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Top Indifference Coldness Quotes

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

A man's vanity is more fragile that you might think. It's easy for us to mistake shyness for coldness, and silence for indifference. — Lisa Kleypas

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

You're carrying on as if I am being chased by hordes of men, when that is obviously not the case. At Stony Cross Park, men went out of their way to avoid my company - and you were one of them!"
The charge, though true, seemed to startle Sebastian. His face became taut, and he stared at her in stony silence. "You hardly made it easy for anyone to approach you," he said after a moment. "A man's vanity is more fragile than you might think. It's easy for us to mistake shyness for coldness, and silence for indifference. You could have exerted yourself a bit, you know. One brief meeting between the two of us ... one smile from you ... was all the encouragement I would have needed to jump on you like a grouse on laurel. — Lisa Kleypas

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Josh Lanyon

No one was in better position than I to know how easily shyness gets misread for arrogance or coldness or indifference. — Josh Lanyon

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Edward Gibbon

Instead of pressing, with the foremost of the crowd, into the palace of Constantinople, Libanius calmly expected his arrival at Antioch; withdrew from court on the first symptoms of coldness and indifference; required a formal invitation for each visit; and taught his sovereign an important lesson, that he might command the obedience of a subject, but that he must deserve the attachment of a friend. — Edward Gibbon

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Philippe Claudel

Saintliness is very odd. When people encounter it, they often take it for something else, something completely unlike it: indifference, mockery, scheming, coldness, insolence, perhaps even contempt. But they're mistaken, and that makes them furious. They commit an awful crime. This is doubtless the reason why most saints end up as martyrs. — Philippe Claudel

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Guy Gavriel Kay

Ice is for death and endings. — Guy Gavriel Kay

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Elizabeth Bowen

There must be perfect towns where shadows were strong like buildings, towns secret without coldness, unaware without indifference. — Elizabeth Bowen

Indifference Coldness Quotes By Louise Erdrich

To join the company of women, to be adults, we go through a period of proudly boasting of having survived our own mother's indifference, anger, overpowering love, the burden of her pain, her tendency to drink or teetotal, her warmth or coldness, praise or criticism, sexual confusions or embarrassing clarity. It isn't enough that she sweat, labored, bore her daughters howling or under total anesthesia or both. No. She must be responsible for our psychic weaknesses the rest of her life. It is alright to feel kinship with your father, to forgive. We all know that. But your mother is held to a standard so exacting that it has no principles. She simply must be to blame. — Louise Erdrich