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Top Inexpressible Love Quotes

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Leonard Pitts Jr.

He had not known until that moment that your heart can break with love, that it can fill with such inexpressible tenderness till you just about can't stand it anymore. — Leonard Pitts Jr.

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Antoine De Saint-Exupery

It is not by way of language that I shall transmit what is within me; for it is inexpressible in words. I can but signify this insofar as you may understand it through other channels than the spoken word; by love's miracle or because, born of the same God, we are akin. Else I have to drag it out, laboriously
that sunken world within me. And thus, as my clumsiness avails, I display this or that aspect alone
as in the case of my mountain, of which I may say merely that it is high. But it is far more than that, and behind those weak words I have in mind the far-flung glory of the night when one stands on the heights, alone and shivering, amongst the stars. — Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Thomas Goodwin

What a wonder is it, that two natures infinitely distant, should be more intimately united than anything in the world; and yet without any confusion! That the same person should have both a glory and a grief; an infinite joy in the Deity, and an inexpressible sorrow in the humanity! That a God upon a throne should be an infant in a cradle; the thundering Creator be a weeping babe and a suffering man, are such expressions of mighty power, as well as condescending love, that they astonish men upon earth, and angels in heaven. — Thomas Goodwin

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Robert Fripp

In strange and uncertain times such as those we are living in, sometimes a reasonable person might despair. But hope is unreasonable and love is greater even than this. May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse. — Robert Fripp

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

We love a girl for very different qualities than understanding. We love her for her beauty, her youth, her mirth, her confidingness, her character, with its faults, caprices and God knows what other inexpressible charms; but we do not love her understanding. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Thomas B. Macaulay

In after-life you may have friends
fond, dear friends; but never will you have again the inexpressible love and gentleness lavished upon you which none but a mother bestows. — Thomas B. Macaulay

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

A writer tries to express those thoughts, which are inexpressible, with beauty and love. — Debasish Mridha

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Esther Hicks

The BEST representation of Source Energy that you will ever find in your physical format is inexpressible. It's that feeling of love and appreciation that just WELLS up within you, that is so sensational that you can hardly find words for it. That's the true ESSENCE of who you are. — Esther Hicks

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Pope John Paul II

In the context of the "great mystery" of Christ and of the Church, all are called to respond - as a bride - with the gift of their lives to the inexpressible gift of the love of Christ, who alone, as the Redeemer of the world, is the Church's Bridegroom. — Pope John Paul II

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Herman Melville

That nameless and infinitely delicate aroma of inexpressible tenderness and attentiveness which, in every refined and honorable attachment, is contemporary with the courtship, and precedes the final banns and the rite; but which, like the bouquet of the costliest German wines, too often evaporates upon pouring love out to drink, in the disenchanting glasses of the matrimonial days and nights. — Herman Melville

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Salman Rushdie

I allowed myself the supernatural, the transcendent, because, I told myself, our love of metaphor is pre-religious, born of our need to express what is inexpressible, our dreams of otherness, of more. — Salman Rushdie

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Rumi

Love is an emotion. Totally silent and inexpressible with words. — Rumi

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Mechthild Of Magdeburg

A Light of utmost splendor glows on the eyes of my soul. Therein have I seen the inexpressible ordering of all things, and recognized God's unspeakable glory
that incomprehensible wonder
the tender caress between God and the soul ... the unmingled joy of union, the living love of eternity as it now is and evermore shall be. — Mechthild Of Magdeburg

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Erica Jong

In poetry you can express almost inexpressible feelings. You can express the pain of loss, you can express love. People always turn to poetry when someone they love dies, when they fall in love. — Erica Jong

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Only love for the Supreme Lord is true Bhakti. Love for any other being, however great, is not Bhakti. The "Supreme Lord" here means Ishvara, the concept of which transcends what you in the West mean by the personal God. "He from whom this universe proceeds, in whom it rests, and to whom it returns, He is Ishvara, the Eternal, the Pure, the All-Merciful, the Almighty, the Ever-Free, the All-Knowing, the Teacher of all teachers, the Lord who of His own nature is inexpressible Love." — Swami Vivekananda

Inexpressible Love Quotes By James Baldwin

The distance between us, and I had never thought of this before, was that they did not know this, and I now dared to realize that I loved them more than they loved me. And I do not mean that my love was greater: who dares judge the inexpressible expense another pays for his life? who knows how much one is loved, by whom, or what that love may be called on to do? No, the way the cards had fallen meant that I had to face more about them than they could know about me, knew — James Baldwin

Inexpressible Love Quotes By Evelyn Waugh

I knew what she meant, and in that moment felt as though I had shaken off some of the dust and grit of ten dry years; then and always, however she spoke to me, in half sentences, single words, stock phrases of contemporary jargon, in scarcely perceptible movements of eyes or lips or hands, however inexpressible her thought, however quick and far it had glanced from the matter in hand, however deep it had plunged, as it often did, straight from the surface to the depths, I knew; even that day when I still stood on the extreme verge of love, I knew what she meant. — Evelyn Waugh