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I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Kathryn Knight

He usually gets what he wants. And what he wants is to keep you safe. He really cares about you, you know."

Her chest constricted with a strange combination of pleasure and pain. She tried to cover her emotions with a playful shrug. "Well, of course he does - I mean, what's not to like? I make incredibly bad, impulsive decisions. Plus, I'm lame, scarred, and crazy - the whole package. — Kathryn Knight

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By J. Christopher Burch

I think shoppers are looking for newness and creativity. Look at C. Wonder, for instance. They're dancing in our stores. We don't believe in retail like retail was done in the past. We believe in disrupting the whole environment, offering them amazing value in an amazing package of fun, excitement and whimsy. — J. Christopher Burch

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Haruki Murakami

She's kind of funny looking. Her face is out of balance
broad forehead, button
nose, freckled cheeks, and pointy ears. A slammed-together, rough sort of face you can't ignore. Still, the whole package isn't so bad. For all I know maybe she's not so wild
about her own looks, but she seems comfortable with who she is, and that's the important thing. — Haruki Murakami

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Simon Pegg

Having done Spaced, I can't even remember it being that difficult on Spaced, but we know what the end's going to be like. We know why we're putting in this amount of work, or why a shot might be particularly tricky, because we know that what we do is create a whole package. It's the writing, the performances, and the style of camerawork, that's what we're working toward, and we're prepared for that. — Simon Pegg

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Ginnifer Goodwin

I know now that there are men out there who are, for me, the whole package, who are supportive of my successes because they know I will be just as supportive of theirs. I'm less tolerant of foolishness now; I know that it's important I not tie myself up with the wrong person, because then I will miss the right person coming along. — Ginnifer Goodwin

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Little Richard

I'm a conductor of revivals. The only minister in the whole package. Little Richard, the evangelist. — Little Richard

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Bijou Hunter

Laughing, Bailey still put on a little frown. "I want a man to cuddle."
Tucker stopped kissing Maddy long enough to look at Bailey. "Everyone needs love. Even the dipshit. I'll find someone for you." Tucker looked around. "How high are your standards?"
Bailey opened her mouth and I knew a tirade of profanity was coming.
Before she got started, I hugged her to me. "Tuck wants to help you. It's his asshole way of showing his love. Tell him thank you and we'll train him to be less of a jerk."
Bailey took a deep breath and nodded. "Thank you, Tucker."
A sober Tucker might have teased his sister, but the drunken version hugged her and told her that he would find someone great. Hot, big dick, money, good hair, the whole package.
Cooper frowned at both me and Farah. "You two are having an adverse influence on the family. Fucking Sawyer said thank you earlier today. What's next? Will she say please?"
Grinning, Farah cuddled up to Cooper. — Bijou Hunter

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Marcus J. Borg

By the time I began college, anxiety about hell had disappeared - not because I was confident that I was "saved," but because the whole package had become sufficiently uncertain that I didn't worry about it. — Marcus J. Borg

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Keanu Reeves

Here comes 40. I'm feeling my age and I've ordered the Ferrari. I'm going to get the whole mid-life crisis package. — Keanu Reeves

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Dennis Bergkamp

If you look at the whole package, with everything Henry has, I don't think you can find that anywhere else. You give him the ball in the right place and his acceleration will take him past any defender in the world. — Dennis Bergkamp

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Joanna Mansell

Let me tell you what I want,' he said fiercely. 'For a start, I want you. I told you that, but perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I want the whole package, hang-ups, fears and phobias, as well as the good parts. — Joanna Mansell

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Julie James

He'd set down his drink and leaned in. "Fine. You want me to elaborate, I will. Here's the deal: I'm a guy. Generally speaking, we're pretty simple folk. I know women always want to think we have these deep, romantic, and emotionally angsty thoughts going on in our heads, but in reality? Not so much. You women have layers and you're complicated and mysterious and you say one thing, but you really mean another, and it's this whole tricky package that intrigues us and scares us and challenges us all at the same time. But men aren't like that. You talk about me not letting you in, but maybe what you don't realize is this: there is no in." He pointed to himself. "It's all right here on the surface, Jessica. What you see is what you get. — Julie James

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Cat Patrick

I think it's just the whole package. I can't pick you apart. I just love all of you. I think I always have. — Cat Patrick

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Al Jarreau

I want to give the audience the whole package, and for me, the whole package is to give them something fresh as well. It's not as much fun resting on your laurels. — Al Jarreau

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Julie James

An FBI agent, huh?" Trish's expression turned sly. "Is he foxy?"
"That whole story, about the strange coincidence, and my glorious Speech of Many Insults, and the fact that I'm going to be stuck running into this dude forever, and that's your first question? 'Is he foxy?'" Sidney shook her head. "Trishelle..on behalf of womankind, I was expecting a more enlightened discourse."
Trish simply waited.
"Totally foxy," Sidney said. "When he walked up to my table, my first thought was Criminy. Unfortunately, then he spoke."
Trish threw her arm around Sidney. "Somewhere out there, waiting for you, is the total package. A Criminy guy who's just looking for his Ms. Right to settle down with. — Julie James

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Kay Hagan

I want to look at the whole package, but I definitely want to protect the middle-class taxpayer, first and foremost. — Kay Hagan

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Erica Jong

I could become servile, cloying, saccharinely sweet: the whole package of lies that passes in the world as femininity. — Erica Jong

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Frankie Knuckles

Well technology has changed a lot of things, making it possible for just about anyone to make music. But not everybody is a songwriter, so that puts me in a completely different ballpark than the other DJs out here that are writing and producing tracks. I don't stop at tracks, I try to complete the whole package with the song. So working at that level has put me in a completely different place. — Frankie Knuckles

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Martin Fowler

I write them to improve my productivity as a programmer. Making the quality assurance department happy is just a side effect. Unit tests are highly localized. Each test class works within a single package. It tests the interfaces to other packages, but beyond that it assumes the rest just works.

Functional tests are a different animal. They are written to ensure the software as a whole works. They provide quality assurance to the customer and don't care about programmer productivity. They should be developed by a different team, one who delights in finding bugs. — Martin Fowler

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Kristan Higgins

I'm eighty-two, can you believe it?" She's actually ageless, given that her purple face is stretched tighter than an eggplant. "So what did you have done?" I ask, unable to help myself. "The whole package," she says. "Got my eyelids done, some Botox, a little filler, chin implant, cheekbones, got my lips done, neck lift, breast implants, tummy tuck, ass lift. — Kristan Higgins

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Sean Hayes

But when I did think about it and looked at the whole package - the producers behind the show, the writers, the cast I would be working with - I would have been a fool to turn it down just because the role for me was another gay role. — Sean Hayes

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Ellen Raskin

I try to say one thing with my work: A book is a wonderful place to be. A book is a package, a gift package, a surprise package-and within the wrappings is a whole new world and beyond. — Ellen Raskin

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Steven Wright

My dental hygienist is cute. Every time I visit, I eat a whole package of Oreo cookies while waiting in the lobby. Sometimes she has to cancel the rest of the afternoon's appointments. — Steven Wright

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Rebecca Stead

There's this trouble with books for me because I'm terrible at thinking of titles. The truth is, even with the titles that I've landed on in the end, they always feel wrong. I think it's because of this whole problem of having to package your book in a certain way. — Rebecca Stead

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Robin Wright

I like the whole package to be good, It's a rarity that that happens, so I end up not working a lot. — Robin Wright

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By King Tuff

Rock and roll music - people want records. For me, it's the whole thing - the package. I don't get satisfaction from buying an MP3. — King Tuff

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Jason Terry

In high school, I was just a guy who ran the court and played defense. Now I have the whole package. — Jason Terry

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Cinda Williams Chima

Do you carry a dagger, Your Highness?"
Raisa nodded. "I do, as a rule, but Micah and Fiona took mine."
"Then take this one." He wiped the blade on his breeches, returned the blade to a sheath at his waist, then unbuckled the belt, handing the whole package to her. Raisa slid the blade free, turning it so it caught the light. It was of the same make and design as the Lady sword, with the image of Hanalea worked into the hilt.
"I can't take this!" She protested. "It belongs to your family."
"I've not much use for it, in fact," Byrne replied. "If I let an enemy get close enough to need it, I deserve what I get. — Cinda Williams Chima

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Scaachi Koul

I'm not white, no, but I'm just close enough that I could be, and just far enough that you know I'm not. I can check off a diversity box for you and I don't make you nervous - at least not on the surface. I'm the whole package! — Scaachi Koul

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Orson Scott Card

And if you're going to criticize me for not finishing the whole thing and tying it up in a bow for you, why, do us both a favor and write your own damn book, only have the decency to call it a romance instead of a history, because history's got no bows on it, only frayed ends of ribbons and knots that can't be untied. It ain't a pretty package, but then it's not your birthday that I know of so I'm under no obligation to give you a gift. — Orson Scott Card

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Michael Redhill

Like a lot of people, I've often wondered what else I might have been. When I was younger, but even after I was a child, I thought Batman was the whole package. Smart, calculating, pragmatic. Depressed, but in a way women found hot. Tragic at his core and struggling with his demons while trying to save the world. — Michael Redhill

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Rick Riordan

Hermes's eyes twinkled. "Martha, may I have the first package, please?"
Martha opened her mouth ... and kept opening it until it was as wide as my arm. She belched out a stainless steel canister-an old-fashioned lunch box thermos with a black plastic top. The sides of the thermos were enameled with red and yellow Ancient Greek scenes-a hero killing a lion; a hero lifting up Cerberus, the three-headed dog.
"That's Hercules," I said. "But how-"
"Never question a gift," Hermes chided. "This is a collector's item from Hercules Busts Heads. The first season."
"Hercules Busts Heads?"
"Great show." Hermes sighed. "Back before Hephaestus-TV was all reality programming. Of course, the thermos would be worth much more if I had the whole lunch box- — Rick Riordan

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Louise Erdrich

For as I am standing there I look closer into the grandstand and see that there is someone waiting. It is my mother, and all at once I cannot stop seeing her. Her skin is rough. Her whole face seems magnetized, like ore. Her deep brown eyes are circled with dark skin, but full of eagerness. In her eyes I see the force of her love. It is bulky and hard to carry, like a package that keeps untying. It is like this dress that no excuse accounts for. It is embarrassing. I walk to her, drawn by her, unable to help myself. — Louise Erdrich

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Stephanie Draven

You're smart and sexy. You're prudent and courageous. You're a good girl and a bad girl. You're a waffle girl and a Napoleon cake girl. I've told you before that you can have it all. You don't have to put yourself in a box, Grace, because you're already the whole package. -Ethan Castle — Stephanie Draven

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By David Byrne

I meet young people who know me and are familiar with my stuff. They know the package. They might have cherry-picked five or six key tunes. That's how it seems to work. I sometimes wonder if they realise they are not getting the whole context. — David Byrne

I'm The Whole Package Quotes By Craig Schaefer

Cook yourself some bacon or something." "Pfft. Rather have the beer." "Not while I'm standing here," I said. "You're underage." She puffed air up against her fallen bangs, making them flutter. "Aren't you, like, a thief or something?" "Or something, sometimes." "But you won't let me have a beer," she said. "Nope. A man's got to have standards." Melanie pulled a sealed package of turkey bacon out of the fridge and reached for a frying pan. "Ooh," she said sarcastically, "the code of the criminal underworld, just like in the movies. Like you won't shoot women or kids, right?" I shrugged. "I try not to shoot anybody if I can help it. If I'm put in a position where I have to, though, their gender or their age doesn't have a whole lot to do with it." "And let me guess, you never steal from your boss?" "Depends." "Depends?" she said. "On how much of an asshole he is." "That happen a lot?" "Working for assholes?" I said. "You have no idea." She laughed. — Craig Schaefer