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Top Imaginary Worlds Quotes

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Robin Wasserman

Instead of inventing imaginary friends, I invented whole imaginary worlds. They were elaborate scenarios about spies and adventurers and top secret missions. I crawled along my swing set, searching for escape routes from my maximum-security prison; I biked through the neighborhood, the wind in my hair and a fleet of evildoers on my heels. — Robin Wasserman

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Harry Treadaway

I was lucky, I had support from Mum and Dad - they said as long as you work hard, anything is possible. I never thought past those two things - that I liked living in imaginary worlds and that it is possible to do that for a living. — Harry Treadaway

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Talulah Riley

I was a real daydreamer at school, gazing out of the window and losing myself in imaginary worlds. — Talulah Riley

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Marty Rubin

Through the magic of art imaginary worlds become real. — Marty Rubin

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Jonathan Gottschall

Fiction is usually seen as escapist entertainment ... But it's hard to reconcile the escapist theory of fiction with the deep patterns we find in the art of storytelling ... Our various fictional worlds are
on the whole
horrorscapes. Fiction may temporarily free us from our troubles, but it does so by ensnaring us in new sets of troubles
in imaginary worlds of struggle and stress and mortal woe. — Jonathan Gottschall

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Veronica Roth

I started writing because I decided I was too old to play pretend in the backyard. Then I found that I could create those imaginary worlds on the page. — Veronica Roth

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Norman Mailer

I had the idea that there were two worlds. There was a real world as I called it, a world of wars and boxing clubs and children'shomes on back streets, and this real world was a world where orphans burned orphans ... I liked the other world in which almost everyone lived. The imaginary world. — Norman Mailer

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Amy Plum

My mom said I was an escapist at heart ... that I preferred imaginary worlds to the real one — Amy Plum

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Terry Brooks

Writers need their writing; they need their imaginary worlds in order to find piece in, or make sense of, the real world. — Terry Brooks

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Jeremy Irons

I love being part of a group who tells stories, whether it be in the theater or in cinema, and I love creating imaginary worlds rather as children do, but I never had a burning desire to act, but it just sort of suited me. — Jeremy Irons

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Karen Joy Fowler

But the most fantastical of my imaginary worlds turned out to be the one I'd thought was real. As a child, I believed the world was run by competent, sane and benevolent adults. I believed this for much longer than I believed in Santa Claus.
That belief has since gone down like the Titanic (on which I also spent a lot of time as a child). The world is run by nitwits and psychopaths. — Karen Joy Fowler

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Adam Thirlwell

Krzhizhanovsky wanted to perform imaginary experiments with the nature of time and space. Outside, in the streets, the Communist state was busy performing such experiments for real. In response, Krzhizhanovsky's prose has a recklessly unstable tone in which delighted examination of impossible worlds can slip into ferocious political sarcasm ... It is a method for investigating how much unreality reality can bear. — Adam Thirlwell

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Trevor Noah

I didn't have any friends. I didn't know any kids besides my cousins. I wasn't a lonely kid - I was good at being alone. I'd read books, play with the toy that I had, make up imaginary worlds. I lived inside my head. I still live inside my head. To this day you can leave me alone for hours and I'm perfectly happy entertaining myself. I have to remember to be with people. — Trevor Noah

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Brian Stableford

Science fiction is essentially a kind of fiction in which people learn more about how to live in the real world, visiting imaginary worlds unlike our own, in order to investigate by way of pleasurable thought-experiments how things might be done differently. — Brian Stableford

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Rinsai Rossetti

I rely on a backbone of books and, for the most part, it's enough to keep me quiet, half-drugged with dreams of imaginary worlds. — Rinsai Rossetti

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Amy Plum

Besides the alternate universe offered by a book, the quiet space of a museum was my favorite place to go. My mom said I was an escapist at heart ... that I preferred imaginary worlds to the real one. It's true that I've always been able to yank myself out of this world and plunge myself into another. — Amy Plum

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Jim C. Hines

Like any child raised on tales of magical worlds beyond paintings and mirrors and wardrobes, I had yearned to enter Middle Earth, to reach through. — Jim C. Hines

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Paul Di Filippo

Blending consensus historical events and personages with imaginary occult forces is a strong recipe for counterfactual storytelling goodness that combines the best of two worlds: resonant history with wild-eyed fantasy. — Paul Di Filippo

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Chris Hedges

We live in imaginary, virtual worlds created by corporations that profit from our deception. — Chris Hedges

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

I live in two unique worlds, traveling between both with just the opening or closing of my eyes. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

I bleed words.
I dream in narrative.
I live in infinite worlds.
I befriend figmental characters.
I wish on stars in other galaxies.
I harvest stories from a brooding muse.
I bloom under moonlight in hushed seclusion.
I am a writer. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Sufjan Stevens

It's a mystical quality of music, that music isn't really concrete, and it's communicating abstractions about imaginary worlds. At least, my music's like that. It's not real. It's unreal, it's all fabrication. To write a song about Obama would suddenly break the spell. — Sufjan Stevens

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Marina Warner

The Other Worlds which fairy tales explore open a way for writers and storytellers to speak in Other terms, especially when the native inhabitants of the imaginary places do not belong to an established living faith and therefore do not command belief or repudiation. The tongue can be very free when it is speaking outside the jurisdiction of religion. — Marina Warner

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Pessoa, Fernando

Tedium, yes, is boredom with the world, the nagging discomfort of living, the weariness of having lived; tedium is indeed the carnal sensation of endless emptiness of things. But tedium, even more than all that, is a boredom with other worlds, whether real or imaginary; the discomfort of having to keep living, albeit as someone else in some other way, in some other world; weariness not only of yesterday and today but also of tomorrow and of eternity, if such exists, or of nothingness, if that's what eternity is. It's not only the emptiness of things and living beings that troubles the soul afflicted by tedium, it's also the emptiness of the very soul that feels this vacuum, that feels itself to be this vacuum, and that within this vacuum is nauseated and repelled by its own self. — Pessoa, Fernando

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Sandra Bullock

Back when I was very small, and we had this bathroom with these sort of paneled mirrors on the side. And I would just sit there - because it was the only warm room in the house. And I would - if I was in a bad place - I would go to my imaginary place with these mirrors, and create this entire other world to sort of help level out what I was dealing with. — Sandra Bullock

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Stewart O'Nan

Saul Bellow once said, 'A writer is a reader who has moved to emulation' - which I think is true. I just started writing and made that jump from reader to writer and learned how hard it was, but also how much fun it was - losing myself in these imaginary worlds. — Stewart O'Nan

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Edward J. Fraughton

Art is real and imaginary, two worlds rolled into one - the fulfillment of the artist's insatiable soul. — Edward J. Fraughton

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Philip Sington

All writers are insecure, the male ones especially. It's well known. Why else would they spend so much time on make-believe? They're only happy in their imaginary worlds, because that's where they're in charge - where they're God. Did you know that Hemingway's mother dressed him as a girl until he was six years old?
I was not offended by Claudia's glib psychological theory. Like many glib psychological theories, it struck me as fundamentally correct. — Philip Sington

Imaginary Worlds Quotes By Mohsin Hamid

I think I've always been drawn to the second person. When I was growing up and playing with my friends, the usual way we interacted with imaginary worlds was as characters: a bench was 'your' boat, leaves on a lawn were the fins of sharks out to get 'you.' — Mohsin Hamid