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Incantations Robert Quotes By Inez Milholland

I am prepared to sacrifice every so-called privilege I possess in order to have a few rights. — Inez Milholland

Incantations Robert Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Drink from the well of yourself and begin again. — Charles Bukowski

Incantations Robert Quotes By Robert Anton Wilson

Every morning I have been looking at CNN to see if there is any reason for hope . I see a few large and impressive peace protests here and there around the world, but mostly I see empty robot faces monotonously reciting the magic incantations, "We must support the President" and "We must support our troops", both of which mean the killing must continue. — Robert Anton Wilson

Incantations Robert Quotes By Voltairine De Cleyre

There is no society for the prevention of cruelty to women. — Voltairine De Cleyre

Incantations Robert Quotes By Michael Arad

It was really a magical moment, to see this idea that's in your head. — Michael Arad

Incantations Robert Quotes By Nicholas Chong

Jealousy & Zeal were the split personalities of Zelos. Just as Eros & Himeros were uncoupled in the Big Bang, so were Jealousy & Zeal. Zelos[Jealousy] remained as part of Eros[Love] whilst Zelos[Zeal] found himself reborn through the descendants of Uranus & Gaea as a son of Styx & Pallas, & accordingly, as a brother of Nike[Victory], Cratos[Power & Strength] & Bia[Force & Violence], all four being in the entourage of Zeus. After Nike combined with Athena to form "Pallas Athena", Zelos[Zeal] merged with Zelos[Jealousy] as part of Eros[Love].Zelos[Jealousy], as part of Love was responsible for the relentless jealousy of Hera who zealously persecuted all her husband's paramours & their children![GLOS] — Nicholas Chong

Incantations Robert Quotes By Robert Todd Carroll

Science is simply a logical process of discovering truths about the world we live in; the illusion is that science is some sort of a set of strange rules, a religion that speaks algebra or a magical group of incantations and spells. — Robert Todd Carroll