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Inconvenient Quotes By Barack Obama

It's important to listen to what scientists have to say, even when it's inconvenient, especially when it's inconvenientBarack Obama

Inconvenient Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

Men can have all manner of deeply held beliefs about the world in general that they find most inconvenient when called upon to apply to their own lives. Few people let morality get in the way of expediency. Or even convenience. A man who truly believes in a thing beyond the point where it costs him is a rare and dangerous thing. — Joe Abercrombie

Inconvenient Quotes By Millicent Fawcett

Just as radical heirs apparent are said to lay aside all inconvenient revolutionary opinions when they come to the throne, it was believed that Mr. Mill in Parliament would be an entirely different person from Mr. Mill in his study. — Millicent Fawcett

Inconvenient Quotes By Ella Cheever Thayer

Ah, well! then the young woman was only in advance of the age," said Miss Archer; "and what with that and the telephone, and that dreadful phonograph that bottles up all one says and disgorges at inconvenient times, we will soon be able to do everything by electricity; who knows but some genius will invent something for the especial use of lovers? something, for instance, to carry in their pockets, so when they are far away from each other, and pine for a sound of 'that beloved voice,' they will have only to take up this electrical apparatus, put it to their ears, and be happy. Ah! blissful lovers of the future! — Ella Cheever Thayer

Inconvenient Quotes By Kevin Hearne

Aw, no. You're taking us to that vegetarian place,
aren't you?
It's a coffee place. You can't just automatically classify anything that isn't a steak house as vegetarian.
Yes, I can. This is America. You said Americans assert their own opinions as if they were facts and dismiss inconvenient facts as mere opinions. — Kevin Hearne

Inconvenient Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

I love you.' For whatever small comfort it was worth, he would have the truth between them now. 'Most desperately. Bloody inconvenient, that. — Alexandra Bracken

Inconvenient Quotes By Ann Voskamp

Loving broken people when it is inconvenient is the way to have fuller inclusion in the life of Christ. Teach — Ann Voskamp

Inconvenient Quotes By Lewis Carroll

It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr. — Lewis Carroll

Inconvenient Quotes By Linus Torvalds

C++ is in that inconvenient spot where it doesn't help make things simple enough to be truly usable for prototyping or simple GUI programming, and yet isn't the lean system programming language that C is that actively encourages you to use simple and direct constructs. — Linus Torvalds

Inconvenient Quotes By Rachel Held Evans

But if the world is watching, we might as well tell the truth. And the truth is, the church doesn't offer a cure. It doesn't offer a quick fix. The church offers death and resurrection. The church offers the messy, inconvenient, gut-wrenching, never-ending work of healing and reconciliation. The church offers grace. Anything else we try to peddle is snake oil. It's not the real thing. — Rachel Held Evans

Inconvenient Quotes By Richard Branson

Values cannot be speedily forgotten if it is inconvenient or commercially expedient. Values have to have meaning and longevity; otherwise they are valueless. You cannot embrace innovation up to a point or only sometimes. Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking cords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful. — Richard Branson

Inconvenient Quotes By Mark Blumberg

Pluto is cold; Chicago in January is merely inconvenient. — Mark Blumberg

Inconvenient Quotes By Chris Sanders

The use of 'conspiracy theory' as a derogatory - as an epithet almost - is something the propagandists have perfected over the decades, and it's a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent and other points of view, and information that might be inconvenient for a policy agenda. — Chris Sanders

Inconvenient Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

To find everything profound - that is an inconvenient trait. It makes one strain one's eyes all the time, and in the end one finds more than one might have wished. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Inconvenient Quotes By Bert Williams

I have never been able to discover anything disgraceful in being a colored man. But I have often found it inconvenient - in America. — Bert Williams

Inconvenient Quotes By Cynthia Kadohata

Sometime it very inconvenient to tell the truth. — Cynthia Kadohata

Inconvenient Quotes By Elizabeth Peters

That was Evelyn's weakness. She was too kind, and too truthful. Both, I have found, are inconvenient character traits. — Elizabeth Peters

Inconvenient Quotes By David Brin

If facts are inconvenient, well, damn those who live and work with facts. — David Brin

Inconvenient Quotes By Lois Lowry

The life where nothing was ever unexpected. Or inconvenient. Or unusual. The life without colour, pain or past. — Lois Lowry

Inconvenient Quotes By Lorrie Moore

So much urgent and lifelike love went rumbling around underground and died there, never got expressed at all, so let some errant inconvenient attraction have its way. There was so little time — Lorrie Moore

Inconvenient Quotes By Rainn Wilson

I've actually rented Bjork's swan dress. I know that's kind of recycling, but I saw An Inconvenient Truth. — Rainn Wilson

Inconvenient Quotes By Rick Yancey

It's why a kid army makes sense. Adults don't waste their time on magical thinking. They dwell on the same inconvenient truths that — Rick Yancey

Inconvenient Quotes By Saffron Burrows

I have seen the Gore documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth,' just released in the States, and admired the acutely revolutionary delivery of the slideshow assisted talk he has now been giving for some 16 years. — Saffron Burrows

Inconvenient Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Come at once if convenient- if inconvenient come all the same.
- S. H. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Inconvenient Quotes By Pema Chodron

If you follow your heart, you're going to find that it is often extremely inconvenient. — Pema Chodron

Inconvenient Quotes By Elizabeth Janeway

Mythology is like gravity, inconvenient at times, but necessary for cohesion. — Elizabeth Janeway

Inconvenient Quotes By Kevin Hearne

It's a coffee place. You can't just automatically classify anything that isn't a steak house as vegetarian.
Yes, I can. This is America. You said Americans assert heir own opinions as if they were facts and dismiss inconvenient fast as mere opinions. — Kevin Hearne

Inconvenient Quotes By Peter Vidmar

Everyone works hard when they want to, when they get quick results, when it's convenient to put forth effort. The best work hard when they don't want to, when it's inconvenient to give it that little extra effort ... and that extra effort might be just what they need to place them on top. — Peter Vidmar

Inconvenient Quotes By Josh Billings

It's not only the most difficult thing to know one's self, but the most inconvenient. — Josh Billings

Inconvenient Quotes By Kathy Hepinstall

I see the way you look at him, and he looks at you. Don't question love, Iris. It may have come to you in an inconvenient form, one that society finds scandalous, but it's a gift from God. A reminder that this institution can't interfere with natural processes, like laughter, prayer, a dream that comes to you in sleep. Or love. Do with it what you want, but know it means God still sees you not as a lunatic but as His child. — Kathy Hepinstall

Inconvenient Quotes By Michele Bachmann

I've always been pro-life from conception to natural death. It's important for the Republican nominee to maintain what we stand for. We are the party that stands for all of life, whether it's convenient or inconvenient, whether it's perfect or imperfect. — Michele Bachmann

Inconvenient Quotes By Dan Buettner

The secret to longevity, as I see it, has less to do with diet, or even exercise, and more to do with the environment in which a person lives: social and physical. What do I mean by this? They live rewardingly inconvenient lives. — Dan Buettner

Inconvenient Quotes By Jesse Ventura

If Waterboarding is okay, then why don't we let our police do it to criminals so they can find out what they know? Because it's against the law. If we're not going to be a country that stand's for the rule of law, when it's convenient or inconvenient, then what DO we stand for. — Jesse Ventura

Inconvenient Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

I happen to believe that America is dying of loneliness, that we, as a people, have bought into the false dream of convenience, and turned away from a deep engagement with our internal lives - those fountains of inconvenient feeling - and toward the frantic enticements of what our friends in the Greed Business call the Free Market. We're hurtling through time and space and information faster and faster, seeking that network connection. But at the same time we're falling away from our families and our neighbors and ourselves. We ego-surf and update our status and brush up on which celebrities are ruining themselves, and how. But the cure won't stick. — Cheryl Strayed

Inconvenient Quotes By Hilary Mantel

The novelist has a responsibility to adhere to the facts as closely as possible, and if they are inconvenient, that's where the art comes in. You must work with intractable facts and find the dramatic shape inside them. — Hilary Mantel

Inconvenient Quotes By Desmond Tutu

There is no peace precisely because there has been no justice. As painful and inconvenient as justice may be, we have seen that the alternative allowing accountability to fall by the wayside is worse. — Desmond Tutu

Inconvenient Quotes By Matt Slick

feelings and personal preferences are not what determine truth. You don't create your own reality, nor do you create your own truth. You don't make reality go away if it is inconvenient. You must face it because truth is tied to reality, and reality is independent of you. Therefore, truth is independent of you. — Matt Slick

Inconvenient Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

It's very inconvenient being a sculptor. It's like playing the double-bass; one's so handicapped by one's baggage. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Inconvenient Quotes By Anita Shreve

You have to do what your heart dictates," Vivian says.
"Do you believe that?"
"Not sure, actually. It's always annoyingly inconvenient, isn't it, the thing about the heart? — Anita Shreve

Inconvenient Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

Fountains of inconvenient feeling - and toward the frantic enticements of — Cheryl Strayed

Inconvenient Quotes By George Washington

No taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant. — George Washington

Inconvenient Quotes By Michael Crichton

You are the reason why he exists on this earth. You don't have the right to abandon him just because he's inconvenient or has trouble in school. — Michael Crichton

Inconvenient Quotes By Stephen Colbert

Al Gore has a hit movie called 'An Inconvenient Truth.' I have an inconvenient truth for him: you're still not the president ... This past weekend, Al Gore's movie, 'An Inconvenient Truth,' earned more per screen than any film in the country ... I dare say Gore's movie is the highest grossing PowerPoint presentation in history ... Global warming: Can we live with it? ... It is time we did something, namely resign ourselves to doing nothing [on screen: Follow Congress' Lead] ... For instance, when sea levels rise, we'll just build levees [on screen: Worked for New Orleans] — Stephen Colbert

Inconvenient Quotes By Jay Leno

Al Gore is coming out with a movie about global warming called ' An Inconvenient Truth. ' It's described as a detailed scientific view of global warming. President Bush said he just saw a film about global warming, 'Ice Age 2; The Meltdown.' He said, 'It's so much better than that boring Al Gore movie.' — Jay Leno

Inconvenient Quotes By Carol Edgarian

Forgetting means remembering at an inconvenient time. — Carol Edgarian

Inconvenient Quotes By George Orwell

The relative freedom which we enjoy depends of public opinion. The law is no protection. Governments make laws, but whether they are carried out, and how the police behave, depends on the general temper in the country. If large numbers of people are interested in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it; if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them. — George Orwell

Inconvenient Quotes By James Lawrence Powell

In the first two decades of this century, people and their political leaders, prodded by the quisling scientists, acted as though they could enjoy the benefits of modern science while rejecting any scientific findings that they found inconvenient to their ideology or their pocketbook. — James Lawrence Powell

Inconvenient Quotes By Jim Rohn

So when somebody asks me to make a decision about a situation, I don't offer a solution, I ask a question: What are our options? Give me the good, give me the bad, give me the pretty, give me the ugly, give me the impossible, give me the possible, give me the convenient, give me the inconvenient. Give me the options. All I want are options. And once I have all the options before me, then I comfortably and confidently make my decision. — Jim Rohn

Inconvenient Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

Nudity was an inconvenient but unavoidable part of pack life. We'd all thought nothing of it before Leah came along. Then it got awkward. — Stephenie Meyer

Inconvenient Quotes By David Adam

People who live with OCD drag a mental sea anchor around. Obsession is a brake, a source of drag, not a badge of creativity, a mark of genius or an inconvenient side effect of some greater function. — David Adam

Inconvenient Quotes By Victor Papanek

All designed tools and objects are sort of extensions of human abilities, and they do tend to make life richer for us. But, an awful lot of designs, especially in this country, make life a lot more inconvenient. I'm thinking, for instance, of high-fidelity units that have so many switches and toggles and buttons and things that they confuse most people. — Victor Papanek

Inconvenient Quotes By Richard Jeni

It's always the guy who gets the diarrhea on the commercial at an inconvenient moment. As if you've ever been in a situation: 'You know, this would be a great time to get the runs, you think? I mean the sun's out, we're on the ferris wheel - what are we waiting for? — Richard Jeni

Inconvenient Quotes By Clementine Ford

If history bothered to document our stories, there wouldn't be enough paper in the world to bear witness to all the women who've been imprisoned because our emotions proved too inconvenient for men to handle and too terrifying for them to ignore. — Clementine Ford

Inconvenient Quotes By Barack Obama

This Administration also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we demand ... That means no more illegal wire-tapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient. That is not who we are. — Barack Obama

Inconvenient Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Be scrupulously truthful, even if the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it. — Bertrand Russell

Inconvenient Quotes By Elizabeth Peters

(Romanticism is not a quality I despise, but it is inconvenient in a butler.) — Elizabeth Peters

Inconvenient Quotes By Kaui Hart Hemmings

The best thing about being a fiction writer is that where the truth is inconvenient, I could veer away. — Kaui Hart Hemmings

Inconvenient Quotes By Mary Karr

I'm doomed to act like myself, even when it's inconvenient! — Mary Karr

Inconvenient Quotes By Cody McFadyen

Real people are messy and complicated and generally inconvenient, but at least they are there, — Cody McFadyen

Inconvenient Quotes By Terry Pratchett

And then Jack chopped down what was the world's last beanstalk, adding murder and ecological terrorism to the theft, enticement, and trespass charges already mentioned, and all the giant's children didn't have a daddy anymore. But he got away with it and lived happily ever after, without so much as a guilty twinge about what he had done ... which proves that you can be excused for just about anything if you are a hero, because no one asks inconvenient questions. — Terry Pratchett

Inconvenient Quotes By Lynn Kurland

Morgan was looking at the food in front of her suspiciously, as if it intended to merely reside for a bit inside her, then liberate itself at a most inconvenient time. — Lynn Kurland

Inconvenient Quotes By Neal Stephenson

All duty is inconvenient to a greater or lesser degree, or it would not be duty. — Neal Stephenson

Inconvenient Quotes By Mark Batterson

The path of least resistance never gets us where we want to go. Shortcuts always end up being cul-de-sacs. The key to spiritual growth is the willingness to go out of your way for God. You will find God in uncomfortable places at inconvenient times. But if you go out of your way for God, God will go out of His way for you. Crash the party! — Mark Batterson

Inconvenient Quotes By Annette Curtis Klause

I'd like to give you my heart, but since that might be inconvenient, I've brought you someone else's. — Annette Curtis Klause

Inconvenient Quotes By Gail Carriger

What's that?" she asked the girl, wrinkling her nose.
"Oh, that? That's just Pillover."
"And what's a pillover, when it's at home?"
"My little brother."
"Ah, I commiserate. I have several of my own. Dashed inconvenient, brothers. — Gail Carriger

Inconvenient Quotes By Max Weber

The primary task of a useful teacher is to teach his students to recognize 'inconvenient' facts - I mean facts that are inconvenient for their party opinions. — Max Weber

Inconvenient Quotes By Jesse Jackson Jr.

I want to make it a little inconvenient for everybody to get to me. — Jesse Jackson Jr.

Inconvenient Quotes By Gore Vidal

... the American reader cannot bear a surprise. He knows that this is the greatest country on earth ... and evidence to the contrary is not admissible. That means no inconvenient facts, no new information. If you really want the reader's attention, you must flatter him. Make his prejudices your own. Tell him things he already knows. He will love your soundness. — Gore Vidal

Inconvenient Quotes By Tarun Shanker

Well, when one door closes, another slightly more inconvenient, out-of-the-way one opens. Let's be off, shall we? — Tarun Shanker

Inconvenient Quotes By Winston Churchill

It would be an inconvenient rule if nothing could be done until everything can be done. — Winston Churchill

Inconvenient Quotes By Tiffany Madison

Women's liberation is one thing, but the permeation of anti-male sentiment in post-modern popular culture - from our mocking sitcom plots to degrading commercial story lines - stands testament to the ignorance of society. Fair or not, as the lead gender that never requested such a role, the historical male reputation is quite balanced.
For all of their perceived wrongs, over centuries they've moved entire civilizations forward, nurtured the human quest for discovery and industry, and led humankind from inconvenient darkness to convenient modernity. Navigating the chessboard that is human existence is quite a feat, yet one rarely acknowledged in modern academia or media. And yet for those monumental achievements, I love and admire the balanced creation that is man for all his strengths and weaknesses, his gifts and his curses. I would venture to say that most wise women do. — Tiffany Madison

Inconvenient Quotes By Sebastian Rotella

We all have had inconvenient friends. — Sebastian Rotella

Inconvenient Quotes By Sarah Schulman

Strangely, the subsequent AIDS works that have become iconic in our culture rarely mention the movement, or the engaged community of lovers, but both formations were inseparable from the crisis itself. Now, looking back, I fear that the story of the isolated helpless homosexual was one far more palatable to the corporations who control the reward system in the arts.The more truthful story of the American mass - abandoning families, criminal governments, indifferent neighbors - is too uncomfortable and inconvenient to recall. The story of how gay people who were despised, had no rights, and carried the burden of a terrible disease came together to force the country to change against its will, is apparently too implicating to tell. Fake tales of individual heterosexuals heroically overcoming their prejudices to rescue helpless dying men with AIDS was a lot more appealing to the powers that be, but not at all true. — Sarah Schulman

Inconvenient Quotes By Jonathan Evison

I'll never stop caring. But the thing about caring is, it's inconvenient. Sometimes you've got to give when it makes no sense to at all. Sometimes you've got to give until it hurts. — Jonathan Evison

Inconvenient Quotes By Harold Macmillan

Churchill was fundamentally what the English call unstable - by which they mean anybody who has that touch of genius which is inconvenient in normal times. — Harold Macmillan

Inconvenient Quotes By Dahlia Adler

Like boys all you want, Park. It still won't fix this. I'm bi and I promise you, it's not a fucking light switch. You can't just set it on 'boy' because it's inconvenient that you like a girl right now. — Dahlia Adler

Inconvenient Quotes By Courtney Milan

Your boy here-" Ware jerked his head in angry indication "can't explain himself worth a damn."
That;s hardly news to me. Nonethelss," Gareth said, "I can't allow you to kill him. His death would be a terrible inconvenience for me."
Ware snorted. "If this is a same of his behavior, his death couldn't be so inconvenient as his life. — Courtney Milan

Inconvenient Quotes By Virginia Graham

Committee meetings are always held at inconvenient times and usually take place in dark, dusty rooms the temperatures of which are unsuited to the human body. — Virginia Graham

Inconvenient Quotes By Robert Galbraith

However, Strike knew that the truly deluded would happily discount such trivialities as DNA evidence, citing contamination, or conspiracy. They saw what they wanted to see, blind to inconvenient, implacable truth. — Robert Galbraith

Inconvenient Quotes By E.B. White

By comparison with other less hectic days, the city is uncomfortable and inconvenient; but New Yorkers temperamentally do not crave comfort and convenience- if they did they would live elsewhere. — E.B. White

Inconvenient Quotes By Gregory Maguire

She couldn't hep but think abut the loss of her father, and how such a condition became constat, like an appendage or tumor. Hello, this is I, and these my arms and legs, wich are useful, and this inconvenient hump is my sorrow, which is less that useful, but I've learned how to hump it about with me, so pay it no mind. — Gregory Maguire

Inconvenient Quotes By P.C. Cast

Oh for craps sake. You're not dying again, are you? It's seriously inconvenient when you do that. -Aphrodite — P.C. Cast

Inconvenient Quotes By Geraldine Brooks

A scandal had traditionally been an easy way to dispose of an inconvenient woman. — Geraldine Brooks

Inconvenient Quotes By Denis Diderot

There is no moral precept that does not have something inconvenient about it. — Denis Diderot

Inconvenient Quotes By Marya Hornbacher

In that six months, so much happened that death seemed, primarily, inconvenient. The trial period was extended. I seem to keep extending it. There are many things to do. There are books to write and naps to take. There are movies to see and scrambled eggs to eat. Life is essentially trivial. You either decide you will take the trite business of life and give yourself the option of doing something really cool, or you decide you will opt for the Grand Epic of eating disorders and dedicate your life to being seriously trivial. — Marya Hornbacher

Inconvenient Quotes By Richard Rodriguez

The myth of the dead Indian goes back to the Protestant settlement of the U.S. The Pilgrims wanted to start a new life in America. They wanted to believe that in some sense they had come to a new Eden and that they could leave history behind in Europe. So they convinced themselves that this land had no history, that this was "virgin" land. This made the Indians' presence inconvenient. — Richard Rodriguez

Inconvenient Quotes By Anand Neelakantan

There are people who will offer you many things and demand nothing in return. Fear them the most, for they are the ones who will take the things that are most precious to you and then their demands will come at a time when it is most inconvenient to you. — Anand Neelakantan

Inconvenient Quotes By Mimi Pond

By about a week before the big day, you will have received less than half of your invitation response cards. Panic sets in when it occurs to you that everyone invited will actually show up. You couldn't have made it easier for your guests. You have included a card that had boxes for 'will attend' or 'will not attend.' You included a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. How inconvenient could it be for them simply to check it off and drop it in in a mailbox? Very inconvenient. You, evil bride-to-be, are confronting two basic human fears. A terror of correspondence and the dread of decision-making. — Mimi Pond

Inconvenient Quotes By Ray Bradbury

How inconvenient! Always before it had been like snuffing a candle. The police went first and adhesive-taped the victim's mouth and bandaged him off into their glittering beetle cars, so when you arrived you found an empty house. You weren't hurting anyone, you were hurting only things! And since things really couldn't be hurt, since things felt nothing, and things don't scream or whimper, as this woman might begin to scream and cry out, there was nothing to tease your conscience later. You were simply cleaning up. Janitorial work, essentially. Everything to its proper place. Quick with the kerosene! Who's got a match! — Ray Bradbury

Inconvenient Quotes By Sharon Shinn

You must welcome bounty whenever it comes, hunti man. It is often inconvenient. But if you insist on accepting it only when it suits your schedule, you will find yourself very poor. — Sharon Shinn

Inconvenient Quotes By G.G. Renee Hill

Dread was always with her, an alarm system in her head, alert
to her next disaster.
Despite being resigned to a life of misfortune, she became
She grudgingly noticed that things always worked out, even
when she claimed defeat.
An inconvenient truth, yet it was right there, in her face,
betraying her self-punishments and assumptions.
She kept overcoming things, dammit, aggravating herself.
She still felt so much joy, despite her efforts to be miserable.
Her life was full of miracles and spectacles that she was afraid
to rely on so she didn't know how to enjoy, how to be thankful,
without guilt.
She didn't want to win and she didn't want to lose.
Ambiguity intrigued her and she found passion in the gaps
between hope and despair. — G.G. Renee Hill

Inconvenient Quotes By Ellis Peters

You cannot demand truth, and then select half and throw the inconvenient remainder away. — Ellis Peters

Inconvenient Quotes By Gary Hamel

At the heart of every faith system is a bargain: on one side there is the comfort that comes from a narrative that suggests human life has cosmic significance, and on the other a duty to yield to moral commands that can, in the moment, seem rather inconvenient. — Gary Hamel

Inconvenient Quotes By Suzanne Johnson

My own tears caught me by surprise, and I turned away before he could see them. Everyone leaves. If I've learned one thing in life that it was that. They might die. They might betray your trust. They might stay until I've got too hard or inconvenient. But in the end, the people you cared about always leave. — Suzanne Johnson

Inconvenient Quotes By Mark Twain

It is a good and gentle religion, but inconvenient. — Mark Twain

Inconvenient Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Maybe time is nothing at all like a straight line. Perhaps it's shaped like a twisted doughnut. But for tens of thousands of years, people have probably been seeing time as a straight line that continues on forever. And that's the concept they based their actions on. And until now they haven't found anything inconvenient or contradictory about it. So as an experiential model, it's probably correct. — Haruki Murakami

Inconvenient Quotes By Firoozeh Dumas

During his next visit, my father secretly decided that our bathroom needed towel hooks. Using nails that were too long, my father pierced the door, creating towel hooks on one side, medieval blinding devices on the other ... No matter how inconvenient a household malfunction might be, Kazem can always make it worse, for free. — Firoozeh Dumas

Inconvenient Quotes By Carl Jung

I know every numbskull will babble on about "black man," "maneater," "chance," and "retrospective interpretation," in order to banish something terribly inconvenient that might sully the familiar picture of childhood innocence. Ah, these good, efficient, healthy-minded people, they always remind me of those optimistic tadpoles who bask in a puddle in the sun, in the shallowest of waters, crowding together and amiably wriggling their tails, totally unaware that the next morning the puddle will have dried up and left them stranded. — Carl Jung

Inconvenient Quotes By Ian McEwan

When love dies and marriage lies in ruins, the first casualty is honest memory, decent, impartial recall of the past. Too inconvenient, too damning of the present. It's the spectre of old happiness at the feast of failure and desolation. So, against that headwind of forgetfulness I want to place my little candle of truth and see how far it throws its light. — Ian McEwan

Inconvenient Quotes By Anna Banks

His response right now wouldn't win his brother the support he needs as a new king-and it just might push his father to cut his tongue after all. And groveling at Emma's feet without a tongue would be inconvenient. — Anna Banks