. I thought they were women with terrible husbands and unhappy lives, an affair the first step in an eventual ending of their marriage. I thought that they were horrible, selfish women. I never thought that I would be one of them. I never thought that I'd be so weak. It turned out being the perfect wife was only easy when there was no temptation, no mistake haunting and overshadowing your marriage. — Alessandra Torre

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert Of Cherbury

Inconstancy no sin will prove If we consider that we love But the same beauty in another face, Like the same body in another place. — Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert Of Cherbury

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Jean Baudrillard

If you say, I love you, then you have already fallen in love with language, which is already a form of break up and infidelity. — Jean Baudrillard

Infidelity In Love Quotes By David Levithan

Composure, n.
You told me anyway, even though I didn't want to know. A stupid drunken fling while you were visiting Toby in Austin. Months ago. And the thing I hate the most is knowing how much hinges on my reaction, how your unburdening can only lead to me being burdened. If I lose it now, I will lose you, too. I know that. I hate it.
You wait for my response. — David Levithan

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Only a fool would be patient enough to stay in a totalitarian love affair, and only the insincere will use anarchy to commit the sin of unfaithfulness. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Jack Dancer

If I know anything about women, I know they're not going to accept infidelity any way you serve it up. I don't care what they say. No one wants the one they love running around on 'em, — Jack Dancer

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Francois De La Rochefoucauld

The violence we do to ourselves in order to remain faithful to the one we love is hardly better than an act of infidelity. — Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Suzanne Finnamore

I am not ready to think of him as either insane or evil, to consider in full how I could love and have a child with such a person. I am not ready to think about anything, except ways in which this may still be averted. — Suzanne Finnamore

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Paul Murray

It's like when you find out your lover has been unfaithful: in one horrible instant everything she was to you, the whole beautiful enchantment, falls away, and you see her as she really is - mortal, machinating, tethered like everyone else to a little patch of space and time. And the worst of it is that you knew all along. — Paul Murray

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Wyclef Jean

It's the same with [my wife]
when she goes out, guys are macking on her. I'm not worried with the kind of relationship we've got. Most people, they don't leave room for mistakes in their relationship. — Wyclef Jean

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Carole Matthews

Infidelity doesn't have to be the most devastating that can happen in a marriage. — Carole Matthews

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Sam Storms

Just as a husband cannot be indulgent of adultery in his wife, so also God cannot and will not endure infidelity in us. What would we think of a man or woman who does not experience jealous feelings when another person approaches his or her spouse and threatens to win his or her affection? We would regard such a person as deficient in moral character and lacking in true love. — Sam Storms

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Drexel Deal

Listening to their argument made me aware of how empty my life was, and I hated the life I was living all the more. It was quite obvious to me this lady was deeply in love, for she was fighting for what she thought to be hers. Even though I was dating two females at the time, and stringing a third one along, yet I've yet to discover that kind of love. I guess this was why my favorite song was 'I wane be love', by the Jamaican reggae super star Buru Banton. — Drexel Deal

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Junot Diaz

Love is understood, in a historical way, as one of the great human vocations - but its counterspell has always been infidelity. This terrible, terrible betrayal that can tear apart not only another person, not only oneself, but whole families. — Junot Diaz

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

We invented marriage. Couples invented marriage. We also invented divorce,mind you. And we invented infidelity,too, as well as romantic misery. In fact we invented the whole sloppy mess of love and intimacy and aversion and euphoria and failure. But most importantly of all, most subversively of all, most stubbornly of all, we invented privacy. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Merle Shain

The dream of romantic love is taken more seriously in North America than it is anywhere else in the world, which is why we believe in fidelity and why we believe in infidelity as well. It is also, of course, what makes our divorce rate as high as it is. Falling in love at first sight and instant gratification are part of the world in which we live, so there are people who believe adamantly in fidelity. They just don't believe in it for long. — Merle Shain

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Lucie Novak

Jealousy is about ownership and control, not love. People very often don't see that.
"Infidelity is simply defined as the breaking of trust and the keeping of secrets in an intimate partnership." Having sex with other people and only love one? I say "yes if the loved one knows and does not mind". Mine even liked it. — Lucie Novak

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Suzanne Finnamore

This is much worse than losing a cat. You do not wish the cat dead, for example, after the first two days. You still love the cat and presumably the cat still loves you, or some variation of love that may in fact be dependence and even indifference. — Suzanne Finnamore

Infidelity In Love Quotes By J.E. Bolton

Heartbreak comes in many forms: infidelity, lies, or a simple, old fashioned break-up. But, there's another reason no one ever thinks about when it comes to heartbreak. It's something that outweighs the fear of being alone, and tells the brokenhearted individual that he or she will never find love again. — J.E. Bolton

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Samuel Rutherford

Oh thrice fools are we who like new-born princes weeping in the cradle know not that there is a kingdom before them then let our Lord's sweet hand square us and hammer us and strike off the knots of pride self-love and world-worship and infidelity that He may make us stones and pillars in His Father's house. — Samuel Rutherford

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Brennan Manning

Do you believe that the God of Jesus loves you beyond worthiness and unworthiness, beyond fidelity and infidelity - that he loves you in the morning sun and in the evening rain - that he loves you when your intellect denies it, your emotions refuse it, your whole being rejects it. Do you believe that God loves without condition or reservation and loves you this moment as you are and not as you should be. — Brennan Manning

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Wendy Plump

As a young woman, I schooled my romantic sensibilities on the most impossible examples. "Romeo and Juliet" is one of my favorites. I once plotted out the length of time it took them to conjoin. Four days. Four days for one of the world's greatest stories of love and marriage to play out. I do not see how that is an example for the rest of us. If every marriage on record lasted only four days, then there wouldn't be a word for infidelity. There wouldn't be a word for divorce. There wouldn't be time for anything but sex and adoration. Sounds like a charming recipe. I just have trouble practicing it in extension. — Wendy Plump

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Jack Serv

An amorous night is to approach a state of perfection that only two lovers can reach; you see this requires--no it demands, implores the deepest reverence, trust, insatiable desire, and mad lust for her. To worship her by abolishing the weakness of fear, the fear of betrayal, infidelity, the lack of reciprocation and bequeathing the body and soul to her, to worship her, to yearn and gain her unfettered permission to her body and soul, to accept the primal desires the animal needs that dwell inside, yet to have passion, tender love-making and violent sex all in the same night, as one--approaching this perfection is approaching heaven on earth. — Jack Serv

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Nicholaa Spencer

Cullan was already inside her room, walking toward her. The sliding door was reduced to shards.

"I asked you nicely." Cullan said in a loud voice. "Why won't you even-"

"Is swearing nice to you?"

"You riled me up!"

"You kissed another woman! — Nicholaa Spencer

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Blaise Pascal

Attachment to the same thought wearies and destroys the mind of man. Hence for the solidity and permanence of the pleasure of love, it is sometimes necessary not to know that we love; and this is not to be guilty of an infidelity, for we do not therefore love another; it is to regain strength in order to love the better. This happens without our thinking of it; the mind is borne hither of itself; nature wills it, commands it. It must however be confessed that this is a miserable consequence of human weakness, and that we should be happier of we were not forced to change of thought; but there is no remedy. — Blaise Pascal

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Christopher Ryan

When seventeenth-century Jesuit missionary Paul Le Jeune lectured a Montagnais Indian man about the dangers of the rampant infidelity he'd witnessed, Le Jeune received a lesson on proper parenthood in response. The missionary recalled, "I told him that it was not honorable for a woman to love any one else except her husband, and that this evil being among them, he himself was not sure that his son, who was there present, was his son. He replied, 'Thou hast no sense. You French people love only your own children; but we all love all the children of our tribe.'"5 — Christopher Ryan

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Kay M. Rutherford

i have to love myself more than i love him, in order to leave him. — Kay M. Rutherford

Infidelity In Love Quotes By Charles Bukowski

I care for you, darling, I love you,
the only reason I fucked L. is because you fucked
Z. and then I fucked R. and you fucked N.
and because you fucked N. I had to fuck
Y. But I think of you constantly, I feel you
here in my belly like a baby, love I'd call it,
no matter what happens I'd call it love, and so
you fucked C. and then before I could move
you fucked W., so I had to fuck D. But
I want you to know that I love you, I think of you
constantly, I don't think I've ever loved anybody
like I love you. — Charles Bukowski